Steve Scotts Saturday Selection- A Nice Spring Day

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Once again, here we are.  Mid-day on another Saturday.  Half the weekend is gone already.  I am not sure what it is like where you are at, but for the last few days in New Jersey;  Spring has arrived!

The sun is out and birds are chirping as I type this post. Beautiful Spring Day

I would never encourage anyone to NOT read my post.

But once you are done reading, if the weather where you are at is nice, it may be time put away the computer and go outside and enjoy the weather.

Ummm.  Yeah.  Outside… Errrr..  it’s this thing that is “away from the computer.” 

I know.  I know.  It may have been a while.

Let’s not dawdle, let’s get done with the list and get you out to the sunshine.

-Or moonlight.-

Or perhaps jealousy of the nice weather -all depending on when and where you read this.

Spring Day Grab Bag of Goodies

Wouldn’t it be great to have an unending supply of ideas?  A pool of creativity you could dip your hands into and come out with pure gems of inspiration for your blog.  Well there is, it is called reading and research and we start this weekend’s roundup with a great post by Paul on how to never run out of things to blog about.

Are you having troubles getting an internet marketing campaign off the ground?  There may be reasons for that as Steven points out in this article on why, your Affiliate marketing Campaign Stinks.

As you may know I am a big fan of outsourcing.  A great place for to get a jump start on some small projects is Fiverr.  I have been interested in fiver for a bit, as you can see from this Fiverr Video on 19 ways to grow your business  with fiverr and this short Fiverr article.  Well Moon shares with us some of her great personal Fiverr experiences in her own great review of Fiverr outsourcing.

Blogging is a pain in the butt.  It can take a very long time to see results even after putting in what seems to be a metric ton of effort.   It is no wonder people get discouraged and quit.  No, I am not again claiming, “I Quit”, but I do understand why people get discouraged.  Bryan tackles that issue head on with this article about things that should be considered before you quit blogging.

Hopefully many of you are using Market Samurai.  For any affiliate marketers it is a nearly essential tool.  This is not a MS sales pitch, but if you haven’t checked it out here is a link. To get back on point, Market Samurai is undergoing a change in the way they get backlink data that all users should be aware of.

Article Marketing is dead, long live…Article Marketing?

Mark Twain once famously said, “The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated”. I have long been a fan of article marketing.  Historically it can be a great way to drive traffic.  With the Panda update, creating original and quality content for your article marketing efforts seems to be something important.  Is a program like Unique Article Wizard still something that is even viable?

The people AT UAW say Yes, emphatically. But on the other hand it seems that a simply reshuffled content would seem to produce some duplicate content which could cause a lot more damage than help.  And of course the good people at UAW have a horse in the race. So what is the right answer?

On the other hand you could check out this UAW to BMR review and see a slightly different point of view. While you are at it you can take a gander at my Build My Rank Review and hopefully it will show you how you can really rank your articles and posts.  Nuff’ said about that.

Fortunately Don Alex Quixote comes in on his sway-backed mule to tilt at the windmills of UAW, along with his trusty companion Robert Sancho Panza. Alex is conducting a 30 day article marketing challenge where he shall get a real answer to the question of the viability for article marketing (and only article marketing) using UAW and the final results on site traffic.  Robert has accepted the challenging non-challenge challenge in a challenging manner.

Whew that hurt to get out.-

Time For a Snack Break

Ok, this one is an older article by Peggy, but I just read it.  I have never had never had an article on Internet Marketing actually make me hungry before, but the Internet Marketers Recipe got me thinking of rich, gooey and delicious Internet Marketing.  MMMMM  Yummy!

It is always tastes better to have some Milk with your gooey and Delicious Internet Marketing.  Brankica, provides it for us with 50 traffic resources to “Milk” like crazy.  All kidding aside,  she provides some killer resources that you absolutely must be using to get traffic to your blog.

Allright, I know…the “milk” reference was a stretch.  But work with me here.

