Herding Kittens- A Review of Best-Reviewer

Herdint kittens and backlinkingGetting traffic

whether to your article, blog, landing page or affiliate offer is a huge desire for many.

Whether they are bloggers, affiliate marketers, article writers, freelancers, amazon affiliates or website owners.

The desire is for more.

More traffic.  More eyes on what you write.  More!  More! More!!!

The problem is that getting this extra traffic can seem like herding kittens.

Recently, in response to the recent GLP #5 post, a few people wanted to know about how we achieved a pretty significant amount of traffic to our test-bed site (we have been getting about 1000 unique visitors a day).

The (really) short answer to that question is:  Hard Work.

The slightly longer answer is: link-wheels, relevancy and backlinks galore.  Maybe you know the way it goes; you jump on your magical internet unicorn and ride out to rope those backlinks (and kittens).

The even longer answer (and the one people probably want to hear) is going to be the GLP #6 post, which I will be start writing soon.

You see…  You thought I was going to give you the secrets now, but I am a tease.  A dirty, dirty tease.

Though I am a bad tease, I do not bring the Go Large Project results up for no reason.  The purpose of this article is to discuss a small facet of that traffic.

This article is simply a site review of one of the sites I use for back-linking.  Best-Reviewer.com.  Before I go further, let me give full disclosure.  Yes.  That is an affiliate link.  Yes, I get a little piece of the AdSense pie for any articles you write there.  It won’t take money off your table, and frankly the money is highly unlikely to be something I am going to use to fund my retirement.  So if you do not want to use the affiliate link, feel free to join without it.

How is Best-reviewer different?

Best-reviewer is different from other article marketing sites mainly by the way it is organized.  This is not the typical “write an article –get two links” model.

The idea here is that all the articles are “top” lists.  For example:  Top 5 Reasons to read Steve Scott Site.  Top 10 Reasons Gene is better than his kid brother.  Top 3 Reasons Why the Sky is Blue.  You know, simple and obvious stuff.

Every “reason” can be a link to a separate blog post, article, landing page or even amazon offer.

Best-Reviewer is quick… but still 100% originalBest Reviewer Review

This leads directly to the reason I like this site so much.  You can get a ton of backlinks in little time spent.  You can think of some way cleverly link the articles you want into a real theme or even go with a simple, “Top 15 articles by me!”.  It doesn’t matter.

If you have articles that are in a theme, are relevant to each other and have a sentence or two after each link, it will do “better” for SEO results.  But if you are just out herding those kittens trying to get some backlinks, you can do worse than best-reviewer.  You can write 2 “top” articles, get backlinks to 15-20 articles and be gone in 15 minutes.  I call that, “bang for the buck.”

Because it is fact, there is little reason to cut-and-paste duplicate content.  All the content can be 100% original and not just snippets from other articles.  With the release of Panda, that is important.

What goes into a Best-reviewer article?

  • Intro Paragraph. This can be hundreds of words or 1-2 sentences.  Personally I try for a single paragraph with 2 uses of the keywords I hope to “rank”.  Of course, you can do more.
  • Picture (100% optional) Most people DO NOT include pictures.  But it is a free chance to get a 3rd use of those ‘main’ keywords in for your ‘alt” tag.
  • Links: Simply paste in your links and write some anchor text for each link.  In the example above I have no text after each link, but usually I try to throw in 1-2 sentences.

That’s it!  Simple enough.  Almost makes that cat herding not seem like such a daunting proposition.

Best-Reviewer has no base PR.

You are right.  It is a new site.  A link here will not be as powerful as one from Ezinearticles or Squidoo.  No doubt about that.  This is not the Alpha-and-Omega of back-linking, remember, it is just a piece of the puzzle.  A nice and easy corner piece.

But being new can be a good thing.Sidebar Best reviewer

This is my super-secret strategy here.  So take it for what it is worth.  Every post has a sidebar with “dofollow” internal links to the profiles of the top 10 “referrers,” “posters” and “commenters”.  Since the site is new, these numbers are low.  You can make it to one of these lists (all you need to do) in a couple hours of work.

Once you have enough comments or post this “sidebar” means a link to your profile will be on every single post on the site.

That is some decent internal linking.  In time this will pass down to your articles.

I have seen similar sites with numbers in the 7-8000 range for comments and into the 1,000’s for posts.  Those are some daunting figures.

