Steve’s Saturday Selections: Social Media, Google Panda and Marketing

Lent is here.  For this Lenten season I am giving up whining about the Google Panda Update.  That being said… it is still on my mind.  So this week’s Steve’s Saturday Selections is all about 3 topics: Social Media, Marketing and the topic that I will not whine about.

Google Panda is a good thing.  All hail our new GoogleBot overlords!

I must not whine, I must not whine, I must not whine….

Get Ahead with Social Media

Social Media

Getting people to your social media accounts is part of the battle.  Connecting with a handful of those people in a meaningful way is another part.  Both of those are often talked about in the constant social media quantity vs. quality.  My gut feeling is that they are both important but what also needs to be considered is what Debbie discusses.  Numbers and quality are not the only things that matter but lead generation and conversion are just as important.

What’s in a button?  Actually quite a lot.  Most of us desire our articles to be shared to peoples social networks.  AT least we all should care about having our articles shared to social networks.  Social Media is becoming an ever increasing way to get your articles ranked and found.  Google search results seem to be putting an ever increasing importance on these social shares for ranking.  Therefore it is important that you do your part in getting people to share your articles on social networks.  There are only two things you can really do to encourage this.  The first is to write articles that are worth sharing and the second is to make the sharing vehicles very visible.  Fortunately Sheila has written a great article on the best of the social media buttons that will help to give your articles a presence on the social networks.  While you are thinking of social media why don’t you click a few buttons on this site….  You know, just for practice.

FaceBook Ads is one of the things that is high on my list of things to start doing.  I have been hearing nothing but good things about it.  Many people on FaceBook are “blind” to the ads but this becomes a good deal based on the fact that the prices are simply so low.  The CTR’s may be less than 1% but with a CPM of pennies even that can add up to significant numbers.  If you are clueless as to how FaceBook advertising works or if you just want some more information, check out Zac’s great article on getting FaceBook ads for (almost) free.

FaceBook is of course one of the monsters that dominate the realm of “social media”.  The only social media powerhouse that comes close is Twitter.  Understanding how to make money with ads is only part of the package.  At some point every online business should have a FaceBook landing page to fully take advantage of everything FaceBook has to offer.  I will freely admit I am no techie and this is the sort of thing I usually outsource, but Facebook has (again) changed the ways to setting up a good landing page.  Fortunately reading Pat’s post on setting up a FB Landing page makes it sound like this is something that even a technical idiot like myself could handle.

This final tip is one I thought was cool.  Many of you have cool pictures for your backgrounds on Twitter that are obscured by the left and right panels.  Well Hugh gives us a quick tip on how to make the right Twitter panel 100% transparent.  Is it necessary?  No.  Is it cool?  Well…yes!

Google Panda Update and SEO

Many people who write online content were affected by the Google Panda (Farmer) update.  People who write for content sites have seen their pageviews ad resulting “pay” drop.  But those who do it for backlinks and traffic using sites like Ezinearticles, Squidoo and Hubpages  have also been affected by loss of traffic, tighter restrictions and some business practice changes on all these sites.  For anyone desiring more information on the Google Panda update Kristi has produced an incredible list of just about every authoritative article written on the subject.

Once you have checked out a few of the great articles that Kristi has linked and have a fuller understanding of what the Google update entails perhaps you have an opinion of article marketing.  Some people are saying that article marketing is dead, but like a chicken with its head cut off the body is still spasmodically moving.  But these things can be hard say for sure.  Mavis gives us some very important tips.  She clues us in on how to beat these changes to traffic generation rules/

Brankica has an beginners SEO guide that lays out all of the important facets of SEO in a very clear manner.  If you have any doubts whatsoever of the difference between, “good” and “bad” SEO this is place to start looking.

MarketingAffiliate Marketing Tips

The Amazon Affiliates program is an absolutely wonderful way to make money (unless you live in Colorado).  Though I have not personally done “a lot” with Amazon Affiliates to date I have done enough to see that Chris gives some great tip in his list of 20 tips to making money on Amazon.

Patrick Swayze and Inbound Marketing what is not to like about that?  The only difference of opinion I have is that my “cool” Swayze is the coolest guy on the mountain (Red Dawn)or the coolest guy in the 50’s (The Outsiders).

As Alex points out in the first line of his article, affiliate marketing is not for everyone.  Some people are good at it; some people will never be good at it.  He lays out some of the basic things you will need to be one of the successful ones in his 4 things an Affiliate Marketer must do.

If you have followed my advice on this site you are happily (hopefully) building up a powerhouse email list and auto responder sequence.  There has only ever been one product I recommend using and that is Aweber.  If you are using Aweber I hope you will revisit this old article of mine on how to write emails the make you money.  If you are not yet using Aweber, I hope you will read Ana’s great article on why you should be using Aweber.

Does this final article fit into “marketing?”  Maybe not, but for anyone to try and become the worlds first, “Billionaire Blogger”  there is going to have to be one hellacious amount of marketing going on at some point.  Plus Tristan’s article is a lot of fun, so for that sake just consider it to fit in, “marketing.”

Take Action. Get Results.

20 thoughts on “Steve’s Saturday Selections: Social Media, Google Panda and Marketing”

  1. Ha! Love how you do these each week Steve. I also read Sheila’s article on buttons and thought it was spot-on….(only wish I had read it about 16 months ago 😉 ).

    Very much appreciate the mention. Yeah, Red Dawn was pretty cool by I’d put that a distant 4th place to Dirty Dancing, then Clay Sculpting with Demi Moore, and finally bashing beer bottles in ‘Road House’.

