GLP #5 – Taking a Profitable Site to the Next Level

How to Grow a Profitable Niche SiteIt’s time for another update of the Go Large Project (GLP).

If this is the first time you’ve read about this case study, then it’s important to read these articles.

The goal of this project is to create a full-time income through a website my brother and I started back in late March (2011).  There is a lot of information to absorb.  So be sure to check out the other articles before reading this post.

In addition, I recommend reading these blog posts on email marketing.  They provide background information on how I use this technique to earn a full-time online income.

So what’s going on with the Go Large Project?

We’ve had a number of successes and even made a little bit of money.  Let’s start with what we’ve earned:

GLP: April Income

The GLP didn’t make much in the first month.  That’s because our time was spent setting up the MWR Blog, creating content, and writing autoresponders.   Our focus is to create a solid foundation before worrying about monetization.  So in the first month we generated…{Drum roll, please}…


Okay, that’s not much money.  But it’s a start!

GLP: May Income

In the second month, our sales picked up.  Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Thank you Page Income: $500
  • Blog Advertisement: $100
  • Review of Product X on Blog: $300
  • Autoresponder Sequence #1: $137.48
  • Autoresponder Sequence #2: $273.98

That’s a total of $1311.46

Screenshot 1:

Project X Commissions

Screenshot 2:

Clickbank May Earnings

That’s not too bad after two months of effort.  Actually this number *should* grow in the next few months.  That’s because we’re going to implement two techniques to grow our site.  (More on this later.)

GLP Traffic and Email Subscriptions

Now, the GLP isn’t just about making money.  It’s also a case study to help my blog readers create their own source of affiliate income.  That’s why it’s important to track the metrics that show the growth of this project.

So let’s talk about these metrics.  Specifically we’ll review three stats from May:

#1. Email Subscribers: We have two email lists for the GLP project.  In May, the first had a total of 1,112 subscribers.  The second list had 462 subscribers.  That’s a total of 1574; or an average of 51 per day.

List #1:

Aweber May Subscribers 1

List #2:

Aweber May Subscribers 2

#2, Web Traffic: We’re generating a nice amount of traffic to the MWR Blog.  Already we’ve surpassed the 1,000 visitor per day mark.  (Now we’re shooting for 2,000 per day.) Here’s how the metrics break down for the month of May:

  • Total Traffic 28,886 Visits
  • Best Day: 1,141 Visitors
  • Worst Day: 734 Visitors
  • Average per day: 932 Visitors


May Analytics

What’s exciting about this metric is we generated web traffic from a total of 12,746 keywords.

May Keywords

This is important because the site doesn’t depend on a single keyword for its traffic.  Instead we get visitors checking out all of our 70+ content pages.

#3. Visitor to Subscribers: Down the road, we’re going to tinker with different blog designs and themes.  The goal is to maximize our visitor to subscriber conversion rate.  Before we do this, we’ll need a starting metric.

In May we’ve generated 28,886 visitors and 1,574 subscriptions.  That’s a 5% conversion of visitor to subscriber.

This is the baseline for future blog designs.  Hopefully this number will increase in the months to come.

Future Action #1 – Create More Web Content

We get 28,886 visitors from 70 blog posts.  What will happen if we have 100, 200 or even 500 blog posts?  This is a question I hope to answer through outsourcing.

I’ve decided to hire a writer to create additional blog content.  Frankly, I’d rather pay someone to do this than create this content myself.

The goal is to hire someone to write at least one article a day.  Perhaps I’ll have him write more if we get a sizable return on our investment.

This technique is similar to what I discussed in the first update of the Go Large Project.   The only difference is I’ll post content to a blog instead of an article directory.

In addition, I want to hire someone with a little bit of experience in this niche.  This will make it easier to manage the content that’s created.

I’ve researched over six thousand keywords in this topic.  So there are a lot of long-tail keywords that can produce a sizable amount of traffic.  All we need is someone to create this content.

Future Action #2 – Improve Affiliate Conversion Rates

Frankly, I’m disappointed with the conversion rate of my autoresponder sequence.  These are the exact same messages I use for my main list.  Unfortunately they’re not getting the job done.

Remember, my goal is to create a full-time income from this list.  This won’t happen if we’re only getting a few sales per month.

So I’ve decided to take a drastic step…

I’ve ripped down my entire autoresponder sequence.  And now I’m in the process of re-writing a series of emails that blend personality, quality content, and solid affiliate recommendations.

