Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t [Final Update]

I’ve had a number of people email me about my product:  “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t”

So today I’ll give the final update on this course and talk about when it’ll be released.

What’s Included in Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

To start, here is a screenshot of the eight modules that’s included:

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t Modules 1 to 4

(Click to Enlarge.)

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t Modules 5 to 8

(Click to Enlarge.)

I’m very happy with the design of these modules.  The freelancer did a great job of creating an interesting “look” to the product.  Hopefully you feel the same way.

The course includes eight modules; with each being 8,000 to 14,000 words in length.   Here are the titles:

  • Module 1 – Superior Affiliate Mindset Explained
  • Module 2 – THE Affiliate Research Formula
  • Module 3 – Affiliate Niche Domination
  • Module 4 – Building a Rock-Solid Affiliate System
  • Module 5 – Proven Email Income Strategies
  • Module 6 – Lifelong Traffic Generation Blueprint
  • Module 7 – Next Level Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 8 – Affiliate Success…Made Simple

Plus I’m offering three bonuses with every purchase:

1)      An Email Consultation: My time is very important to me.  So that’s why I’ve never offered any sort of consulting service.  Frankly, I’d rather work on creating passive income.

So this is the first time I’ve exchanged time for money.  Anyone who purchases my product will get at least one free email consultation.  (Perhaps I’ll even offer two or three.)

2)      A Quick Start Guide: This course is almost 80,000 words in length.   So there’s a lot that’s covered.   That’s why I’ve created a “Quick Start Guide.”  This blueprint takes the meat of my content and turns it into a step-by-step action plan.  It’s perfect for those who like to take immediate action.  (Like me.)

3)      A Mystery Bonus: Right now, I’m working on a really awesome bonus.  It’s going to add a lot of value to the affiliate marketing skills you’ll learn in this course.  The only catch is I’m not going to reveal it upfront.  You’ll learn what about it on the third day as a customer.  Trust me you’re going to love it!

What’s Included in the Platinum Version?

Hate them or love them, all information products need an upsell offer.  This is an important lesson I learned with my first eBook.  (Grab this free report to see what I mean.)

What I don’t want to do is hit people over the head with an aggressive “one-time-offer” or any of that scarcity bullshit.  My upsell offer is simple:

1)      An Audio Version: Right now, I have Morgan from eBook Voice narrating the entire course.  She’s literally reading all 80,000 words of my product which works out to be about ten hours of audio.  In my opinion, this is an excellent companion piece to the written version.  It’s perfect for anyone who likes to consume content while driving or working out at the gym.

2)      Any Future Bonuses: I’ve missed my self-imposed deadline by over two months.  Plus I’m leaving for a six-week trip to Europe on July 12th.  So I HAVE to launch this product in the next month.   I can’t delay it any more.

Originally my plan was to create a series of bonus reports and offers.  These would be packed into the platinum version.  Unfortunately I don’t have time to write them before I leave.  Probably they’ll be done in August and September.

What’s my point?  I’ll definitely create a lot of bonus items.  It’s just going to take some time.  So anyone who purchases the advanced course will receive these reports.  I’ll be sending them to customers – The moment I complete them!

What’s NOT Included in the Course

I’ve scrapped my plans for the Internet productivity bonus report.  Why?  Because there was way too much information.   The rough draft version was over 15,000 words.  And that was before I added the insights I’ve learned in the last few months.

To keep to my launch date (see below), I had to eliminate certain things.  I feel the productivity report can be really good; as long as I don’t rush it.  So I’ve decided to turn it into a separate product.  Look for it in late 2011.

Will I Offer an Affiliate Program?

The short answer is yes.  But I’m going to launch it a few weeks after my product is released.

An affiliate program is THE best way to market a digital product.  So I want to make sure I build one that’s full of sales tools and top-notch support.  Unfortunately this takes time.

I will offer a great affiliate program.  But it’ll be a step-by-step process.  Just pay attention to this blog after the product launch and you’ll learn how to make money with Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t.

Two Important Dates to Remember

This brings us to two important dates you should remember:

On June 30th, I’ll provide a download link to one ENTIRE lesson of my course.  It’ll be Module #2: THE Affiliate Research Formula. (I know this is an area where many people struggle.)

Now when I say a download link, I’m not talking about an opt-in page or any high-pressure sales tactic.  Instead any blog reader will get instant access to this lesson.  Just check out the post for that day and you’ll see a download link.

On July 4th, I’ll launch Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t.  Yes, I know it’s Independence Day for those of us who live in The States.  But this is the *only* date that fits with my impending trip plans.