    Good times man 😉


  2. Great roundup Steve – I think I’ve opened more links in tabs from this post than ever before. Time to roll up the sleeves, and get to work tomorrow, it’s getting late here.

    Add IL to the list of idiot states enacting horrible anti-affiliate laws causing affiliates to drop like flies. I think I’m going to CYA by incorporating in another country. I heard Google does it – must work wonders for the taxes. Perhaps it’s time to take a serious look into it.

    • Yeah, I don’t do enough to make a series dent in my income if Amazon Locked the doors on NJ. But it would suck, and i can’t imagine how badly that would effect people who make a career out of it.

      Hopefully the tide stops at two states, but at some point Amazon WILL have to cave in say once it gets up to 1/3 of the states and a major chunk of their affiliates. But lets hope that never happens.

      Finding out a backup plan is a good idea. Never a good idea to leave a source of income to the hands of fate.

  3. Hi Steve:
    What a post, you have concluded all Internet activity in it. From social media to Google and then all blogging world.
    You have mentioned awesome posts here, posts and writers that have to offer to the community.
    Keep up the good work.

    Fran A

  4. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for mentioning my article. Perhaps I’m just a slow writer but it took me about 5 – 6 hours to create and edit lol.

    Those tips are all based on my experiences so I am near certain they’d work for others but as with everything I suggest it’s all about testing too that’s why I suggest people use dozens of tracking ID’s etc.

    As for the issues with where the programs are being shut down… there are ways around that. 😀


    • Chris,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting. It was a great article, worth taking the 6 hours to create and edit. I find that is the time it takes me for some of my “marquee” articles (not this one….but even this took a lot longer than an hour)

      I am all about metrics, so yes, tracking with multiple ID’s seems like a way to glean some incredibly valuable info. As for Amazon I assume incorporating in another sate, or even internationally would be a way around it, but Right now NJ is fine, I will be scambling to find the exact best “work aeround” if they ever change that (and with the financial worries…they may)

  5. Great Stuff Steve loving your Saturday selection and it seems like you have come back stronger from that aweful experience that we both had. I have feature your post in My sunday Round Up. Stay safe

    • lol, for SSS Panda didn’t affect me at all. For my money making niche (where I make my living) I had a TON of my traffic coming from hundreds of ezinearticles and I went from averaging 100 signups a day to 75-80, so I lost about 10% of the money I made. Not earth shattering, but not exactly fun either. It is what it is and with all the grumbling, I still think it can be iltimately for the good, just trying to make sure I am better insulated in the future now.

  6. Hi Steve,

    Greetings from Tokyo, Japan.
    Does that ring some bells? 🙂

    I need your advice and opinion to help me take an important decision. May I request you to respond to my latest post?

    Thank you in advance.


  7. Now don’t tell me off for getting this wrong, but I was listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast the other day and he talked about not being as effected in the page ranking changes as sites like Ezinearticles. The benefit of this site is that you also get paid for your content. Which could be a win:win for you Steve?

    Great articles, can I suggest that you have them set up to open in a new page? Just saying that you might not want people to leave your site…


    • LOL, I would never tell you off. Though I love PF I am a little skeptical about his endorsement of infobarrel now, though. He does have a horse in the race when people sign up under his id of course and his big numbers can be just as much from solid inbound links as how well IB does for articles in Google rankings.

      My brother writes for a lot of the article sites (IB, Bukisa, Triond, suite101, assc. content, helium etc.) while IB wasn’t listed as taking a hit, the internal traffic per articles wasn’t great there to begin with. He has about 25-30 articles there that I understand do less traffic than many of the other sites.

      Ezine may have taken a hit. It might still be LESS effective than it was, but, though I gripe I think they are taking steps to improve things.

      I think the BEST method is to use them all. I will still be ‘highlighting’ ezine for now, unless some firm data comes saying otherwise, but best bet may be to spread out the sources and never again rely too much on any one thing.

      …and anyway i am currently working on video more and restating an old blog I had in that niche for some backlinks. That way I can control it to an extent.

      IB and the other sites are a fine idea, just not convinced it is really “better”

      Thanks for bringin it up though…had actually been something I thought about/still thinking about

  8. I must admit to being confused after reading “Social Media is becoming an ever increasing way to get your articles ranked and found…Some people are saying that article marketing is dead, but like a chicken with its head cut off the body is still spasmodically moving.” Can you explain whether article marketing is ever-increasing or dead.

    • social media is ever increasing. That is still undoubtedly true. using it to get articles found will undoubtedly grow and continue to grow. As for article marketing itself, they picture is still a little murky to be honest. The effectiveness has undoubtedly decreased. Personally, I think it is still viable, particularly if you write quality articles. Some people say dead and they may have a point. I think with less people doing it, it makes it more viable, so not quite as dead as people think. But there is no doubt it is less effective than 3-4 years ago.

  9. Hey Steve,
    I just found your site today through an article that Ana wrote over at traffic generation cafe.
    Ever since the Panda update I have spent countless hours online doing research.
    I think overall the update and direction of google is good for the Internet. It simply means that cheap SEO tricks and easy links for rankings are a thing of the past.
    If we know that google looks at links as votes, then it certainly isn’t a stretch to see them using social media shares as votes.

    In all, it seems that if you focus on delivering good information, and optimizing that information correctly, you should get some google love.

    • Glad you found the site Damon!

      I really agree. Short term Panda hurt and changed things. Long term it is a understandable move and likely a pretty good ting in the long run.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Hope to see you here again.

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