Similarities Between Business and Personal Relationships

Here’s another excellent guest post from David Black of the Social Masters site.  Both he and his partner Preston have a bunch of tips that can help guys in their dating lives, while also giving practical information about how to improve your overall social interactions.  Today he talks about how to build both your personal AND professional relationships.  Take it away David…

Hey guys David Black here from Social Masters. Today I want you to think about some of the similarities between business and personal relationships. Sure they are different, but I think we can gain a lot of mileage in focusing on the areas in which they overlap. To improve one is to improve the other, so to speak.

Personal relationships are more emotional than business relationships. Business decisions tend to be based on more logical factors. Factors such as what will make you more money or what will allow you to promote your product to more customers, etc. With personal relationships not only do we need to be logical (e.g. deciding how to pay the bills), we also need to take into account the other person´s emotions and feelings.

There is however, common ground between the two. And there are certain skills that, once mastered, will improve both your personal and business relationships. All good right?

Good Communication Skills

Being a good business person requires great communications skills. At the end of the day the only way we can organise a good business deal is by being able to communicate with each other. Both parties need to know what is happening. Otherwise we may find that the same jobs are being done twice or certain important jobs are being neglected.

In a personal relationship we need to be able to communicate so that we know how each other feels. Are both parties happy with the relationship? Is there anything that needs to be sorted to keep the relationship running smoothly? And so on.

Willingness To Work Together

Business relations require two parties to work together to achieve a common goal. If all involved are willing to do this then the chances of success is greatly improved (perhaps the chance is zero without this). Two or more people are striving for one goal, which in most cases is to create a successful company.

The same applies to personal relationships. If you both have the same values and goals then you will both be willing to put in the effort to make sure that the relationship runs smoothly. Relationships take hard work and therefore if you are both willing to work at it together then the chance for success is higher.


In business you need to be able to trust your partner. People won´t ever want to work with others who they don’t trust, especially when it comes down to the success of their business. If you can’t trust them then you are always going to be thinking, ´does this business have the best potential for success?´ You will have major doubts.

The same can be said for a personal relationship. If there is no trust between the two of you then the chance for success is bleak. If you don’t trust what your partner says then mostly likely you will become paranoid and this will most likely bring your relationship to an end prematurely.

Being Willing To Change

In business you need to be able to accept that change has to happen for success to occur. To stay at the top you need to be able to adapt and stay ahead of the game. Some people are not willing to change because their pride takes over, or they are scared. This is a recipe for almost certain doom. Just look at the dwindling record companies who today are refusing to adopt the internet as a business channel, and are losing out to the likes of iTunes and Bandcamp.

Personal relationships sometimes involve change. If you have bad habits for example that annoy the other person, you have to be willing to take their feelings into account.

Many people say you shouldn´t try and change someone to make a relationship work. What they are referring to is changing someone´s fundamental character. If the person isn´t right for you, then you shouldn’t have entered into a relationship in the first place, rather than trying to compensate for a lack of initial judgment later on.

Look for win-win arrangements

Sometimes we need to put our heads together to achieve a great result for both, where one would have failed on their own. The ability to do this in a business scenario can really help you become much more successful. We call this ´synergy´. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I know that there have been times when I want to do something and Preston has said something else and we have discussed things, and new ideas have sprouted from that discussion that neither of us would have thought of on our own.

Success comes before pride. In a personal relationship you need to be willing to be flexible to find that sweet spot of win-win. For example, you both wanna do something on the same day. If you can work together and both get what you want even if it means doing it in a different way than originally thought, both parties will remain happy. That is win-win.


I think being competent is rarely talked about in business. If you are competent at the skills required to be successful in business then you are on the right lines to success. That includes the above points I have made as well as a few others.

It’s the same for a successful personal relationship. If you are competent in the skills needed, then you have the basis to be able to hold down a personal relationship.
Another word for this is ´mastery´ and I´m a big fan of focusing to achieve mastery in anything I put my mind to.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are similarities between business and personal relationships. Get these things sorted and your life and business will both run a lot smoother.

Speak soon,

David Black

Steve’s Note:  David’s gave a lot of quality information about how build lasting relationships throughout all your interactions… not just your personal life.  If you liked what you saw here, be sure to check out his Social Masters site.

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