Don’t Quit your Day Job!  …Or wait….Is that DO Quit your Day Job?

Murray recently shocked the world with his announcement that he has quit his job and is going to be giving online work his full time attention.

Well, ”shock” might be a strong word.  Maybe WAY to strong, since most of his readers knew it was coming…  sometime.  I guess “announced” would be a better way to put it. Anyway, Murray had a very interesting post where he laid out his plans and what he will be doing.

Brandon tells a great story of his first and last day at a job that is more in line with my personal work experience.   The type of experience that makes you desire to curl into a ball on the ground and cry, “it is all so pointless

Dead end jobs, gotta love em’  (or leave em’)

Well that is it for this week! Throw some comments below before you run out the door  -and there is always time for some RT or bookmark love, right?  But get out and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Get out and enjoy this nice spring day, or at least check out some spring pictures if the weather is less than hospitable where you are at.

Finally, I’ve recently updated a page which talks about starting a new life.  I feel that “spring time” presents the perfect opportunity to getting more out of life.  So check out this page and learn a few ways you can start over.

Take Action. Get Results.

27 thoughts on “Steve Scotts Saturday Selection- A Nice Spring Day”

  1. Man Steve I don’t know how you have time to actually work on your product, sites, blog, and read a ton. I imagine that you sleep as little as I – though who need sleep. What a maroon.

    The article marketing non-challenge has begun! Alex is ahead of me in submitting articles but with two very different styles of sites, combined with the fact that I have no real strategy for the articles (my first time using UAW – I’m in virgin territory) but do for my site, it should be interesting. Rose has joined our circus and is using a different article spinning service.

    So long story short we’re going to see about this thing and kick a Panda right in the ass, or get smacked down in the process. Luckily I have a few sites 🙂

    Now to bed.

    • Cool! I definitely want to see the results on this. As well as a 60 day “follow on” after it is all done, in case google just takes some time to realize it is dup content and head-drop a site. Someone with “Blogging Blueprint” program should join too.

      (that is one I have been debating trying since it is 50-100 word articles to semi aged domains that you just whip off… It may end up ‘poor’ content but never ever be “duplicate”

      I would get the program and join the fray, but like you pointed out…I am pretty swamped ATM.

      It sounds like an awesome challenge you all got going and I am really looking for metrics and results from you all! Nothing like having tested info that you do not have to work for! 😉

  2. Hey Steve

    Thanks for mentioning my post on Blogging Bookshelf. I’m honoured to be mentioned for a second saturday in a row! Like Robert I wonder how you get around and read so much and write killer posts like your recent Affiliate Marketing Post. (I read it, loved it, would have commented on it except I don’t know anything about affiliate marketing – not a model I’ve used).

    Anyway, thanks again. And have a great weekend.


    • Glad to have your post again. Obviously I like your writing! 🙂 . I am able to get around a bit… but I also know I miss so many good ones every week.

      I hope you have a great weekend too Paul. Now it is time for me to take my own advice and go out side and take a little break and enjoy the weather.

  3. Hey Steve, thanks so much for mentioning my post about 50 traffic sources. I really appreciate it, especially that it is a contest post and it had some great feedback.

    I read most of these posts, except that one by Moon about Fiverr so I am going to read it straight away. I know if I bookmark it to return to it, I might forget, lol.

    Anyway, thanks again and hope you have a great next week!

    • Brankica,

      Glad I linked a good one then, since it is part of a contest. Where did you make sure that is a good one since as part of the contest. It can all get so confusing! 😉 anyway, it was a great article and I was glad to link it!

      have a wonderful week.

  4. Hey Scott!

    I’ve caught your attention 🙂 Yep, been using Fiverr a lot and then caught Brandon’s post on PB about “leveraging” & now your video! It’s a Fiverr week 😉

    Thanks for the mention Scott & keep kicking butt!