Linking to SheToldMe

SheToldMe is another revenue sharing site that gives backlinks.  This one works off of short (paragraph-plus) original text intros to dofollow links.  It is owned by the same guy who started Best-Reviewer, James.

When you finish a post, there is 1 button click option to backlink THAT post on SheToldMe.  Doing this takes about 2 minutes and has an immediate link to your links.  Definitely worth your two minutes.

Making Money from Best-Reviewer

Two Week Adsense
Two Week Adsense Best Reviewer

I think of the money made on Best-Reviewer as a pleasant plus.  I generally think of most AdSense this way.  I have not done a lot of articles optimizing for AdSense or a ton of back-linking for THOSE articles.  But the fact of the matter is Best-Reviewer has produced some AdSense results.  We are talking “single Starbucks Coffee” money here.  But it shows, “proof of concept”.

I mentioned Amazon Affiliates as being one use.  I do not think the site owner, “encourages” Amazon affiliate links in the “top lists” …but I have seen them used.  This is yet another way to drive traffic for to Amazon by going after those real long-tail keywords and product specific links.  In no time at all you could whip up a top 10 tablets list. And stock it with Amazon Affiliate links.  This is likely not preferred, or something I even do (I tried it in 1 article recently) but could be worth your time.

Finally the Downside

I have pointed out a few of the “downsides” of this best-reviewer as I have gone along.  It has no base PR.  There is a lot of PageRank bleed.  Frankly, I personally find the site to look cluttered, ad heavy and with tons of links and with far too many links.

I DO NOT believe it is a great vehicle for passing a ton of actual traffic to your site.  I do see –some- numbers passing from it for traffic, but nothing incredible.

There are only two reasons to use Best-Reviewer in my opinion.

  • Easy and quick backlinks
  • Revenue Sharing.

Hopefully this Best-reviewer Review has been of some use to you.  The higher the volume of articles and posts you have out there the better it gets.

Do not only think of your articles.  Use this site to link your backlinks.  Links places where you have profiles.  Link to your profiles.  Link to links that link to links that link to your links.  (If you follow that, you are  better than I am…)

When you think about it, there are probably lots of places that can benefit from 1-2 quick and easy backlinks from Best-reviewer.

This article was written by my brother Gene.  He has done all the back-linking and “Kitten rustling” for the GLP and has had some pretty good success with it, as you can see in the GLP #5 post.  He is also writing a more general and comprehensive review of some of the strategies he used to drive that traffic and bring the kittens to town unharmed.

Take Action. Get Results.

12 thoughts on “Herding Kittens- A Review of Best-Reviewer”

  1. Hi Steve:

    Read your and Gene’s post about the review site. Post is written with a great insight as usual. But reviews only do 30% or less to create conversions. So, I personally do not like writing reviews that much. But then probably I do not do this because I have not done affiliate marketing.

    Enjoy your Sunday

    Fran A

    • Fran,

      Actually I am not sure the “conversions” from this site are even 30%.

      The Important point it the backlinks.

      Also think of them less as reviews than lists
      Top 5, top 10, top 7

      Lists do quite well. The biggest benefit is that they can be done quickly, though.

      Nothing is as valuable as your time.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Steve, sounds like it’s worth the time investment to be honest. As you say you could become a top commentator too with a little bit of extra work.

    Great insight into the site..


  3. Thanks for the info Steve, never heard of Best Reviewer before – but after reading your glowing review I think I’ll give them a try and see what the results are.

  4. Hi Steve,It is a very informative post about best reviewer.I dont know much about best reviewer before reading this post but now I am thinking to try it.

    • It is certainly a nice sight for easy bulk back-links and a way to make a little adsense at the same time. It doesn’t “look” like much, but the proof is in the tracking/

  5. Do any of the posts you write actually rank in Google? Since the Panda update, so many of the traditional sites (like Ezine and Hubpages) have been slapped, that a small new site could in theory do quite well even if it has no pagerank.

  6. The idea of those “Top…” articles sounds really interesting. However, I’m not sure, if I fully understood the concept: There is actually no need to write a full article – just 1-2 sentences is enoug to get a backlink?

    • Yes, the links are not super powerful, but it does not take very much time and you can get quite a few links from the site. Worth spending a little bit of time on. (and of course it doesn’t cost anything)

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