To that end, I’ve reinvested some money in my education.  I need advanced information on email sequencing.  So I’ve spent a lot of time looking for Internet marketers who do well in this medium.  The product I’ve chosen is the six-week Autoresponder  Madness course.

//Start Product Pitch//

Yes, that’s my affiliate link.  Buy this product and I’ll get a commission.  But I’m not including it here to “monetize” this post.  You can see below that I’m currently learning the lessons; designed by the product owner Andre Chaperon:

Autoresponder Madness Course - Andre Chaperon

I don’t want to turn this into a “buy through my affiliate link” post.  Suffice to say, I strongly recommend that you grab this course.  In my opinion, Andre provides advanced email techniques I haven’t found in other products.

If you do decide to buy Autoresponder Madness, send me an email with your receipt # to: stevescottsite[at]gmail[dot]com.

I’ll then provide you with three email consultations about any Internet business-related question or problem that you have.

//End Product Pitch//

The success of the Go Large Project is built on the email sequence.  So my goal is to tweak this series till it produces serious income.

Now here’s the good news for you…

I’m learning a lot about affiliate marketing from this case study.   I’ll be sure to post my discoveries on this blog.  Simply put – When I learn something, you’ll learn something.  So keep an eye out for future articles in this series.

How to Earn MORE Affiliate Income…Starting Today

In May, my brother and I earned a grand total of $1,311.46.  I know this doesn’t sound like a lot of money.  But if you do the math, that’s $15,737.52 per year.  That’s a pay raise you wouldn’t get with the typical 9 to 5 job.  Even better – This income is only the beginning.  I honestly feel like it will dramatically increase in the months to come.

The GLP case study is designed to be a learning experience.  It’s my hope that you take what I discuss and use it to increase your affiliate income.

If you’re still struggling with what to do online, then I urge you to check out my Start Here page.  This page is designed to show the best posts on creating an Internet income.  Simply find the section that’s relevant to you and learn about the different techniques I use to develop a full-time online business.

Finally, I want to know about any questions you have about Internet income.  It doesn’t matter if it relates to the GLP or something you’re currently working on.  Please comment in the box below and let me know your thoughts…

Take Action. Get Results.

45 thoughts on “GLP #5 – Taking a Profitable Site to the Next Level”

  1. Hi Steve

    Wow and wow again. You sure do walk the walk and as I ALWAYS say when I come here; I learn heaps.

    I may know a little about my chosen niche, but have so much to learn about marketing and monetising. I am at the right place to learn it right here.

    After my new site goes up, will be back here re-reading and exploring all the links you recommend in this post and the others in the series.

    Thanks again Steve for being willing to share your journey with us. And with the added incentive that what you do works, know I will continue to learn, each visit I make here.

    Have a great week Steve and here’s to your continued success.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Thank Patricia,

      Glad you are enjoying it, I am glad you like the articles and I really do hope that you are learning something about monetizing your site from it.

      I don’t like harping too much on the “look what i have done” stuff, but I think a “real world” results are much more powerful than simply stating the things you need to do to monetize.


  2. Steve; this is simply amazing! Seeing your breakdown of the metrics and especially how you take action to get it done is very motivating for me personally (O:

    Talking about outsourcing, I am also thinking about outsourcing contents on one of my sites so that I can create a foundation for an e-commerce site. I am really looking forward to this one. Looks like you will be seeing some emails from me haha..

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more post on the GLP.
    Appreciated brother!

    • Thanks Adam,

      I am glad it is motivating to you. Quite frankly it is motivating to me too. While it is an incredible amount, I am quite happy with the speed it has ramped up.

      TBH, I am making more off that niche site than I am this site for now. (with about 1/4 the effort)

      Outsourcing can be great. In my mind it is treating it like a “business” rather than a “project”.

      In a real business the CEO doesn’t do all the work himself. If he tried it would be a disaster. You get great people working for you. Outsourcer’s are great ways to do that.

      Of course it is a leap of faith when you pay before you have regular money rolling in, hence why many people start light with the outsourcing. But a great idea is to build you ecommerce site with the idea of outsourcing parts of the project in mind from day 1. Even if “for now” you are doing the work.

      Looking forward to your questions, bro!


