One Question About Affiliate Marketing…

Real quick post today…

Affiliate Marketing QuestionsAs you’ve heard me mention, I’m putting together a course that *might be* called Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t.  Basically this will be an eight module course that walks you through the exact process that I personally use to earn a full-time income with affiliate marketing.

Right now, I’m halfway done with the 2nd draft with the hopes of releasing this product by the end of April.

My problem?

I know what I want to include.

But I have no idea what YOU would like from a product like this.

So here’s where I need your help…

In the comment box below, could you tell me the BIGGEST obstacle/challenge that you’ve experienced with affiliate marketing.  This is the one thing that’s preventing you from making a full-time income with this Internet business model.

Your Reward? In a few days I’m going to pick the best commentator from this list and give her/him a complimentary copy of this product.   At this moment, this course is 70,000+ words of information.  So you’ll be getting a valuable product for spending five minutes answering a simple question.


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44 thoughts on “One Question About Affiliate Marketing…”

  1. Well the biggest problem with affiliate marketing is getting the traffic to the affiliate site that converts into affiliate sales. If this is taken care of, you could create a webpage with a red dot in the middle labeled ‘Click me’ and still earn money.

  2. My biggest obstacle is losing confidence. Before reaching the point of success, it takes time to wait for the result to come out. Waiting is boring, and even painful. It’s easy to question myself, “would it work”? IMHO, to get through this challenge is far more difficult than building backlinks or email lists.

    • I feel you, it does take a decent amount of time to see results. I will try to include things to do while you are waiting to set up your “next” plan…without spending any extra money.

  3. Andreas is right: the first hurdle is getting traffic to your site to make the affiliate marketing pitch. I don’t know that it is the biggest though. Conversion is a really close second. It’s one thing to have the visitors, it’s completely another thing to get them energized enough to click the affiliate link and buy something!

    • Conversion is really in my “wheel house” I spent a “crazy” amount of time tweaking conversion, so there is a lot on how to convert more, thanks Justin!

  4. I think the biggest challenge is finding a niche.
    It’s easy to explain what to do, and easy to do the various steps involved, but tricky to actually get right and pick a niche with confidence. I think this puts a lot of people off (as it’s seen as the basis/foundation of your affiliate marketing efforts), and so they never get past that step.
    I’m sure a simple system/method for identifying a niche would do wonders for a lot of aspiring affiliate marketers.

    • Dino,

      I have an older (free) ebook that I used as a lead magnet targeted just for finding a niches. (if you want a copy send me an email and i will send you a copy). You are right though, it did a lot of “how to” but having faith that it “will” work is a big stumbling block. maybe more than the work required.

      I will be going over finding and targeting niches in more specificity but with less of the “general” tone.

      At some point I think people need to get bull headed. Whether they use my methods or another and just take it on faith that they are going to make it work… Or make mistakes that will be such a great learning experience that the NEXT project will be a sure success.

      I may include the old “profitable niches” lead magnet as a “free addon” just to add to the depth of knowledge that the product gives. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  5. Hi Steve:

    Nice post you have here, with this question you have decided to help everyone and want to solve every ones problem. Wow your message has a good feeling .

    Lets see what end result your get with this.

    Talk again

    Fran A

  6. My biggest problem is finding informational products (not physical products) to promote that are profitable AND useful to the user AND ethical. My goal is not to have to create products but simply to promote other people’s products. While I am just starting in the process of analyzing physical products (as an affiliate in the Amazon Marketplace), my experience is that most of the profitable products in Clickbank are “get rich quick” schemes.

    • Yes… Many CB products are “get rich” types. The ?Make money online” niche is specifically a bad one. But there are some good products to be found.

      Hopefully there will be one product you would feel good about trying to affiliate for in a month plus (the ebook I am coming out I will be putting it on CB at 75% commission, at least that is the plan now.

      as for amazon affiliates, that is kinda a different cuppa tea, volume is so for AA it is all about the volume, and the “ratings” give a solid idea of the quality of a product, where gravity on CB just tells you that so many people sold it.

  7. The biggest problem I have is finding the right affiliate products in the right niche. There are several products out there, and I like to use a product to make sure I like it before I sell it to my readers. Sometimes it can be hard to find a variety of quality products.

  8. Traffic generation is a key issue. I was able to generate my first sale from flirt mastery in a week using Google adwords. Unfortunately I dont know how to track my campaigns and tracking and so spent more then I made, buy that first sale was amazing anyway.

    Paid traffic. Getting affiliates. Designing the page. A way to test before you pour time and money into a potential product?

