Steves Sunday Selections December 26 2010

Happy Sunday to everyone!  I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas.  I know I did.  No “White Christmas” here, but it sounds like I am in for a “white” December 26th, with 18-24 inches coming according to the TV weather guys.  Of course, this likely means we will get nothing, or it will rain.  If I ever quit the Internet biz, I think I want to be a weatherman, it would be fun to “guess the weather.”

Anyhow let me drag my tired mind back on point.  Christmas has come and gone.  New year is of course on its way.  It is likely that not much, “work” will be done for the next few -in between- days.  This should and could be time for some introspection.  Where are you going with your online business?  What do you have planned for the next year?

Those questions are just the beginning.  Write out specific goals.  Create actionable steps.  Create milestones.  On January 2nd we should all be putting our noses to the grindstone and getting things done.  (Let’s face it, many of us may be hung over on January 1st).  Over the next few days think out your plans for success –being as detailed as possible-  and if you wish, share them in the comments below.

Starting off the Sunday links is Farnoosh.  She talks about the importance of practice.  Everyone should practice and improve; from the most seasoned professional to the rankest amateur.  Practice, after all, is essential to improvement and there is no way of knowing how GOOD you can be at something until you have put in sufficient practice.

Joshua’s post is interesting to me.  This post talks about specialization vs generalization.    In society today there is an ever increasing need for specialization.  Despite that I consider myself a generalist, having a decent amount of knowledge in a lot of things, but not really having a, specialty.  What about all of you any specialists out there?  Generalists?

Niche Sites

Niche sites are a natural topic to branch to from the specialization/generalization topic.  After all niche sites can also be specialized or generalized with great effect.  It is a general “rule of thumb”  that niche sites tend to do better being highly specialized.  The idea is that they will then send in highly “targeted” traffic ready to buy.  But has anyone out there done well as a Niche “generalist?”

Niche sites are a great way to make some money online.  It is a lot quicker and easier than blogging; that is for sure.  That is not to say it is necessarily QUICK or EASY; just quicker and easier.  It is all relative.  To increase your knowledge of how to be successful in niche marketing, reading what Murray has to say about Niche site strategies is a must.

Since we are on the topic of Niche sites and Niche strategties, let me remind you all once more about my free eBook designed to help you find a profitable niche.


Onto the subject of Blogging for the week.  Adam had a great post this week about 7 inspirational bloggers.  I was honored to be one of the 7 he chose to answer his questions.  While on the subject of blogging, Tristan (also one of the seven) did a great guest post this week on how to build a better blog.

SEO and Traffic and Keywords (Oh My!)

Zarco reminds us of some of the differences between long and short term SEO practices, as well as some of the dangers of short term SEO

Increasing traffic to a site is a topic that I find endlessly interesting.  I am sure 99% of us want more people reading our Blog, niche site, web site, articles, etc. etc. etc.     Thankfully if you want some information on this NOW, I am happy to oblige.  Lynn has a great article on how to increase traffic to your site.

Last but not least is marks article on keywords.  Keyword analysis is one of those really important topics.  If you get it right from the start it makes everything so much easier and can help to drive traffic and makes for a good start to quality SEO.

Well that is it for this week.  Once again I hope you all had a great Christmas and have spent some quality and enjoyable time with your family and loved ones.  Hopefully you all will continue to have a great holiday season, up to and including a wonderful New Year.  Remember to take this time and make a plan.  Let’s all head into 2011 with a goal, plan and actionable steps, so we can all hit 2011 running and make it a really kick ass year.

Take Action. Get Results.

13 thoughts on “Steves Sunday Selections December 26 2010”

  1. Steve you are very funny – I love the weather wrap-up. I am supposed to fly to Boston on Tuesday and they are predicting 18 inches up there and it’s snowing hard down here too. And I *need* those miles for my exec platinum but I digress. Many a thanks for the mention on my post and I am so happy you are spreading the word on the importance of practice, thank you!! Great wrap-up on some other stuff around the web too!! Happy New Year….(a bit early but a sincere wish nonetheless)!

    • Farnoosh,

      Well the weather guys didn’t lie. They got lucky this time, or we got very unlucky. I know I spent about four hours outside digging out my parents cars, driveway and sidewalk from about 3 to 4 foot snow drifts. If anything the weathermen underestimated.

      I tend to think that you might not have made your flight. Hopefully I’m wrong.good luck to you at least.

      Happy New Year to you also! 🙂

  2. Hi Steve,

    I’m taking these in-between days to get ahead of all those taking these days off. Luckily for me my family and I are always together, and while it may repulse some, I got a lot of work done on Christmas day, we all had a great time, and we were able to later Skype with the family back in the US. Progress never stops and neither do I – I just slow down from time to time.

    As for the coming year, tons are planned for me. I’m launching 3 membership sites, 1 in partnership with a very cool dude. Other than that, going to keep bringing in the clients and helping others to take massive action.

    I’m also looking forward to reading your posts in the coming weeks and months.

    • Robert,

      it is awesome that you and your family are able to spend a lot of time together on Christmas, being being that there was with you. I was able to get some stuff done over Christmas and the past few days, but nowhere near my normal productivity levels. Which I guess is a good thing since family is important thing at this time of year.

      Three membership sites, that is awesome. I have a lot planned for this coming new year myself, it will be fun and exciting times. But, of course, a lot of work.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, have an awesome new year, good luck on the sites.

  3. Hey Steve, Happy Holiday!

    Nice round-up as usual.
    I’m a bit further from the shore than you, so less snow (if any) for me. Great point on a second career as a weather person. Get it wrong anytime, now worries, still get paid. Must be the only job like that around. LOL

    Looking forward to 2011, lots of good stuff planned.

    Wishing you and your family all the best!

    • Jimi,

      it figures, I make a weatherman joke and of course this time they get it right. If anything they underestimated, there were some 3 to 4 foot drifts in my driveway. Spent about four hours today digging out my parents house.

      Anyway thanks for the kind words, glad you liked it.I am really looking forward to 2011. Not only for my own stuff but for seeing all the great improvements and upgrades for all the blogs and bloggers who comment here. I can’t wait to see what your next kick-ass project is. Have a great 2011.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for sharing the Round–Up.

    I have my BS in Meteorology. Yes I know, they go together perfectly 😉 Looks like they nailed this one as the snow continues to pile up along with some pretty strong gusts as of Sunday afternoon.

    Glad that I don’t have to skid all over Route 22 heading to the shipping terminal today. It’s nice to work at home 🙂


    • HAHA,

      They did get this one right… and then some. We got inundated on the coast. I spent over 4 hours digging out my parents driveway and walkway today. I’m still freezing cold. It is probably a weatherman’s revenge for my flippant words.

  5. Ha. We had some snow on Christmas, and today as well.

    Nice summary of the week (as usual) – I already read (and enjoyed) Murray and Tristan’s posts. That means, of course that you have given me more to do tomorrow morning. I appreciate it. 🙂

    Good point about goals – I have begun updating mine. First up, finish the goals from last year (got some stragglers).

    Thanks for the inclusion again & have a great day!

    • Mark,

      I would’ve liked to snow a lot more if it had come on Christmas, rather than one day late. Anyway I’m glad you found some of the articles useful and enjoyed the post. Thanks for a great comment.

      Have an awesome week and happy new year.

  6. Hey Steve,

    Thx for sharing this great list of articles this week. Just got back from a break from my hols and doing a bit of thinking about my blog. Checked out Murlu’s article on creating niche sites. Will check out the rest too.

    Have a great new year Steve 😀

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