My Next Kindle Book Is…

Pick My New Kindle BookI need your help with a quick favor.

It’ll take less than a minute of your time (or maybe five if you decide to leave a comment.)

As I mentioned in my first income report, there is a huge profit-potential with the Amazon Kindle market.  So I’ve set a goal of creating at least one Kindle book every month.

Right now, I’m working on the 3rd and 4th book.  (More on these in future posts.)  The problem is I’m stuck with what to create after these two titles.

So I’m asking for your help.  Below I have a poll where I’d like you to check off one of three options:

Option #1: Make Money with YouTube – How I Generated $966.21 from a Single YouTube Video

The idea is simple.  I’ve come up with a step-by-step process for generating income from YouTube.  It combines creating in-depth review videos with brand new Clickbank products.

This is a technique I’ve tested a few times – The most profitable generating almost $1000 in income {not in an Internet marketing related niche.}

The eBook would be a step-by-step tutorial for combining the natural search engine power of YouTube with quality affiliate marketing products.

Option #2: How to Get Your First 100,000 Blog Visitors

Increasing web traffic is the primary goal for any blog owner.  The problem is it’s hard to know where to get started or what actually works.

The harsh fact is the “content is king” expression is complete B.S.  You do need good content, but it must be blended with specific marketing techniques.

My Kindle book idea would be the implementation of the 80/20 rule for your blog.  It would only discuss the traffic generation techniques that work.  So instead of giving you dozens of ideas; I would only talk about what will get you LOTS of targeted traffic.

Option #3: ???

It’s okay if you hate both ideas.  You won’t hurt my feelings J

If you don’t like either eBook idea then select the ‘other’ option.   My only request is that you leave a comment and let me know what type of book content you want.

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Here’s the survey.  Just enter one of the three options and you’ll really be helping me out!

Pick My Next Kindle Book Topic

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Thanks for your help!

Plus, feel free to leave any comments that will flesh out your response…

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37 thoughts on “My Next Kindle Book Is…”

  1. Hey Steve,

    I’d love to read a book about how to get your first 100,000 blog visitors. I am not as interested in video marketing yet, but I keep reading a lot about different ways to get (free) traffic.

    I’m also reading a lot about relationship marketing, so that might be a topic you want to look at.

    • Thanks Jens.

      Relationship marketing is a good idea. Added that to the idea list! 🙂

      I appreciate your dropping by and commenting!


  2. Hey Steve,

    In all honestly, I’d be totally interested in both of those book ideas! However, if I had to choose (and the one I voted for) was the YouTube option. It’s not that I don’t like the blog one, it’s just that I think that I personally know more about traffic generation than YouTube marketing – and I love learning new things 🙂 Looking forward to whatever one you choose!


    • Thanks Thomas,

      Eventually I will do them all…and hopefully a lot more good ones. So I am glad you do have some interest in both topics! 🙂 Looks like you arent the only one. Pretty close to a tie right now.

  3. The Youtube one sounds good, although I’ve heard IM books don’t fair to well on Kindle. That’s fine if you’re just promoting through your site, but if…

    My vote is for something else. I’d chose a topic that interests you and look at the best seller list. Then check for the ones that are selling the most and see how you could make them better. Not the words, I’m talking about the graphic/title. You already know the topic will sell well, then I’d do that. Make a series of related books and have a link to everyone in the back.

    You probably know to do all that, but if it gives someone else reading an idea then that’s great.

    • Jaime I have a few books on the border of the IM marketin on kindle. They don’t do too badly.

      I think there is a market there, the competition is SOOO often full of self promoting junk that there is room for some quality books.

      I do agree with you on the importance of graphic/title. I outsource the graphic to get it to look really professional, and I totally a agree a snappy title is a HUGE part of the success/failure equation.

      It is not JUST about what is in the book, the look is important up front, then you can impress with content after…

      Thanks for a great comment!


  4. I am also creating a book about best traffic generation techniques, Steve. I have few really cool tips in my list, which I don’t see much people talking about.

    I put a vote on the best traffic generation techniques as I expect that you will offer something really valuable 🙂

    • Thanks Marius,

      And good luck on your best traffic generation book too. I agree, I think there is some room for a quality book(s) on that topic.


  5. Awesome work creating so many kindle books! I think you should create a post where you talk about all the awesome benefits of your new kindle book.

    And then (here’s the important part) you come up with 3 titles you think are awesome and split test them. At the top/bottom/side of every post on your blog put a link to the awesome-new-kindle-book blog post and randomly pick 1 of your 3 titles for the anchor text. Use a tool like to track clicks.

    After a few days you’ll see that some titles get more clicks than others. I do this sort of thing on my blog a lot and I am happy to help you if you want.