    Hope this helps with your product. If theres anything else I can do just let me know.

  9. In the context of finding the right niche, I’d be interested in ways for finding geographically local market niches. Something that would really appeal to people from the south of Holland for instance or how to tweak for a certain geographical area.

  10. Finding the right niche is definitely a big hurdle for a lot of people. It was for me for a long time, what felt like a long time anyway (O:

    then I think it is the content – plus how to monetize the site efficiently and get maximum conversion.

    And of course, there is that beloved word – Traffic!

    Looking forward to your book Steve!
    You have a good one.

  11. Steve,

    There are always the two main factors we all want… traffic and conversions.

    My best buyers are people that are on my list. I would like to learn more on getting optins and converting those on the list into buyers.

    This is exciting. I am looking forward to checking out your new course.

    • Ahh great topic. Maximizing opt in’s. I sure do love my email marketing and this will definitely be part of the book. In fact I think this little tidbit is REALLY key for longterm success.

  12. Steve, i completely agree with what the others said. But, as being a person who wants to make money through the internet but has never done it yet(well i’m 18 so i don’t need to hurry) the biggest obstacle for me is making my first dollar online. Then i think you can understand that it’s possible to make money through the internet and be able to do it again..

    • Adonis,

      Have you checked out my free report yet (top right of page) It is downn and dirty…but basically shows three ways of making money online.

      The first is the “quick” ways. not scammy “make money fast” things but Ideas like writing “marketplace” articles for helium, doing some “Amazon Mechanical turk ” work and doing Tweets/FB entries/ and bookmarking for “microworkers.

      non of the stuff will make you rich. Like I said in the book, once you get a “system” you can have a per hour earnings similar to flipping burgers, but the important thing is that you get SOMETHING for the online work you do.

      It is a pychcological benefit to actually get a 40$ check in the mail or to paypal. Even if it takes 6 hours of work to get it.

  13. My biggest problem has to do with selecting s niche. Actually one very big issue with keyword research that no one hardly talks about is the difference between exact, phrase, and broad search volume.

    I had what I thought was a killer keyword with an exact match .com domain only to find out that my research was faulty because no one ever told me to use the exact results in the keyword tools. I think that anyone who talks about keyword research needs to explain the difference, otherwise they are doing a disservice to their readers.

    • Good points. I bring up niche research and finding niches, but maybe I will go a little deeper since a few people seem to bring that up. (in addition of offering my free eBook as a bonus)

  14. These are all great topics so this book’s gonna be huge! In addition, you may as well clear up the notion of cloaking affiliate links or not. Some say you’re being robbed if you don’t, others say Google will *itch slap you if you do. Now’s your chance to reveal the truth Steve. In addition, if you say to do it, by what method, ie: plug-in, specific software, etc?

    Can’t wait to read the new e-book. Thanks for asking.


    • Yes I will go into this. As a preview, they are both right. What you want to do is make a static page that directly redirects to the offer. This makes look cleaner, makes it far harder to steal (nothing is impossible for those who are really intent) and shouldn’t bother google.

  15. Mornin’ Steve!

    Nice comment getting tactic you got here.
    Serves your readers and your blog at the same time.

    Will use it myself 🙂

    About running an affiliate biz.
    My biggest problem is no doubt conversion. I
    capture leads and market through an autoresponder.

    Getting signups is not a problem. Running PPC for
    traffic is easy too. It’s just a question of testing and persistence.

    The gurus have really pulled a number on the IM
    community with their “traffic is everything” BS.

    Converting for some reason is where I fail short.
    I don’t know if the problem is my funnel, or the traffic
    I’m getting isn’t the right one. (not targeted)

    That’s me anywayz 🙂

    Oh, almost forgot.
    The biggest problem (by far) I have (had actually) is
    I don’t know any IMer I really, truly, trust.

    99% of ‘m are only after your money. Shoving
    you no-value “magic-bullet” products, with
    false promises of quick riches with no work.

    So YOU have no one to learn from. Bah.

    I heard some of the big gurus are starting to fall.
    Maybe that’s the start of a new era 🙂

    OK I’ve mumbled long enough.
    Best of luck with your new product Steve!

    – Adam “Make it a kick-ass one” Jovani

    • Adam,


      You are my target demographic. I hope I am able to deliver to you!

      I started this eBook because I saw a hole. I wanted to promote a good “affiliate marketing” info product for this website (as an affiliate) without all the “get rich quick” bullshit. Something that a person with minimal experience could use and get some really solid knowledge out of.

      In other words transparency. X works but it is going to take Y amount of effort. … not some “spin a bunch of articles” and plaster the internet to make millions.