  3. Steve,

    Love the rundown of things you’ve done over the past 2 months (well almost 3… ) Nice to see all the metrics there… I think this is what I call an honest make money project without the hype. Good income there considering that you’ve just started.. but I can see that you’ve put a ton of work in there. I think with your bro helping you out in this it makes it a little easier. And the content creation part is probably one of the most time consuming part of creating a new site which is the biggest headache for me now…

    • Having two of us working on it certainly helps.

      We have different things that we are good at and each work on our “parts”

      It is actually a pretty great division of labor. Many of the things there I “don’t want to deal with” …I simply don’t.

      There is also a difference between making an authority site (like this one) and a niche /MWR one.

      Here it is all about the content

      on the MWR I try to have good content too… but it is a little more, “boilerplate”.

      The articles there are written to apply to specific keywords. Even with less than 100 articles i am finding that we are writing the same “basic” article to different keyowrds a few times.

      The difference is that there… don’t expect too many people to read more than 1 article (though i do interlink some that are not repetitious)

      over there it is all about getting those subsriptions where the more powerful (and hopefully informative) stuff goes on.

  4. Hi Steve being new to internet business I will be looking at your start page. I really like the thought of so many Keywords I am very interested in the result as you add more pages. I also find that your grand total of $1,311.46 impressive I would be thrilled if I could bring in these numbers perhaps if I keep reading all the interesting posts I come across I will begin to be able to generate true income. Anyways thanks for sharing your project with us I look forward to reading more of the results.

    • Valerie,

      This whole thing started with product that I thought produced “above normal” for the niche. So some of the “credit” needs to go to the owners of the product themselves for creating something that is quite attractive.

      Honestly though, while I thought we would do good, I have actually been surprised by how quickly and well we have been doing with the site.

      It is only a small bit of what I make with my main money making site (in the same niche) But it has picked up speed pretty quickly.

      Right now we are adding a page every 2 days (for a bit it was daily).

      This is part of what makes it work. Keyword rich content (500-1500 words each), posted frequently.

      I will keep breaking down results. Hopefully within our “steps” there is a lot that you can find useful.


    • Great questions Rob! Exact same questions I was wondering about:
      1. Is the traffic from long tail seo and article marketing?
      2. If seo, did you first make a list of long tail keywords and then design multiple posts around that? Also, what kind of strategy did you use with article marketing (how many article marketing sites, how many articles for each, etc).

      I WAS following this series but have (apparently!) forgotten the important details. I think I’ll dedicate some time to catching up on it tomorrow. I’d also love to know how much money you’ve spent on the project (getting it off the ground) if at all?

      Your income and progress is incredible for a site so young.


      • Moon,

        I answered your and Robs questions under his comment. Thanks for the kind words.

        I will admit, I have been happy with the results so far. Frankly, they are actually better than I had anticipated they would be at this stage.

        Thanks for dropping by and commenting

    • I will probably make a post just about traffic one of these days, but let me give you an answer in a nutshell.

      First off there is one advantage I had going in over a “brand new site” Even though I had not used the domain in a few years, I had (at one point) had a site for that domain, in that niche with static HTML articles.

      What that gave was relevancy for many of the keywords we would use. Plus the site has a base PR 2. (though my opinion is that relevancy>PR these days)
      Now let me answer your (and Moons) questions.

      Every article is keyword optimized for a single specific keyphrase. Basically I mark one off of my list of 6000 potential keywords for each article. I use the exact keyphrase about 6 times per article. I make sure it is in the title and the first sentence, as well as the last. Around that we go for about 600-1500 word articles. So no little “cheap content” uses of the repeating keywords

      You guys know how all that keyword optimization stuff works though…

      Then of course comes all the linking stuff. I will link random articles from my other blog in that niche. (Relevant and with some PR)

      After that everything is what my brother does. Mostly it is social media (He “amplify’s each one, plus 3-4 “other” social media steps that give dofollow backlinks- Delicious, etc.)

      Then there are hybrids. These are the sites where you can get by with small blurbs. (50-100 words)

      -sort of like I think the “blogging blueprint” you use may be like, Moon.

      Then it is 0-2 article marketing submissions per article. About 50% of the articles (at this point) have no “full” articles pointed to them, although all have some of the 50-100 word “snippets”

      The ultimate plan is to do full “link wheels” on the top 5% or so performing articles.

      At this point it is really “Link spokes” may 2 articles pointed to top 5 articles and a few links (of some sort) going into those.

      It has still been A LOT of work doing all that.