For one week only, I’m going to offer my course at a discount rate.  Probably I’ll charge $37 for the basic course and $52 for the advanced, audio version.  After that, I’m not sure how much I’ll charge.  The one thing I do know is this is lowest price I’ll set for this course.  So you’ll have seven days to get this discounted rate.

//END Marketing Message

That’s it for the update and not-so-subtle push to buy my product.  I appreciate you reading this entire blog post.  Tomorrow, we’ll get back to the free stuff!

Take Action. Get Results.

51 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t [Final Update]”

  1. I’m really excited about this product launch, Steve, you are doing everything right in terms of building up the momentum on your site and in your newsletters – I’m sure you’re doing plenty of other stuff as well.

    Really interesting to hear about the creative process behind it as well. I think that really helps to drive interest in the product as well.

    I for one will be downloading the free module and I’m really looking forward to that. Best of luck with this, you deserve all the success you get from it.

    • Thanks Rob!

      I must say I am certainly excited by the whole process myself. I have put a significant amount of effort into creating what -I think- is a great product.

      Now comes the nervousness of seeing if others think it is great.

      Hopefully the process of building a ‘buzz’ and showing concrete a concrete example rather than just pure “hype” is something that the readers here can get something out of too (for their own products)

      Thanks for all the kind words and support!

  2. Steve, that was a fascinating post. I’ve just read a sales pitch for a product, but the result has just convinced me I’ll want the product. Most sales pitches I find have the opposite effect.

    I think the fact you are releasing the affiliate scheme later is a good thing. I for one feel a lot more comfortable about telling other people about a product Ive used. This will give people a chance to do that, and still be ‘in at the beginning’ of your affiliate scheme.

    I’m looking forward to this, – another reason to look forward to the Fourth of July!

    • Thanks Lesley,

      Hopefully I have built up enough goodwill with NOT doing tons of sales pitches that 1-2 now and again will not turn people off (if they are not interested).

      I am also trying to “pull back the curtain” a little bit so that readers can see a bit of the process for their own edification. Again, even if they are not interesting.

      Of course the “marketer” in me says everyone should be interested. 😉

      I hope that offering what amount to 1/8 of the course 100% free will be real “proof” for people, without having to resort to hyperbole.

      (I will likely also offer this to people who are affiliates as proof, which they can also use for their own “lead magnet”)

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. I still have a lot of little things to do for it, but I must say I am also waiting for July 4th… getting a bit nervous too…

  3. Firstly, thank you for the plug. =)

    Second, I can personally attest that you have gone above and beyond with this course! I’m blown away at the amount of information and detail you have put into this course!

    I truly believe that this will become THE course to get for anyone looking to get into this business.

    Really excited for your release. 🙂

    • Glad to plug ya! Thanks for all the work you are doing on the audio.

      I appreciate your comments..since you are someone I know with 100% certainty is reading the whole thing. 😉

  4. Only one thing to say here Steve – it’s about damn time. Think of all the affiliate marketers not doing as well as they should be. Do it for them Steve. Seriously!

    Looking forward to this product, and at that price it’s a steal. Frankly I thought it would be around the $100 mark, considering the level of content you provide here – huge value.

    Good luck with the launch. I have my RSS reader ready to tell me when it’s go time.

    • You are right. It IS about damn time. I was tempted to rattle off excuses as to why it has taken so long. But I won’t.

      I am quite excited to finally get it out there!

      • Rob is right – you’re underpricing IMO as well! (And I plan on buying it for lots of reasons – not one of which is to do with affiliate marketing!)

  5. Hey Steve,

    I’m just going to say WOW, this course is going to be popular. Everything looks amazing. Everything from the ecovers, to the content. This is a course that we all definitively need. I have been struggling with affiliate marketing for a long time. I never really understood it, well, I know a lot more know than I did a long time ago… but there’s so many things I have no idea about (like what I’ve talked to you about before, like split testing and advanced tracking, and good ways to do keyword research).

    I might not be able to get your discount offer, since I’m going to be on vacation… but I want it badly 🙂

    • Jens,

      Thanks! I hope it will be popular, of course! 🙂

      Hopefully it will have all the information you seek and want to know. I think It will. It will be on sale for a full week. SO hopefully between the 4th and 11th you can get it. 🙂

      • I’m going camping, so I’ll be living in a tent without electricity for 4 weeks. But, I’m going to go to a public library to get electricity and access to WiFi, in order to get your product. So, it better be good 🙂

        • Hopefully it won’t disappoint! I can say that if you liked the sample chapter. (which it seems you did 🙂 ) the rest is the same. Actually I had one chapter I was PARTICULARLY proud of…and it wasn’t the sample. So at the same level..or maybe even slightly better as a whole.