    • Moon… You always have my attention! 🙂

      Fiverr certainly is a cool tool to quite fun to play with. At one point I that she debated making a fiverr “niche” site. perhaps was specifically great deals for Internet marketers outsourcers that I would actually rate and “vet”. I just couldn’t quite figure out a way to really monetize it, except perhaps a little AdSense and that wasn’t worth my time.

      A waste a lot of fun and has some real quality stuff along with some of the more, “amusing” things to get

  5. Hi Steve,

    Loving the list of resources here, all look great. Thanks for sharing.

    And yes, I can attest it has felt like Spring the past few days. Between the weather and the NCAA tourney I’ve had to show some serious discipline to get my work done, but always thinking Big Picture.

    Have a powerful day!


    • The nice weather sure can be a little bit of the distractor, eh! I was actually said and to hear that they might expect up to 2 inches of snow north of the city this week. It is doubtful of the cold snow down here but it still might mean that it will get significantly cooler and by by beautiful weather.

      Of course sometimes weathermen don’t know what the heck they’re talking about. I hope that is the case.

  6. Scott,
    Thanks for the mention. 😉

    Like others above…I’ve wondered how you pump out this much content and still move forward with biz. You must never travel. 😉 ummmm…yeah.

    Take it easy and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day…


  7. You are right that Blogging is a pain in the butt, blogging take long time. But, I really enjoy on blogging. However, I also want to try others way to make money online.

    • Yes it is fun…a him him there IS a way to monetize it in the end. It is just not the get rich quick thing many people think of is. If you approach it is just fun… It will certainly live up to all your expectations. 🙂

  8. Steve, you always bring the goodies neatly packaged into a story – almost to the point that I forget there are links there haha. Lots to digest today; it really was quite nice outside – nice breeze, nice sun, stray cats running around. Thanks for the shout out man! I don’t know how you do it – you’ve got so much going on yet you always have time to get things rolling out on the blog even when everyone else is …. outside 😛

  9. Steve!

    Got your attention 😀 Hmm, the article marketing issue going on is a subject of much hot debate I think. Noticed that Alex came about with the 30 day article marketing challenge, which is definitely quite an interesting to follow. Time to check out the rest of the posts too.

    • Bryan,

      I agree. I think the more people should be really interested in the results of this. But perhaps even join the challenge themselves, to get a better set of results. Article marketing is been such a powerhouse for such a long time. I know it is still at least to some extent a cornerstone of my strategies, so therefore it will be good to know what methods are and are not still viable.

  10. Very entertaining and informative post, Steve. 🙂

    Definitely watching the UAW and article marketing issues that are unfolding. Lots to be learned from Alex and Robert on this as it will determine the true path forward.

    Glad to see you have tapped into some of this great weather in the region. After the Winter we had, it’s more than a welcome experience.

    • The nice weather sure is welcome! That may be part of the reason it excited me. It was a nasty winter. The article marketing info shall be some very interesting and informative data.

  11. Hi Scott,
    By far I think the greatest thing on here is Murray leaving his day job to pursue his passion online full-time. How very cool. Thanks for the resources here!


    • I agree! Murray has been working toward this for a while. I do not think of this as a “flight of fancy”. He has built his base and makes a nice return off of part time work (where he creates an amazing volume) It will almost be scary to see what he does when he is truly full time.

  12. Great list here, Steve, and thanks for including Paul’s guest post on Blogging Bookshelf. I really enjoyed that post and I’m glad you did, too.

    Thanks for pointing me to Murray’s announcement. I missed that somehow!?

    Steve. You’re rocking it, man. Coming to your blog always feels good because I know that whatever I read isn’t going to be a waste of my time. You’ve always got something interesting and awesome. Keep it up.

  13. Hey Steve,
    I feel honored to be mentioned here! Thanks! I do like how you tied in the milk. 😉

    I’ve read quite a few of these mentioned and I’ll be following Robert and Alex closely. I was not expecting the Murray shocker. He could have dropped some hints, or less subtle hints.

    Have a great week. 🙂

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