      Like I said, the ultimate goal is to have that link wheel on the better preforming articles, but that is not really even complete yet. I think the results will be a lot better when it does get done.

      I will stop here. Going on would make this a full post, which I will probably do at some point for this series. Hopefully that answered your guys questions for now…

      • Fantastic Steve thanks for that. I’ve been really digging in to long-tail keyword blogging + direct response, more DR than the long-tail stuff though. I’m hitting that super hard though and recommending it to my clients. Obviously, when combined with other strategies, it can work quite well.

        Thanks for the very detailed explanation. That will quench my thirst for a little until you get that book out! 🙂

  5. Hi Steve,

    I just started reading your blog about a week ago. It’s easily one of the best resources I’ve found (I’ve read a lot).

    I did have a question for you. You mentioned having 70 articles on your blog now and that you plan on adding more. Do you have a ton of overlap between the content on your site and the content you send via email? Or is the niche/topic large enough where that’s not a problem?

    Oh, another thing. When split testing your autoresponder emails, do you setup two lists to split test something like a subject or specific email? Or do you run one version for xxxx number of subscribers and then switch?

    • Matt,

      Just to be clear. What I recommend for that type of blog (MWR: most wanted response) and what I would recommend for an authority blog like this one are two completely different things.

      For emails on that blog I try to carefully craft my series. Like I mentioned, I am in the process of reworking it to blend personality, lots of free content and a sales pitch that makes the point but doesn’t beat the horse dead.

      I am sure there is some overlap between articles/email series… but not as much as you might think.


      This is the part i would not reccommend for any “authority” blog site. There is certainly some overlap from article to article. Not every one. Not even most. But some. Since the main thing I look to do on the MWR articles is target the keywords.

      For Instance if two of my keyphrases were:

      How to use a Widget
      Using a Widget

      YOu could see who these would essentialy be the same article. I make the point to make the content different between the two. But if someone read them back-to-back they might not find anything really different.

      On an Authority blog I strive to make a ton of content that is all valuable, so that people will want to “read it all”

      Over on the MWR blog I expect never to see readers again, unless they sign up for the email. I do not even allow comments.

      Under “Start Here” there is a really in depth article on split-testing that should answer your question in depth.

      Short version: I do the tests side-by-side. In parallel rather than in series.

      Thanks for dropping by Matt. I hope I gave you the answers you are looking for. I am glad that you have found me and find the content valuable. 🙂


      • Hey Steve,

        Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

        It makes much more sense now, especially after reading the reply you left above. You don’t expect someone to read much further than one article. So I guess overlap wouldn’t be too big a deal — on the site or through email.

        I’ll have to go back through your split test posts and see if I missed something. I could be over complicating it too. Split testing for some reason has been the most difficult task for me so far.

        I ask specifically because I’m used to building niche sites, but wanted to try your approach with email. I have done too much with email yet.

        The way I had it worked out in my mind was to create two separate lists, each of them identical other than the variable I was testing. So for example, my opt-in form and offer would be the same, but maybe I’m testing the headline in the first email of my series or the copy. And I would do this with most aspects of the series.

        Taking this thought further — you could set up more than 2 lists, probably 3, 4, 5 or as many as you want. And test 5 variations of (opt-in form, headline, copy, offer, etc) at once. I suppose volume would be a factor here though.

        Anyway, that’s how I had it planned in my head. But I’ve never done it, so not sure if that was the most optimal way of doing it or even possible :p …. I’ll have to play with Aweber and figure it out.

        Thanks again for the reply Steve!


        • Matt,

          Looking at it again. I am not sure I went over how-to specifics enough. So this is an awesome comment.

          (I may make a full post or video on this later- but let me point you in the right direction now)

          With “offers” you obviously need to segment your list the way you are talking about and see with how they different offers rack up with similar sample sizes.

          For that list segmentation works great.

          In effect much of what is done issimilar to what I think you are getting at only it works all internally.

          You could repeatedly segment you list and compare. I think the method you talk of would work. I have used it a few time to split test the different offers, like I said. But I could see that getting quickly unwieldy after performing hundreds of split tests.

          Aweber has an internal split test option. Personally I have not been that cray with it. I think it is a little unclear.

          I do use two tools that I would recommend looking into.

          The first one is Google Website Optimizer. Another in the list of great free Google tools.

          The other one, a little more email specific is

          That is an affiliate product. But not something I am saying just to get some affiliate sale. Notice it is a direct link.

