Steve’s Sunday Selection Sept. 5, 2010

Here we are once again, time for this week’s Steve Sunday Selections. This week there is a definite theme. I have been thinking a lot on ways to improve my blog. When collecting my list I noticed a preponderance of articles on the subject of blogging. Rather than fight the inevitable I succumbed to it; this week’s selections are all about blogging in one way or another. (Some of them only loosely related, though.)

Sometimes it is the small things I like. John Paul wrote an article simply chock full of great hints on driving traffic to your site. Lots of great ideas but one of the simplest ones I hadn’t really thought of. I will leave it up to you to read the article and see if you can guess which one. Oh, I didn’t mention there was a test at the end?

The Glamorous Annabel wrote a great article this week about the 16 rules of blog writing. There are some really good ones in there. A great read.

This week James had an article about the death and rebirth of reading. One particular line in his article that struck me was a quote from Paul Carr, “By constantly micro-broadcasting everything, we’ve ended up macro-remembering almost nothing.” Good Stuff.

After my rant about the Bad Guest Blogger; and a great guest post about treating Time like Currency by an example of a Good Guest Blogger. I would like to finally lay the Guest Blogging thing to rest with an article by Andrew about what to look for in blogs you want to comment and try to guest post on.

I almost cannot go a week without mentioning an article by Ana. She posts frequently and they are frequently really good. Get your bookmarking finger ready for this one because this is an article you will want to save and check again (and again). She created an absolute killer list of codes you can use on Google to do some quality link building.

Onibalusi is a young guy who shows a ton of experience and wisdom despite his young years. I can tell that without a doubt I had nowhere near the wisdom, knowledge or sheer writing talent when I was 16. Here is an article by Oni about the blogging lessonshe has learned.

Sometimes it gets hard to motivate yourself to get that next post done. Thu talks about ways to Motivate yourself. I might be too “cool” to do a happy dance (at least when you are all looking) but we all get tired and frustrated at times. These little ways Thu gives us to motivate ourselves when we are close to giving up can be priceless.

Find Time and Afford World Travel. I found this great guest post by some cat named Steve, what a wise man this Steve is… To further the discussion on living a traveling lifestyle the wonderful Jennifer discusses about how to live alternative lifestyles of travel in our increasingly mobile age. Guess what, being a successful blogger is one way to lead to this great lifestyle.

If you have never read an article by Mars, you are in for a treat. He is leading a Digital Crusade against the wild conformist hordes. He is an expert on branding and his graphic images are always simply stunning. If you have read my site for a while you will know that finding niches is a topic I love. I even wrote a free finding niches eBook. Well Mars ramped the topic up a little bit by having a great post on how you can dominate an overcrowded niche.

Last, but certainly not least, Wayne did post this week that I personally found immensely helpful on how he achieved blogging success (in 30 days). Now I have work to do! I have to join Bloggerluv and Blog Engage. They are on my “to do” list! As are some of his tips to better utilize Twitter (which I have been trying to do for a few days now, maybe you have seen me). Of course my Procrastination Post tells me not to put it off but sometimes I tell that post to piss off.

You all have been very good on this Sunday. In honor of Labor Day weekend and the impending start of school I will let you go without that test I promised. Have a great time for the remainder of your Labor Day weekend.

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23 thoughts on “Steve’s Sunday Selection Sept. 5, 2010”

  1. Hi Steve,

    This is a great post! Not only did you interlinked the articles together and have them compliment one another, they read pretty much like a post as well. 🙂 Thanks for the mention! 😉 I’m having a great Sunday already.


  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks once again for sharing the comprehensive list of helpful posts.

    I will digest them – along with a few hot dogs and hamburgers, no doubt – over the holiday weekend.

    Ryan Biddulph

  3. I’m certainly glad that I came across your blog, because these are some great reads that you have provided. I’m honoured to have been included amongst them.

    I look forward to next Sunday’s edition, plus the regular links through the week.

  4. Any blog post that can get the word preponderance in the first paragraph is a great post. Aside from that there are plenty of good links, but my favorite has got to be rules of blog writing. It seems I have some things I need to improve on my own blog.

    • There are always ways to learn to improve your blog. I find some everyday it seems. I have a list now of about 10 different things I want to improve. Most of them are “non-critical” so I am putting them off until November (when I get back to the US).

      I expect that number will have grown significantly by then too..

  5. Steve, I find these round ups really useful. Not only do they point me in the direction of stuff that I’ve typically not read, but I learn stuff which will grow my business.

    thanks for sharing my friend.

  6. Great selection Steve.

    I really like that you added your own stuff in their too (think I will take a leaf out of that book, already stole your alliteration 🙂 )

    Been too long between visits – good to see you are really killing it man!


    PS: need an invite to blogengage?
    You definitely need to have a presence there. (I get at least 200 visits a month through that site!)

    • Since I put a fair bit of links in it only seems fair to throw my own in if the topic seems to fit. I realy don’t want to make it a “look at what I wrote this week” bit I don’t expect everyone drops by every single day to read either. (of course that is the ultimate wish)

      Yes, I was thinking of trying to sign up for those tonight. (it is 6pm here now) I haven’t done any research beyond bookmarking them, I didn’t know it was an “invite” thing. I surely would like one when you get the chance.

      my email is:

      thanks Alex

  7. Thanks for the shout out, Steve! Now I’m blushing over here with your “wonderful” comment.

    Thanks for the links on what to read. There is so much information out there it can get overwhelming, so it’s nice to have someone else filter it for you. I’ve read a few of them, now it’s time to open tabs to catch up on the rest.

  8. Thanks for all the fantastic resources Steve – Labor Day weekend was excellent but so much time away has me playing catchup 😛 – got some reading to do now!

  9. Hi Steve, thanks so much for mentioning my blog post and calling me Glamorous. Just lovely. Looks like you have a fabulous blog here and a wonderful bunch of readers too so I’m very happy to have met you all out here in the blogsophere:) I’ve tweeted, FBed and Stumbled this, hope it helps. Keep up the great work and many thanks again for recommending my post to your readers. I hope it helps everyone.

    • Thanks for the social networking love! It is always appreciated. I am glad to have linked your site, I always enjoy reading it. Have a great day and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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