    • Nick,

      Nice idea. I do split testing a lot…but I never really thought of trying it BEFORE I made the book. I might just try that. Thanks for a cool idea. I appreciate it!


  6. Yes, I’m in the minority “other” vote. Not sure if you’ve covered this or not – didn’t see it in the archives but…details on your process for creating Kindle books would be cool; unless of course you’ve done this already. The other two topics would be equally as valuable as well.

    • Rick,

      That is actually a great idea. I have thought of doing something like that. I plan on talking about the process more on this blog as my efforts progress, and eventually turning it into an ebook.

      Right now I am still in the learning process. I want to make those “mistakes” so I can find the real best practices and have some info that is more than just the simple stuff.

      So it is an ebook I plan on making…but maybe not until later in 2012..maybe even really early in 2013.

  7. Like the majority (Well, at least for now, the traffic option is the majority), I go for the Kindle book on traffic. I am short on traffic now, so any tips will help 😉

    Good luck, Steve 🙂

    See you after you come back from your trip (hope you are enjoying it!).

  8. Hi Steve,
    “Make Money” is a frowned upon area by many mainly because there are so many people trying to make money, but teaching “how to make money” 🙂
    I know you are an authority in your niche and it shows.
    However, would someone who is not aware of your platform/blog etc consider the book. I don’t know..

    So I prefer to go with the blog visitors book.
    Or what about something on time management/productivity for bloggers. I know you have several niche blog etc How do you manage all that, keep track, outsource etc Now that is a book I will buy 😉

    Anyway, just thought of giving my two cents. Hope what you decide in the end, works out. All the best

    • Shamelle,

      I hear what you are saying. There are certainly more than a fair share of people using make money doing XXXX and really not knowing what they are talking about.

      I do think there is room for quality info within those keywords, but sure, the headline could be tweaked to sound a little less sleazy… the problem is that those are the keywords people also look up. Maybe with some quality products in that arena, there oculd be a paradigm shift away from the low quality junk reports by people who don’t know a thing. If i were to use those “make money” keywords i would only do it with specificity. IE not “how to make money on the internet” but very specific areas with direct proof, examples and illustrations. In other words MORE than just someone making money from talking about making money though.

      I do feel you on this. I really hate to use those keywords for that exact reason. It screams low quality junk.


  9. I really like your site and I learned a lot from you in last couple of months. I would like for you to make a book about You tube, because there is not much books on that theme (maybe a free chapter, also?)… all of internet marketing gurus always write books about traffic, I have so many of them I don’t really know where to start. But I have a YT channel I really would like to do more with – and I don’t know where to start…

    • Thanks Andrea,

      I certainly will eventually be doing an in depth youtube ebook at some point regardless. It is just a matter of “When”.

      I have also talked about strategies for youtube here from time to time. For example here is an article I wrote a bit ago to whet your appetite (and maybe give you a few ideas to play with) : These were a few of the ideas “I” was playing with in the past.

      Good luck with it, and hope that helps a little NOW! With more to come later of course! 🙂

  10. Hi Steve, although both the options are pretty interesting, I think that “How to Get Your First 100,000 Blog Visitors” it’s the best one.

    Not only it solves one of the most common problems around the web (getting traffic) but it’s also very appealing: everyone wants to get 100,000 visitors! 🙂

    Also, given that you want to speak only about efficient strategies, leaving out the worst ones, it has extra value.

    (anyway, I think that you can make both of them, just making firstly the most wanted and then the other)

    • Thanks Mauro!

      Eventually I will make both of these. Just trying to decide which one to push out earlier and which ones to backburner… and of course hoping for more ew Ideas that spark the interest! 🙂

      Thaks for dropping by and commenting. I appreciate it.


  11. Steve, to be honest, I would have a lot more interest in a book about how you manage your work on the back end (such as how you mentioned you spend about an hour or so a day with SSS), hire writers, travel, and still manage to stay social.

    Traffic is fairly easy. YouTube is always fun. But I think what would be really worthwhile is the aspect that your work is more like a business than a collection of strategies, ya know?

    • Thanks Murray,

      I will add that to the list. A certain amount of it is “pay people”, but I do think there is something to be said on how to do that efficiently, and mix in enough of “yourself”… I will certainly add that to the list and see if I can come up with something worthwhile.

      Thanks for a great idea,


  12. Steve, maybe it’s the titles. To me $966 isn’t going to change anyone’s life dramatically, so effort:reward seems small. If title was how I earn $100k a year using YouTube then that’s a different story.

    With regard the 100,000 visitors, that got my vote, but it needs a time period. For example how to get 100,000 visitors in your first year (or whatever)

    Hope that helps

    • Matthew,

      True the 996$ is not a shocking number…but that is one of the reason i like it… it is real and a real figure. The subtext of course is that there COULD be potential to make one of those a day (It took me about 2+ hours to make that and put it up) X 364 days a year and make a really nice living.

