Social Media Dominance: One Tool to Rule them All

What’s the secret to dominating social media?


The trick to success with social media comes from creating (and managing) systems.  It’s not about sending Tweets and Facebook updates with no purpose.  Instead you want to follow a specific strategy that helps you get results.

Review of Market Me Suite 3.0Like a lot of people, I’ve often struggled with social media.  Part of the problem is it’s hard to juggle multiple accounts and tools.  In fact, at one point I’ve had TEN different social media programs that did TEN different things.  This is a lot of time wasted on tools that are supposedly designed to help you save time.

But things have changed with the Market Me Suite (MMS) program.

This is a simple tool I’ve been successfully using for the past few weeks.  And I can honestly say it’s helped me streamline most of the activities I do in regards to social media.  With this software, I now have a single interface for the two sites I use most – Twitter and Facebook.

Even better, on Friday Market Me Suite Version 3.0 was announced with a very low payment offer for those willing to take this program for a test drive.

So what’s available with this new version?  Well, I’ve made a quick video that walks you through this social media tool:

Hopefully this video showed what’s possible with Market Me Suite.  To elaborate, let me point out a couple of features:

Branded Tweets

This one is freakin’ awesome.  With MMS, every Tweet can be branded with a specific URL.  That means that all your followers receive a mini-advertisement for any web address you designate.  As an example, here is what my branded Tweet looks like:

Market Me Branded Tweets

With the branded Tweet feature, you can do more than include a link to your blog. Instead, you could use this feature to promote a free report just for Twitter followers.  So you’re building a list as you’re Tweeting!

Interaction Management

As you’ve probably experienced, it’s hard to maintain conversations in Twitter.  The MMS program simplifies this problem.  In version 3.0, you have an interface where you can track your Tweets, the timeline, @ mentions, and direct messages.

Furthermore, there’s a dedicated screen that tracks any lists you’ve compiled.  Now you won’t miss any messages from the important Twitter users in your life.

Facebook Integration

This is one of the first tools I’ve found that syncs Facebook with Twitter.  I’ll be honest when I say it’s not a flawless integration. There are a few elements that are missing that would make MMS really great!

What’s cool is I emailed Tammy (the owner of MMS) about these problems and she told me they’re working hard to improve the functionality of the Facebook interface.  This is something that really impressed me.  I love it when product owners pay attention to the needs of their customers.

Anyway, the Facebook interface is pretty basic.  But it does manage your regular page, your fan page, and the timeline of your friends.  It’s not perfect, but it does save you the hassle of having to go over and log into your Facebook account.


Success with Twitter starts by building a list of people specifically interested in your niche.  With Market Me Suite you follow people based on keyword phrases they use in their profile and Tweets.

Plus, this tool also helps you unfollow people who don’t follow you back.  This is a great way to make sure that you’re only talking to people interested in what you have to say.

Scheduling Feature

I’m a scheduling fanatic.  A lot of my Tweets are links to quality posts on my blog.  So I like to automate a lot of this process.  With MMS you can easily schedule messages you want.  In addition, this tool has a mass bulk Tweet feature where you can upload a single document and have it send Tweets on the exact date/time that you designate.

Unlimited Accounts

You only need to purchase this program one time.  This is great for those people with multiple IDs and separate online businesses.  Personally, I use MMS program to manage four Twitter and two Facebook accounts.  I didn’t pay any extra money.  All of these accounts are easily managed under a single interface.

LOTS of Extras

I’m not going to bore you with a laundry list of cool things about Market Me Suite.  Instead I’ll quickly list some of the other features:

  • It has a directory of video/written tutorials that walk you through everything
  • It integrates with to automatically update 33 different social media sites
  • It has a Dotted Tweets feature that tracks important messages
  • It has a reply campaign feature which automates some of your Twitter interactions

My Thoughts on Market Me Suite 3.0

As you can see, I really like the Market Me program.  It’s not absolutely perfect.  But Tammy is constantly making improvements.

For instance, on Friday version 3.0 was released.  Today (Tuesday)I logged into MMS and version 3.2 was ready to be downloaded.  This shows that the MMS crew is constantly making improvements that’ll help YOU dominate social media.

Overall, I highly recommend checking out Market Me —>

I have a lifetime subscription, but for a limited time they’re offering a really inexpensive monthly (or yearly) rate that’s affordable to all Internet business owners.    I recommend you get this tool right now.

Take Action. Get Results.

28 thoughts on “Social Media Dominance: One Tool to Rule them All”

    • Well…. maybe

      It is sort of apples and oranges…but not completely. Some of the functionality is similar, and where most of the crossover is MMe is better. But It would be closer to say it is a replacement for Hootsuite.

      Tweet adder still does some thing with bulk adding and unfollowing that are better (for those areas) and of course has a lot more automation in that vein.

      This is all about actually “using” twitter functionality not just functionality to gain more followers. Personally I am getting to the point where I have “enough” followers and it is more important to really interact rather than just add more bodies. But I do still think that raw numbers count. hence the maybe. If you are happy with (slowly) growing your base numbers yes it does replace the need for TA. If you still want to grow numbers and have a system to manage it doesnt quite do as good a job on the numbers, IMO.

