Niche Affiliate Income Series

[Update: The “Niche Site Experiment” has officially closed.  It generated some income; but I don’t recommend it as a long term strategy.  Read the below post for more information]

The Shocking Truth About Niche Sites (a 1,027 Word Manifesto)

Here is a list of what was included in the niche affiliate income series:

  1. 7 Questions About Niche Income Sites
  2. 15 “Google-Proof” Ways to Create a Quality Niche Site
  3. My strategy for picking a niche affiliate topic
  4. Niche Affiliate Income Results [Update #1]
  5. 13 Ways to Use as the ULTIMATE Link Building Service
  6. 8 Ways to Make Money with Niche Sites
  7. Niche Income Report (Jan to March 2012)

These posts covered my niche experiment.  But again, I no longer recommend this as a good long-term strategy.

Instead, you should focus on building an authority affiliate business.  Click here for more information.