          I certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint you! 🙂

          Have fun camping! I am assuming you have a kindle to read it. (isn’t the long life of the kindle battery AWESOME)

          Have a great trip!


          • Yes, I have a Kindle, and I have an iPhone, so I’ll be getting the platinum version. I walk a lot and I usually listen to BlogcastFM and a few other podcasts.

            Thanks a lot 🙂

  6. Hi Steve,
    beautiful screenshots, affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to earn online money and it seems your course will help poeple do it in a better way.

  7. Hi Steve:

    Your post is a simple and effective sales copy. Screen shots are wonderful, Call to action pitch is creating excitement to buy.

    Awesome work.

    Fran A

  8. Wow Steve. This is very awesome. With the course in modules, it would be a lot easier to figure out the step by step approach and to see where I get stuck. Affiliate research formula is indeed one of those places…

    As you can tell, I am very excited on buying your product Steve. Your not-so-subtle push is great. Simple but an effective up-sell offer (O:

    • I can definitely agree this is a “not-so-subtle” tactic to mention it (and presell). Hopefully I am not beating it to death.

      (I don’t think so but you never know…)

      Anyway I separated it into the modules for that exact reason. It was too cumbersome as one whole ebook and this way people can focus right away on the sections they want to learn. (though obviously ALL the information is necessary)

      Thanks for the great comment Adam.

  9. Yo Steve,
    You already know I’m buying. But if I was on the fence, the “mystery bonus” would have gotten me to jump in. I love mystery bonuses. It’s like getting a birthday present. 🙂

    So…. will you be doing the email consultations and support while you’re on your European tour? That would make it a working vacation, which would suck for you.

    • It is like the decoder spy ring in a box of fruity peebles. I know I always loved those cheap plastic mystery gifts too!! 😉

      Frankly I find that a lot of people do not take you up on the “free consulting sessions” If I get swamped with them. I will finish up the people who bought it under that deal and pull that part.

      It all depends upon the initial volume.

      Hopefully it will stay to where I can schedule 2-4 a week, so even if I have to take a little time from the vacation, it won’t be too bad. Though I know the girlfriends will be PO’d if I work too much.

      So i guess the answer on email consults during the trip is… It depends. Probably a few, but I certainly can’t be doing tons every day.

  10. Hi Steve:

    I have a question for you. What audio form is the advanced course?
    Is it CD, Video, or mp3 ? Does the advanced course include the written version also?

    Thanks for your time.

    Fran A

    • Fran,

      It will be in MP3 format and it will also come with the written format too. It will just be a “bonus” for those who like to “listen” also. And I have a far better “speaker” than myself reading it. 🙂

  11. Steve, major congrats on putting the wraps on the project man, I know you’ve been busting ass on it for quite some time so it’s excellent to see that it’s finally here.

    You can bet your ass that I’m going to be all over this. Believe me man, I’ve checked out the garbage from the big names since my boss would frequently pick up their products and your MVP’s are easily better so this should be incredibly helpful.

    Hell, if I can get one thing out of it that I can apply to some of my other sites I’m going to be a happy camper.

    Can’t wait man!

    (Ps. A post about the ebook voice over would be awesome, would love to hear that went).

    • I am an eternal optimist on something, but I really hope this goes huge and shows up a lot of the cheapo garbage out there in affiliate marketing up.

      I would love it if this becomes a real blueprint for people on “how to do it right”

      I can certianly say (at least) that I have put a lot of effort and thought into it.

      Of course a lot of the “tips” are going to be things that people who really know there stuff (like you) already know. I do think that there will be tips that even many experts might find quite interesting. SO hopefully there will be at least a few interesting tidbits you can apply to your many sites!
      I am not sure of what to do for a post on the ebook voiceover. I paid Morgan and she did all the work. 😉

      Perhaps I can get her to do a guest post about the process/why it is worthwhile to add special features like an audio version.

  12. Mate I am all over this like white on rice.

    You are the straightest talking marketer I know and I love how you teach what you teach.
    This is a must have for anyone sick of the effin BS and wanting a straight bloody answer!
    Good luck with it all, mind you I plan on helping because I know this is going to contain real value.

    (Reminds me to hurry up and get my product finished!)

    nb: you know I dont usually do this, but you have to come over and play the Google game 😉

    • Thanks Alex!

      I really think there is a market for this. I am just unsure if an unhyped and realistic product will resonate past people who read the the site.

      It is a “we shall see” thing.