      Maybe possible..maybe not. But I hate those books that make that assumption and state things like “Make 364K off of youtube videos”

      …but point taken. I do like the idea of adding a time limit on it too. (like first year) more specificity and a little more punch!

      Thanks for dropping by Matthew

  13. Hi Steve

    I would definitely go for the book on generating traffic. I’m seeing an increase to my blog recently but any tips you have would be great.



  14. I have read your book “Income Trilogy : 3 proven ways to earn internet income in 2011”. Based on the last chapter of that book which explained effective habits of successful internet marketers, you should develop a “Productivity Hacks” Self help book for general kindle oriented audience.

    • Eklavya,

      Great idea! I am really passionate about productivity, and I think that could be helpful and something I would really LIKE to write. So it fires on all cylinders.

      Thanks for a great idea!


  15. I prefer the first option. The reason is simple, people want to make money, but they want to make it fast and easy. So they are definitely craving for your ebook 🙂 Many ebooks have the same concepts, but again, people are too busy thinking of being rich. They’ll definitely buy another one

  16. Hi Steve,

    I can see real value in either of the two books you are thinking of doing and believe both would be winners – but can’t resist the opportunity to suggest a book I personally REALLY need – just how do you get your list off the ground if you aren’t in the IM niche?

    Everyone says “solo ads” but how to find good ones targetted to buyers in your niche? I have followed all the advice – yet can’t get sign-ups to a list, so there’s my idea for a ‘bestseller’ among struggling IMers – How To Build Your First List, Step-By-Step Success.

    Regards, Jackie

    • Jackie,

      Sounds like a great idea for an ebook. I will try to flesh something out along those lines.

      But My “Short answer” would revolve around having a quality giveaway that seems like a professional product within your niche.

      It even works better OUTSIDE of the IM niche, because you do not have as many people who are jaded about email list sign ups.

      Such as…if you are in the “fishing” niche you write and giveaway a book like “101 Bass Fishing tips”. You make sure it is of a quality level that really impresses people. (Something good enough they would have been happy to pay a few bucks for)

      When you impress people like this you KEEP the signups you get.

      Then it is just a matter(although not easy) of guest posting, article marketing, squidoo lenses etc. to promote your freebie

      (again..that is short -and very simple- answer…I am sure I could be a lot more in depth and give some good tips)

      Thanks for a great idea Jackie. Good luck with your list building.


  17. I thought they were both excellent titles. I went for the YouTube one because it was far more specific and original. But, as ever, I’m in the minority!

  18. Hey Steve,

    Hope you’re enjoying your vacation still. I think you’re still off.

    Heck, anything you write about would be good but I went with the 100,000 blog visitors too. If you can believe it, I still haven’t reached that number. In the near future I hope but it’s a dang good topic.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  19. I think the poll results speaks for themselves. Everyone is looking to get more visitors/traffic to their sites. If you know or have ideas on the topic and put them in book form I’m sure people will snap it up. Me included. By the way thanks for your visit and suggestions on my site it was greatly appreciated.

    As a wanna be and given my age should be retired person, focusing on my internet business and dreaming, maybe praying it will get me there, I have found your information to be the most helpful and what I am trying follow to a tee.

    My website is my passion and chosen niche (as my email address shows clearly
    rk (for my initials) & ayic if said phonetically spells exactly what I am “archaic” and time is running out so need to make this work while also work a 12 hour a day full time job. You info has been a great help in moving me a little faster. I eagerly await more.

  20. Are you noticing people are more willing to buy your content if its in a kindle. Is it worth converting ebooks to the kindle format?

  21. I’ll second opinion on more about how to make Kindle e-book, not only formatting, but is there something different between writing printed version of non-fiction book with the same title and Kindle version, or not. Apart from being less formal and more sincere and cheerful.

    My interest is in beginner’s titles, but not generalizing ones with no practical content.
    Information on how to find main sources of monetization (not how to find Adsence of Amazon affiliation, but what else works and for what types of websites (product website – Amazon + …what?, blog – informational products promoted by email, what else?).

    What hosts, on less expensive side of range, will be able handle spike of traffic, not just shut down a site.

    Do you legally treat each website as a separate business that needs separate registration, or as a one of the products.

    What do you think about keeping websites separately and private, not traceable to the same webmaster, as ViperChill wrote about his internet empire, or don’t pay attention to these matter as not worth it.

    Your opinion on registering all domain names with the same registrar, should be it separate from hosting or not.

    What platform you recommend to use – WP, more robust CMS or static html/css.

    It may be obvious for some, but not for the others.
    It would be very useful and interesting.
    Thank you.

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