      • Hey Scott -well said. Also you should know that any automated tools – onces that essentially hack twitter’s site to break the ‘automation’ rules are just not advisable. Twitter goes after the user if they can’t go after the tool, and at the end fo the day your twitter account is too valuable to risk it!

        ~Tammy 🙂

  1. Thanks for the great review! Yes we are constantly making it better and v3 will be out of beta very soon!

      • I bought it the day version 3 was out I guess cause I wanted to give it a go. I guess I got into middle of Beta testing cause nothing was working. I was so disappointed.
        I am going to test it some more, but it is like paid version of Tweet Deck and the branded thing won’t open any links so I didn’t see the use.
        I might change my mind but at the moment I can’t say I love it.

        • Hey Brankica,

          We just released a few patches -make sure you’re running the latest version – we ironed out most of the early bugs and should move out of beta in the next week or so 🙂

    • Yes, I previously used Hootsuite and i think this has a whole lot of functionality that hootsuite didn’t have. Dotted tweets, assigning time limits to column refreshes, Branded tweets and some of the follow/unfollow functionality are better than HS, IMO.

      It is the same basic idea and a lot of the functionality is the same, i just think that there are a few nice upgrades. nothing “shockingly” better just nice little tweaks

  2. Hi Steve,

    I have heard about this, and seen it recommended by others I follow.

    Been using free Hootsuite, and it’s great as far as it goes. But you have convinced me to carve out the time to give this a serious run thru.

    Thanks, Steve.


    • Free Hootsuite isn’t bad, I had been using it until recently. A lot of the functionality is the same. It just adds in enough little extra’s to make it worth it IMO. Certainly worth a trial run, since it is pretty cheap. I think you will like the extras.

  3. Hi Steve.
    Good review, man.
    This tool has come light years from where it started (MarketMeTweet). I tried it back then but had some weirdness going on with my host server at the time. It was no fault of the product and Tammy worked like crazy to get it going. But that was eons ago and there is no comparison with what they are offering today. I think I’ll test drive this sometime in the not so distant future.

    Thanks for the review, really impressive seeing all of the features this now has.

    • Thanks Jimi,

      I only got it recently, so I do not know what it used to be like. But I have seen Tammy busting her butt to make it better in just the little time I have used it. There is, of course, no guarantee, but I would suspect that they keep trying to add new little cool wrinkles as time goes on.

  4. Hi Steve, my first time to visit here. I’ve tried Market Me Suite and so far I like the tool however I want to actually try others that is well not too perfect but closest to that. What’s with Hootsuite and the first time I’ve heard of that. I think it would be perfect for my other site but not yet ready to give up market me suite.

    • In a lot of ways Hootsuite is now very similar to MarketMe. If you allready have MarketMe no reason to worry about Hootsuite. It is a step backwards. There is a free version. Obviously it is limited in functionality, because there is also a pay version of Hootsuite. So yea, just stick with marketme if you have it and are happy.

  5. Hi Steve,

    Congratulations! This program sure looks a lot more better than a lot of programs I’ve seen out there. This one really is special. Thank you very much for sharing this excellent article, also, great video. I’m looking forward to downloading this program.

    Best regards,


  6. Thanks for this Steve. I’m still a twitter dufus, just trying to establish myself with the medium and use it for the good of myself and others. I think it’s about time to start embracing a tool to make things easier. Thanks for all your constant value and info on this site.


  7. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the fantastic product review! It looks like this is extremely helpful in building your online presense in social media. I’m thinking about whether ai should give it a test run or not.. Idk.

    Have you every tried using tweetdeck that has been working really well for me lately. I was introduced the that by other person who was having success in social media.

    Thanks again though!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  8. Great review Steve. I was going to say, how does this compare to, but you’ve also answered that. I think the additional functionality puts it above things like and Hootsuite. At the end of the day it is about making your life easier and if you can do that for $29 for the year $99 lifetime, that’s a good value. If you don’t value your time (or you can’t justify the spend) I think Hootsuite works very well.

  9. Hey Steve, I am curious how you are able to get your affiliate code when people click on that link for marketme when it appears to be a clean link?

    Basically I am wondering how to do it like that for most all products I promote so that it does not show the affiliate link and just shows the website but still gives me the affiliate sale.

  10. Hey Steve,

    Went through your video 🙂 I’ve heard a lot of good things about MMS, particularly the brandable tweets. That seems to be the most important difference between MMS, Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Wow, $29 is heaps cheaper. It’s in my shopping list now.

    • Glad to hear you’ll be trying it! Branded tweets sure is fun, but once you use it I think you’ll realize that’s only the beginning – remember, there’s loads of “management” out there, but we are geared up for marketing, and for small businesses and will continue to grow our tool set 🙂


  11. Ok, this one is certainly not for me, at least not for the foreseeable future. What I need to do is give my readers more content first, before I even think about getting too obsessed with the tools to market it.

    That was just some pep talk for myself, Steve! As for the post, you’ve done a good job at doing an objective review of the tool. Thanks!

    • For sure, every product is not for everyone. It does help to have a presence on twitter to GET those fans. No need for a tool, but it could be worth your time to make sure you DO connect with social media. Free Hootsuite isn’t bad, and can work for you until you are ready to upgrade for the little extra bennies.

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