          I think this is an great tool that can really help you out trying to track the emails and split test.

          Hope those links help clarify things a little bit. I may add an more hands on video to my todo list. It could be a helpful tool.

  6. SS,
    That it is a great case study. So, what you are keywords and website? Kidding. 😉
    Are you doing SEO to drive the traffic (or did I miss that in the post)?


    • Brandon,

      If I told you, I would have to kill you! 😉

      I gave a little more in depth answer above in comments.

      But short answer: Yes. I fairly heavily keyword optimize those articles, and I use at least light to medium backlinking.

      I expect in a few weeks i may have a more in depth answer.

  7. Awesome job, Steve! I love the plethora of stats and screenshots, showing that you’re not BSing 🙂

    These GLP posts are probably my favorite ones that you do, so keep ’em coming!

    • Tristan,


      The GLP project is a lot of fun for me. It is more interesting building up a site from scratch than trying to convert 1.8% to 2.0% subscriptions on an existing heavy traffic site (even though that little bump could mean a lot more money)

      Having fun and well liked post.

      hard to ask for more…

  8. Hi Steve,

    I received your email when i woke up this morning and i know i have to come here to take a look at the breakdown.

    Truly, you have promised what you have said showing us screenshots of your income. There is always something to learn here Steve and i know all these information is wasteful if there is no action taken.

    Thanks for sharing your income and look forward to further reports from you.


  9. Great Job Steve,

    Making more than $1k in two months is definitely a great start for any blog. Hiring content writer definitely should help your business grow faster.

    • Thanks Andrew,

      I think it certainly will. My ultimate goal on that site is to make it a realy turn-key operation and outsource just about everything. Of course that takes time…


  10. For someone who has wasted a lot of time with other projects (and you know the ones I mean) the whole Go Large project is very motivating, and so very useful since I find myself once again back at the beginning. There is so much helpful content here, but did I understand that you started this with an existing list?
    I’ve been advised not to even try and monetize until I have built traffic. Is that what you did, or do you think that’s bad advice?

    • Lesely,

      Not exactly. I noticed a “product” on another list that converted above average. So I created the GLP as an attempt to build a list with specific thoughts to marketing this product as the “opener”.

      As you can see 900 of 1300 comes from that one product. From the blog sidebar link, the one direct (and hard sell) article, and the thank you page from the free offer.

      ($500 from thank you page… that is why I push people to sell their BEST products on thank you pages)
      So the list is 100% new. But the idea came from the results I saw from my previous list. (the 3,911 day thing)

      To fully disclaim, I did have one advantage going in. I had an old website in that niche. It had 15-20 articles. I created the blog at that url, so It began as PR2 with some keyword relevance.

      Undoubtedly that made it easier to rank articles.
      I mostly agree with the don’t monetize early. With a few exceptions.

      You will notice SSS still has no direct monetization. In fact I am still solidly in the red when It comes to this site. I agree that holding off on direct monitization could help in the long run.

      It takes a lot of time to build trust and relevance. Seeming to try to squeeze dimes out of people can work against this.

      However I do think that list building is essential. There is nothing wrong with some selling to your list. Just use a specially light hand at first. Like only recommending things you find really useful. Also don’t even go this far.

      In the list sequence I am building now (or rebuilding) for that niche I spend very little time selling early. I tell my story. I get personal. I link to some quality articles. I may slip in an “if you are having an issue like this Product X may be worth looking into” but that is as “hard” a sell as I get early on.

      So to get back on point….. I agree the person who talked to you on direct monetization 100%. I would just add that indirect monetization from list building is still viable.

      I just personally think a “light” touch on the sales message can be a good idea. It will cut down on initial sales (hard sell is used because it works) but should build a few people as long time readers. Sooner or later you will have something these people will want to buy.

      Traffic means you will see ‘real’ results, but you can set up the framework anytime.

      Hope that answers your question

  11. WOW Steve that is a great achievement. You have put in tremendous amount of hard work and I can see that it starts paying off kind of immediately.

    Six thousand keywords? WOW! So you are hiring a writer? Count me in if you can, lol 🙂

    Seriously, great achievement and a big motivator to us.


    • Jane,

      Thanks, I really like the fact that this project is seeing some signifcant results. Like I said in comments before in this thread for full disclosure I did have a pair of good advantages going in

      1. a great product to sell. A high payout per and a product that CONVERTS
      2. An old existing blog to use as a platform. The site already had some keyword relevance and a base PR2.

