Short Term Income vs. Information Product Income

As you know, I’m putting together a report on how to earn income from the Internet.  I’ve already finished the rough draft and the final version is almost completed.

What I found interesting is there’s a lot more ways to earn short-term income (within one month) than I originally thought.  Actually when I talked to my brother, he and I figured out at least 10 different ways to make money within a few weeks of starting.  This got me thinking…

I know a lot of you want to earn an immediate income while working on a long-term business.  In fact, I think this demand is large enough that I could easily put together a small report/guide people would really find useful.  I’m not saying any of these methods are easy, but they’re great solutions for those who need a bit of cash in their pocket – Right now.

Now here’s the problem.  One of my goals for the next week is to put together an eBook about how to make long-term income from information products.  My original goal was to complete it by March 1st.  If I decide to create the “Short-Term Income” report, the “Information Products” report will be delayed.  Probably by a month.

So I’ve decided to let you all decide what I should do:

1) Do I create the “Short Term Income” report first.  (It’ll probably be completed by early January.)


2) Do I create the “Information Product” report first.  And then release the “Short-Term Income” afterward.  Probably sometime in April.

You decide.  In the poll below, please cast your vote and let me know your thoughts.

Which Should I Create First?

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26 thoughts on “Short Term Income vs. Information Product Income”

  1. Hi Steve:

    A very short but at the same time important post today. Your intentions are great and you believe to give your loyal subscriber what most of them need. It is a great lesson to learn from you.

    Make it a great day for yourself

    fran A

  2. Hi Steve,

    Since the long term income product will take time to implement anyway, I would prefer it if you created the short term income report first. Both product require time and effort. Naturally we want to see results coming in. So if we can get the short term income ideas working first, we can easily wait a month for the long term one to come out. That’s my take on it.

  3. Hey Steve! Happy Belated Thanksgiving! 🙂 All was well and had too much turkey, gosh it’ll be going on for the rest of the weekend though :P. Now I need to think of an exercise program hehe, got any suggestions?

    Overall, I voted for the short-term income report. You’re definitely right about making some money right now while you’re working on the long-term stuff. Once we get a little bit of cash coming in even though it could be unsteady, at least, it’s a trickle of confidence to help us get to the bigger, harder stuff so that we won’t be working like a job on those short-term ones.

    Great idea overall! Looking forward to seeing what’s coming up.

    Talk soon,

    • Nothing like the rest you get from Tryptphan turkey high.

      Hopefully the guide will give people some great ideas on how to make money NOW! While waiting for the big bucks…..

  4. I think that an information product with concrete information on how to make real money within a few works of starting a business on the web will extremely popular. I would think of it as a two phase process. Release it to some people who will put it into practice as the first phase, then gather their results and testimonials and release a larger product with case studies later, and at higher cost.

  5. Steve,
    Don’t get diverted from the path you on. I find that lack of focus is the biggest way I waste time. You may be more disciplined but I say finish the product you started.

  6. Heya Steve, I actually like the short term because I will be going off to college soon and would like to build up some revenue to invest into business. I have a pretty important question I hope you could answer before the end of today(I can get a deal for Black Friday)

    Is a laptop like this really helpful for running a great IM business:,2817,2367983,00.asp

    Or is it not worth it? Minimalism is a passion of mine but for the main power house of my business isn’t the best of the best laptop really beneficial? If you say not worth it, what specs do you think are a necessity for running an online business? And what laptop would you recommend?

    • William,

      That laptop looks very nice. TBH though having a very nice laptop is not something that is that important either way.

      I have two laptops. One is “fairly” powerful and one is one of the cheapy 300$ tiny little things. I use the small one far more often because it is convenient.

      Processing-wise “brand new” high ram and processor speed computers are really only needed for gaming and maybe multi-media work.

      Far more important to the completion of work are the PROGRAMS you get. Having MS office or something compatible for instance is really worth it (for school work as well as IM)

      As for specs some of it depends on you…I have come to like the small little ones with the subsequent small screen..but many like larger versions. Processor, RAM, and HD space (for internet marketing) are non players. It does not make too much of a difference.

      In short the answer is that anything will be fine as long as it connects, and up/downloads at reasonable speeds. Which means any current computer will work. The only questionable aspect is screen size which is a personal preference.

      • Hey Steve,

        Thanks for the reply. Could you give me a list of the programs you were talking about that I should make sure and get? Quickbooks I am guessing is one? and Maybe the adobe thing that makes pdfs? What else 🙂

  7. Hey Steve.

    Hope you had a great Holiday break after the long travel, must have been fun to be back home for some home cookin’. 🙂

    No doubt, the most popular product would be how to get into the money lane within a few weeks, this is what many come to the internet for to begin with. Following that up with the longer term, more sustainable income model would make for a great follow-up.

    I’m personally more interested in the latter, but who would turn from an opportunity to have some fun sooner?

    It’s really good of you to poll the troops and keep folks engaged.

  8. Having short-term income, even if it’s only pocket-money size, is going to help out greatly while you’re creating that long-term income. So you an guess which way I voted. 🙂

  9. Hi Steve,

    I’d love to read the short term income report first. That way I can start making some money while I wait for your info products report.

    Besides, won’t any long term income strategies build naturally on anything you do in the short term? Maybe not?

    I guess I’ll just have to wait for your reports to see. 🙂

  10. @ Everyone

    Thanks for the votes everyone, I appreciate it. I was thinking along the same lines, just wanted to see what you all thought and seems that for the most part you all agreed,

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (for those in the US who celebrate) and anyone who went out for black Friday got some great deals,

    Thanks for the votes and the time, I appreciate it!

  11. Hi Steve,

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving from across the pond! It seems like the die have been cast. I look forward to your short-term report as a warm-up to the longer term income report.

    I think that when starting out online being able to bring in money to start with while building on something bigger is a great motivator for everyone.

    Either way, I’m sure they will be wicked, can’t wait!


  12. I’m doing this long term Steve, but I have voted for the short term strategy. It will be a confidence booster to get some income quickly, and this will help maintain belief in the long term goals.

    I see the short term report has won the most votes so far, and I’m looking forward to implementing some of your ideas.


  13. Well, not being so interested in information products I choose short term income. I hope others who expect your other ebook don’t mind.
    You are going on a ebook spree I see :). Good luck with both!

  14. Hey Steve,

    I think a lot of people would wanna go for the short term ones. Probably your visitors are a good mix of both the short and long term? I think a great way to start this is to go the short term income and then followed by the information product income. Even for the veterans, seeing your short term income methods can be good handy advice.

    I also think that people are more inclined to learn the “easy things” rather than the long term although a few of us here are more interested in the long term information product income.

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