      I know there -should- be a market for it. I “tried” to find a product to promote that wasn’t some cheap ripoff before I made one.

      Although I am sure good products could be out there for AM. Looking on ClickBank at a bunch…I could not find one.

      SO hopefully hole in the market + good product will equal good things…. we shall see

      I just finished playing your google game. Quite fun and educational. Except for google remembering your search history and skewing the game.

      Once again…damn google

  13. Steve

    Lots of good stuff here! Looking forward to 4th July (also my second kids birthday – so always look forward to 4th July!).

    The audio thing is something I KNOW makes a big difference – the problem is that recording and editing takes so fucking long. I cannot believe I NEVER looked for someone like Morgan.

    Just been over to her website – do you have an affiliate link as I have a project for her pretty damn quickly?


    PS whereabouts in Europe are you hitting?

    • I just realized I dropped an F-Bomb! Sorry about that – I’ve been busting my ass on bass guitar stuff today (40 pages already!) and I’m seriously tired.

    • Paul,

      No affiliate link. She does great work though. 🙂

      As for Europe… I am still working out the particulars. But Germany, Austria, and Croatia are all for sure. My girlfriend likes to hike, so we will be doing a lot of hiking and not just “city” site-seeing.

      I have even built in a few “work” days. Like when she goes to Dachau, I will stay behind and work (since I have already been).

      It should be a great time! 🙂

      No worries about dropping the “f-bomb” I do not mind sparing use of language in comments as long as it is not directed at anyone…which of course I know you would never do.

      • Heya Steve

        Yep, I would NEVER give anyone feedback that contained an F-bomb (unless it was preceded by the word really and had the word awesome after it!).

        Are you planning to hit the UK at all – or are you sticking to continental Europe?


          • Paul,

            Sorry for the late reply. I took a couple of days off (from responding on the site/commenting on other sites, at least).

            As for hitting UK…. Not this time. Last year I spent a fair bit of time there. (on my LONG trip) This time it is mostly Germany/Austria/Croatia. Perhaps on my next trip… likely about this time next year. (though, I have been thinking about Australia as a possibility then)

  14. Steve!

    It’s finally done! Man I’m so going to promote what you have here. Those 8 modules looks awesome. And I know from all the ass busting work you’ve been doing for almost a year I think… You deserve all the hard work you’ve done. When you introduce this thing as an affiliate program. I am so going to promote this. Love your posts and your work so I know this no “BS” product will be AWESOME.

    Anyway, hope you don’t blush with too much flattery here. Now it’s time to countdown till 4th of July 😀

    • Thanks Bryan.

      Sorry for the late reply. I took a couple of days off (from responding on the site/commenting on other sites, at least). I appreciate the great positive comments. Just FYI I plan on releasing it for affiliates on the 11th. That gives me a day to deal with issues before I leave for Europe. (after that a lot of “fixing it’ is on my brother).

      -I do blush a little bit…but I am also shallow enough to love effusive praise. 😉

      Appreciate it, man! Have a great day

  15. The designer has definitely done an awesome job with the book covers, this is hands down the best ebook cover I have seen!

    Congratulations on the launch of your new product, I know how exciting it is since I am coming out with my own product. Infact I would like to give you a complimentary copy I am sure you will find it valuable in a lot of ways 😉 Shooting you a mail right away !

    • Thanks Rohan,

      Sorry to take so long to respond. I took a couple days off from looking at the blog/commenting on other sites. Had personal business +a lot of “under the gun” writing to finish up.

      I agree, the designer knocked it out of the park. He did a wonderful job on this one. It looks really clean and professional.

      As for the product. I am about to respond more in depth to the email (I slacked there too). I haven’t looked deeply into it, but it sounds interesting.

      Off to reply in more depth in email….

  16. The words you use to describe what you like to spend your time doing ring true for me. Creating a passive income.

    I am as small time as you can get at this game at the moment but am making about $10 per day from an old site I am not doing anything with through a CPA offer, I dont do anything and that money just come in.

    Thats $300 per month, it feels so good, I can only imagine how it would feel to be able to log in and see 10x that or enough to support myself.

    Thats the plan, I hope to get there one day.

    • Passive income is a great thing. One truth about business (even online) is that you really do need to keep growing it or it will wither and go away. Sometimes it just take a LONG time for that to happen online.

      You have the proof with your 10$ a day. That is nothing to sneeze at and a nice benefit for doing little. Like you is the time to work to make that X10!

  17. Wow!

    Designer did really a great job!

    You are already providing so much value through your blog and I know the course is going to deliver even more value 🙂


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