      I don’t think those things single-handedly ensured success, they just sped up the process.

      Thanks for the kind words. I am glad that many of you all find this motivational.

      The level of success has actually been higher than I expected, but nothing that i think could not be duplicated with the right products/niche and some time and effort.

  12. Hi Steve, you wanted me to asked you questions. Well I wouldn’t know where to start. But I guess the number one question I have is how to get a product onto a download page so it can be downloaded. I guess I use WordPress too much and need to learn these other things that have to do with creating sire from scratch.

    • David. There may be some themes in wordpress that will set up the product for download. But your best bet is a program like microsoft frontpage. Or whatever freebie service like that your hosting provides.

      It is a couple step process depending on wat you use. But not alltogether too complicated. I am sure your specific hosting could give instruction. Or one of the frontpage help guides if you do have that allready (If you have to “buy” frontpage, i wouldn’t, there ARE free versions that will help you upload)

  13. I dont know what impresses me more. The traffic figures you are getting in such a short period or the amount of signups you are getting.
    You sure know what you are doing.


    (Why did my brother have to go and become a Doctor?! Think what we could have done together…)


    You are on of my favourite bloggers for a reason!

    • Alex,

      I have certainly been quite pleased, and it is nice having a fair division of labor, since Gene has a little more to do on the “traffic” side and I have been doing a little more on the conversion/signup side.

      It is nice to have whole aspects of a project you simply do not worry about.

      Now you just need to convince your brother there is nothing in that fly by night, “medicine” business! 😉

      • LOL You have a way with words my friend.
        I do like that ‘fly by night’ reference
        heeheehee (mutley wheeze)

        drafting email re: you know what as we speak 🙂

    • Thanks Suresh,

      I appreciate your support. I hope it really will keep going up. Regardless it has been a good experience putting things into practice.

  14. I sure appreciate these GLP posts, Steve. They do get me jazzed. 🙂 Thanks for that!

    I’m amazed at the amount of traffic you get to that site and would love to know even more about how you did that.

    I also was having a hard time picturing your link wheel or current spokes. Could you do a graphic on that at some point?

    Questions for you? It seems you have plenty of quality products to promote on that site. Will you ever run out? Or will you cycle around to the same products again and again? And do you plan to create a product yourself in this niche? (It’s not in the make money niche, right?)

    Keep up the good work… and telling us about it!

    • Thanks Peggy,

      I am glad you and others seem to like the GLP project. 🙂

      I have already spoken to my brother and he is going to write an article on what he has done so far for traffic. There will be some graphs and pretty pictures.

      Expect it in a couple of weeks.

      The Niche for that site is pretty big and competitive. So I doubt there will ever be a “lack” of things to promote.

      But that being said I am also a little picky there. I have a series of maybe 8-10 offers I promote there. I do not “hard” sell them, but i make sure I have links and refeneces to the products a lot. It takes 7 exposures to an item for people to make a “buying” decision.

      I try to give them at least that many exposures, even if my “sales pitch” is only a very casual mention in the body of a long otherwise ad free message.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I really learned so much about this considering that i am just a new blogger. I am very much willing to learn more about these kinds of stuffs and i can’t wait to try the tips that i have read from different articles. Hope i can read more of your blogs!

  16. Hey Steve,

    Your GLP is amazing. I learn a lot from your series. At first, it looks very complex and time consuming in order to get all the important details in order to earn such an impressive income.

    We talked some about tracking and split testing a while ago, and I’m finally going to do something about it. Now, one thing that I have been thinking a lot about lately is outsourcing. You say that you are going to outsource more. Will you still say that you are the author? To me, and my blog, I write a lot about personal stuff and could never outsource any of it (at least I don’t think I would be able to). But, I guess this depends on what type of blog we’re talking about. I have tried to create a strong relationship with my readers. I eager to hear your answer to this 🙂

    Thanks a lot.


  17. hello steve,
    it’s amazing i learn alot to ur article honestly i am new blogger and im very thankful then i found ur article now i can’t wait to read and follow ur idea.very informative indeed..

    good luck steve more power…

    mary anne

  18. I know I’m echoing what has already been said, but stuff like this really motivates me to really ramp up my own blogging and marketing efforts. I love how you included actual Dollar amounts in your post – it’s rare for a successful affiliate marketer to give his audience a peek behind the curtain, so to speak. Great stuff Steve – you got me hooked.

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