      Every product I bought and read while researching a product to endorse just got me madder and madder.

      Now since I have hyped my product up enough, lets hope I deliver! 🙂

      • “Every product I bought and read while researching a product to endorse just got me madder and madder.”

        Madder –> LOL!

        The same happened to me.
        Until I came to my senses. I blame no one but myself.

        I mean, As hard it is to admit it Steve,
        it’s kinda naive \ gullible of us to believe this crap in the first place.

        I guess we both had to learn the hard way 🙂

        no one said marketing would B easy, right?
        Nothing worth in life never is I think.

        Anyhoo …

        I’m already on my own little “golden” path
        with this whole CRAZY IM thingie.

        Even so, honesty and straight-to-the-point
        content is really hard to find these days.

        If the price of your program will
        be in my reach, I’ll give it a try.

        Rock On!

        – A’

        • Thanks Adam, Glad to hear that you got things set on the golden path. If learning from mistakes is a great education, then I have a PHD (LOL) There is a chance you may know all the ‘wisdom’ I have to impart (hopefully not) but I can promise it will not be “push button to success” BS Hopefully the price is in your range 🙂 Thanks again for the comment.

  16. Hey Steve,
    I’d say the biggest challenge is creating or finding SYSTEMS for traffic and rankings. If you read enough it’s easy to find out how to do on page SEO and learn a dozen backlinking strategies, but putting all that knowledge into action can be very tricky. Ecspecially when you have a bunch of different sites… It’s hard to know what to focus on.

  17. I am not going to answer every idea here. There are some great ones, but keep them coming. I need to go over them, and bounce what I have against the content and see where i can expand somewhat.

    Great ideas so far. many of them are included allready, but I will try to go into more depth where possible.

  18. The biggest difficulty in creating a highly profitable internet marketing business is understand what the ‘core’ tasks are – the activities that produce the highest return for your efforts.

  19. Hi Steve

    I’m sure your ebook will be popular cos you walk the walk. The biggest problem I have found when buying porducts to help with setting up any niche is it is always declared “anyone can do this” then I have trouble and there is no support to help when I get stuck!

    Newbies should be the beta testers, not other experienced marketers 😉 I have bought ebooks and whole sections have not been explained. The experienced marketer has forgotten that newbies need steps in order, not missing bits to the puzzle as they do not know the steps that have been omitted!

    There is always the upsell so more money has to be spent and with information overload I just ask for a refund and get more disillusioned with IMers flogging their wares!

    Now that I have connected with some amazing bloggers/marketers I get the help I need but in the beginning it was very discouraging. Getting targeted traffic that converts to customers is the big one for me. Just getting traffic is not difficult with good content, it’s the conversion that I am interested in.

    Looking forward to what you will share that has worked for you Steve. You are the real deal so I trust that your information will be of value.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  20. My biggest obstacle with affiliate marketing is simply the work involved for the little gain involved. Sure, I know you can make lots of money with affiliate marketing, but not for the work you will have to put in. These days, there’s really no such thing as long term residual income online, with all the algorithm changing Google is going thru, all the new competitors that keep entering the online space, and all the new rules changing.

  21. Hi Scott,

    I am sure your product will be awesome 🙂

    There are some things I would like to be better at if I am to really make money as an affiliate marketer.

    1. Finding profitable products.
    What I have found to be the best way is to be a beta tester of a product so that you can be a part of the initial launch, so building more contacts is something I would like to learn more about.

    Places like clickbank are great for finding products but I feel like I would need to know more about what to look for when trying to find a affiliate program to join.

    2. Conversion rates
    I have an about 1-3% conversion rate on the traffic I send from a review and a maybe 5% conversion of readers who click my links, in other words about 0.1% of everyone who reads one of my reviews buys the product, not much of a conversion. (I mainly use Amazon for books and DVDs).

    3. Using the proper combination of blog, review and email list.
    This is a part of affiliate marketing I haven’t even started on, which might be why I haven’t had much success, but it is something I would like to learn more about.

    Hope this helped you Scott.
    Let me know if you want any advise or more topics I would need help with.


  22. My main problem is that there is never a plan. Most ebooks give very vague details, then expect you to go out and make a million bucks from the horrible explanations that were given.

    A set of goals with step-by-step, detailed instructions would take the guess work out of the process, and would allow the affiliate marketer to focus on learning what he needs to learn (finding products, conversion rates, etc), not on trying to decipher what the author of the book is actually talking about. Basically, a list of “On day 1, do this. By day 7, you should have completed…..” This would give you the direction and encouragement needed to actually succeed, and would also give you some idea as to what to expect in the near future.

