Steve’s Sunday Selection August 29, 2010

Once again it is another Sunday.  End of the month too.  September:  time for the kiddies to go back to school and just about the end of the idyllic days of summer.   It has been a pain in butt week; having to deal with a computer virus on top of everything else.  Anyhow,that is all last week.  It is now time to look forward to the week to come and review the good things to learn from last week.

Let’s start with an important call to action.  Ben lets us know about some powerful ways to make a difference in people’s lives for no money.  If only everyone followed his words of advice the world would be a better place.

Raul a really interesting article about one of man’s truly sacred places:  the toilet.  This is of course one of the great places that man can make momentous decisions, so Dia gives us a logical way to come to the “right” decision.

I have always been very fond of list building.  Whatever success I have had I feel a huge percentage of that success comes from list building.  Josh gives us some good ideas about some great ways to increase a list’s power and effectiveness.

From lists we go to links.  Ana gives some great idea’s on some ways to get strong .edu and .gov links as part of a link building strategy.

Speaking of link building one of my favorite ways to link build is through articles.  Article marketing can be a force by itself to drive potential customers to your site too.  Lesley teaches us the importance of major common mistakes in article writing and how to avoid them.  Sometimes the little things can make all the difference in getting an article published and doing well.

Finally we come to an article on video games (sort of).  I don’t play video games at all.  Not because I think I wouldn’t like them, but because I know how much I WOULD like them.  There is a reason why they are so damn addictive.  But what if you could make your blog that addictive?  Well according to the Blog Tyrant, you can.

For those of you going back to school soon, good luck to you all.  For the rest of you all I hope you enjoyed your Summer and I hope you continue to enjoy the coming Fall.

Take Action. Get Results.

15 thoughts on “Steve’s Sunday Selection August 29, 2010”

  1. Hi Steve,

    In regards to link building, I believe it is a great way for marketing. Also, thanks for sharing my article Steve 🙂

  2. Much love for sharing those link building tips – been in the sporting mood to get more active toward that area especially since I’m going to be working heavily with a friends ecommerce site in the near future 🙂

    • An apt artful alliteration almost always allows aggravating adverbs an aesthetic avoidance.

      (ok, that was a bit of a stretch…I will keep my alliteration simpler in the future :))

      • Is it alliteration when you use a vowel? I’m not sure – or perhaps I should I say I’m not nearly knowledgeable enough? I get confused somewhere between consonance, assonance and my own straightforward ignorance, but the trouble is we are that sort of household (sad I know) – can you please continue to be apt and artful while you arbitrate the argument?

        • Not 100% certain myself, it has been well over 15 years since my last English class and I was never any sort of English prodigy. The little bit of knowledge I have is really from a love of READING. If I remember correctly alliteration is always repetition at the beginning of words (or apparent beginning if stressed that way by the poetic meter). Where consonance was always the repetition of consonants (obviously) assonance was any repeating vowels within the words.

          Of course I could easily be majorly confused. It has been a while.

  3. You know Steve, there’s some great links here. Really appreicate the shout out for Ben writing on BRT this week. I’lll let him know about the ‘blogger luv’.

    Have a great week!

  4. Wonderful way of spreading the love and at the sae time bringing interesting articles to our attention thanks for the heads up it was a wonderful read.

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