Answer this “Niche Affiliate Income” Question [Poll]

Question about Niche Affiliate IncomeMy brother (Gene) loves to make fun of me because I’m always changing my mind.

One day, I decide to do one project.  The next day; I get inspired and try something else.  (I guess this comes from having too many ideas I want to implement.)

What’s my point?

Last week, I wrote a blog post about a “niche affiliate income” case study I decided to do via Twitter.

A lot of people responded positively to this post.  Some even emailed me privately; asking for step-by-step details.

After doing the Twitter-thing for a week, I realized something –>

It’s really hard to describe a process in 140 characters!!!

Basically, I wanted to give great content over Twitter.  But it’s freakin’ hard to do it in a succinct manner.

Where does that leave us?

Right now, I want to provide a real-world case study of how to create niche affiliate income.

Problem is I don’t know if this something my readers will find useful.


  1. I have a unique perspective on how to build a profitable niche affiliate site
  2. There will be a real-world example that readers can follow.  (This could start in a few weeks.)
  3. It will be inspirational for anyone who doesn’t know how to get started


  1. Most of the content in the future will be devoted to this topic.  (This might alienate some readers who aren’t interested in affiliate marketing.)
  2. I might lose money instead of making it.
  3. There are lots of case studies on other sites

So I have a simple question for you: 

“Should I create a new series on creating niche affiliate income?”

Tick one answer in the poll and feel free to leave any comments:

Should I Create a "Niche Affiliate Income" Series?

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As always, I appreciate the feedback you give!  This information helps me create the kind of content that people want to read.

Take Action. Get Results.

29 thoughts on “Answer this “Niche Affiliate Income” Question [Poll]”

  1. Steve,

    I voted “Hell, yeah” because I believe many people could benefit from your experience.

    However, I have one caveat with that vote – if it’s truly going to cause you to lose income, then take a pass. You already provide enough actionable, profitable information to your readers as is, so you should NOT have to take a pay cut to do something like this.

    Best of luck to you in whichever path you choose.

    • Hell Yeah! is a good vote. 🙂

      Hopefully I will NOT lose income. The similar test I am running so far I have put 300-400 into and not made a sale yet, but traffic is at the point that assuming 1% of people that go the product sales page buy I should get enough sales to make money in a few weeks. (Not a ton of traffic yet..but steady for a new site. I already have a keywords on page #1 (at #9) )

      Of course my fear is these gains are temporary… but that is what these experiments are all about. One way or another…we shall see.

  2. Thanks for updating us about your experiences. we both got same kind of mind i also can,t resist myself to one thing. all the time i think about new inventions.

    • Reeha,

      I have mixed feeling about this attitude of mine (and yours) on one hand it is good to be an optimist. On the other hand any project takes a lot of time to really work out and I am not sure we are seeing them thru enough with always jumping to new ideas.

      Oh well…at least keeping it in the same niche. 🙂

    • Another “hell ya” Awesome!

      Hopefully this all works out. I still recommend doing sites that have more of a “in depth” niche value, but this should hopefully be an interesting test, with what will “hopefully” turn out to be quicker returns (with possibly more “up front” costs for outsourcing)

      Of course I always keep warning this whole thing could end up with me saying. “Nope..this is BS.”

  3. Hell Yeah!

    I have an idea Steve, why not focus on the case study and invite some guest blogs on the topic of Internet lifestyle? This way people will both benefit from your blog. But it’s just my thought, you’re the man who make the decision 😉 Anyhow, I thank you for asking us. That makes me feel like being involved in this project, and that feeling is great lol!


  4. I vote yes! Though I do have to echo if it takes away from more profitable activities on your part you could always help us find some good case studies, because you say there’s tons out there but I haven’t seen any. Partly, though, because I’m picky about who I read since most internet marketing “gurus” are a bunch of scammer hacks.

    • Of course i thought it would be a pretty sure “yes”. But you never know I could havbe been way off target and people have “seen enough” of that type of niche approach.

      I didn’t expect that honestly, of course

  5. Hey Steve,

    I like your approach to this situation.

    From a selfish prospective I would say, yes go ahead with it. In the very short time that I have been reading your blog, I have learned a lot and since case studies are my favorite, I would love to be able to follow your case study. I am sure it will be great learning experience for lots of people, including yourself probably learning a thing or two as a results of the experiment.

  6. Steve

    I voted NO just to be controversial (LOL!). I’m actually just as happy either way – and I think for others it would be a great series. Happy to follow along too (maybe even help you out with some video stuff – I’ll email ya….)


  7. Niches… yeahhhh!!!

    As I can’t see any date on this, I hope I’m not posting on your third blog post here Scott LOL j/k

    It’s actually very funny that I like your stuff so much, that I will fave it or leave the tab open literally for days (it’s rare that I shut down my computers) but I never get back to them man, I really need a freaking kick in the head or something!

    Anyway, yes I vote for niches (won’t even say why, I have many reasons).

    And as a small surprise, I AM supposed to be packing for Europe right now and I’m going to write the whole shenanigans about your Affiliate Marketing Without The Bull *beep*!

    You’ll hear from me later today or tomorrow (I’m not sure) with the whole “enchilada”.

    Take care man and keep running!


    PS. Your checkbox comment made me doubt hahahahaha

  8. I am not sure if I plan to do “affiliate” marketing through my blog, but some form of referral fee and/or advertising fee should eventually make it worthwhile, so I am interested.

  9. Hmm. I should have read the comments before I clicked on the poll.

    I said no because I seem to have this topic show up in the blogs I read every month or so. Everyone has a unique view on this subject (and every subject) but I get the same tips and content.

    I’m definitely the minority with this opinion, and I hope you prove me wrong. I just hope I get some more of the “usual” thrown between the niche affiliate postings.

    • James,

      It will definitely not be the ONLY topic for the coming months. It will likely be a few weeks before I do anything other things before that point too.

  10. I voted yes, and I know you will sacrifice that loss income to help others. Anyway, I am brand new to affiliate marketing, so am looking forward to learn more.


  11. YES! You are obviously smart and capable enough to continue making money instead of losing it.

    Your blog will be read because you give real and precise instructions and make it a real deal instead of simply outlined processes.

    You have your own style and that makes you different!

  12. Yes, why not? If you could actually share a very detailed techniques to everybody here, then give it a go! Each individual has his/her own way to offer things to others so yours will surely capture others attention.

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