  23. For me my biggest obstacle is how to attract people to come to my blog,communicate and attract them to stay .
    Another problem is how to make people like the product that i promote.
    I try other IM tips and they make it too easy to follow,but when i follow i didn’t get the result as fast as they said.This make me believe they just want to attract people like me to spend more money on they products.
    Maybe my problem could give you idea to wrote and i will try as much as i can and never give up 🙂

  24. Hello Steve,

    I think the best thing would be to explain exactly how you need to pick a product and how you can find the products that are approachable (that is that are not promote by a lot of people but they still have a good sales ratio, and are of quality).

    How to drive traffic to your website and how to make your squeeze pages to perform.

    Also, how to treat the people that join your list after they opt-ed in, how to make them stay and how can you find the content to send them every email.

    When I first tried affiliate marketing I really struggled to drive traffic that converted (not in sales but in opt-ins). Not matter what I did, people were just “stubborn” enough to not introduce their name and emails in the capture form. Also, maybe if you can introduce a small CPC guide (because this was an other problem, when my CPC campaigns would be suspended, my accounts blocked etc).

    Also, maybe you could introduce a way to monitor all that you do, the traffic you get, how to determine the sources (so you know where you can focus your attention) what’s your bests performing squeeze page etc.

  25. Hi Steve,

    I have recently purchased Home Website Center, Instant Customer, GDI, and Marketing E-Books. I have no idea after the purchase on how to make the marketing work. I know how to use clickbank products for affiliate marketing, but when using instant customers, I am unsure on what the actual search engine is looking for? What type of keywords to use, and even how many keywords to use? I am familiar with broad, phrase and exact keywords, but I am unsure on when to use negative keywords. I have seen some traffic, I do not intend to give up, as I know determination is what it takes.

  26. The biggest problem, in my mind, is the follow up.

    We all can easily put together products, websites and plunk links on our site but the hard part is actually cultivating conversion.

    How do you build a rapid community that awaits every new post and product promotion because they KNOW it will benefit them.

    It’s market selection, I guess, is the overall problem.

    We’re told to go for big numbers. It gets you high traffic but then low conversions. What about less traffic and higher action.

    That’s the big hurdle in my mind.

  27. Steve,

    I think that market research is the biggest obstacle for me. I would like to learn simple and effective ways of deciding, what markets or niches to enter to and which ones to stay away from.

  28. Hi Steve,
    I think you have a lot of good thoughts to consider as a result of this post. All the commenters have made good suggestions.
    My own questions about internet marketing centre around the structure of the business itself: Do you host all your websites with one hosting provider under one webmaster account? Will having your own name show up as the owner of multiple domains lead to Google trouble in the event that some sites might link to each other? Do you use pen names when writing for multiple sites or do you expose your own name for authenticity?
    If answers to these questions seem obvious to you, then your expertise is of value to me.
    Another thing that would resonate with me is to see one of your own money sites used to demonstrate the techniques you discuss.
    Thanks for the chance to contribute.

  29. Hi Steve,

    Sorry, I’m a few days late here. I’m still trying to catch up this week. Anyhow, there are lots of great suggestions here that would really help me out, too.

    I would appreciate your advice on any of these topics. I was also wondering if you would consider some kind of trouble-shooting guide.

    Could you give me some tips on what changes to make for specific problems? For example: How long should I wait to see results?
    : How can I tell if I should persist with a certain niche site when I’m only getting a handful of sales?
    : How can I tell if I’m flogging a dead horse?
    : If people are downloading my free e-book/mini course, etc; but they’re not buying my affiliate product? Does this mean I’m promoting the wrong product?

    I hope this makes some kind of sense, Steve. I’m trying to test different things to see what works best but I feel a little lost. So, I’d really appreciate any advice you have.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book. 🙂

  30. Deciding on a traffic generation strategy is often the hardest thing for me. The reason is that there are quite a few possibilities, and each can be good or bad for a niche. For example, blog commenting is a good one for someone new in the IM arena. But, that won’t always work so well for other niches.

    Depending on your sales strategy, choosing the right way to generate traffic to your landing page can limit or improve your alternate income stream possibilities. I guess that is my point.

    Finding the best way to maximize on the traffic you generate. That is the tough one for me.

    Am I rambling? Perhaps, but this keeps my mind going when I need to sleep around the time that I am working on a new niche site. And yeah, that is right now, so I am a little sleep deprived.

    But that is life, right? 😉

    Have a great day Steve!

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