Steve’s Sunday Selection September 12, 2010

Once again we are back to another Sunday.  Labor Day has come and gone and school here in the United States is back in session.  I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  And I hope everyone has a week filled with happiness and joy for this coming week.

Speaking of happiness and joy; that is a good way to start off this post.  Dia had a great post this week about ways to be happy.  Along with being happy it is important to nourish your soul, your spirit or whatever you want to call the inner part of you that represents the finer things in life.  Belinda gives us a great article about how to nourish that starving soul.

Speaking of soul I have always been fascinated by the way artists, particularly sculptors free an image “that was there already”.  El gives us a fascinating story of Michelangelo and tells us ways we can use this to fulfill our dreams.

To go further into the theme of old artistry, Farnoosh talks about an old book.  Written 166 years ago it is still one of my favorite works of fiction.  It has everything you could ask for.  Love, betrayal, revenge, pirates, swords fights, prison escapes, transformation and ultimately character growth; yes, the Count of Monte Cristo is THAT good.

Speaking of books, Matthew starts talking about one, “Thriving on Chaos,” by Tom Peters in his great article.  He starts there, but moves onto the important topic of getting and work worth paying for.

As a final mention on reading (yes lots of reading assignments this week) Tyler has a site dedicated to risk taking.  Taking chances, struggling and overcoming obstacles are some things that I am very fond of.  It is not surprising that Tyler is also a fan of one of my favorite websites and has done a short book review of  Chris Guillebeau’s new book .   Since I haven’t had time to read his book yet myself, I thought I would include it.  While on the subject of Chris you should pop over to his site and read what he has to say about the need to protect and nurture things that you care about.

Changing the subject to work, James gives us some insight on how to get some inexpensive work done.  It can be used to make money in for low paying but hopefully quick jobs.  Fiverr is a site where people can post jobs they are willing to do for 5 dollars.  In lieu of more explanation, go visit James to find out more.

Ralph gives us a cantankerous rant about all the bad points of email (we all hate spam don’t we).   As if to answer this issue James gives us some ways to organize email.  Organization means efficiency and I LOVE efficiency.

Joshua gives us a lesson on the ways to recover when plans go awry.  Rather than try to fumble around with something good to say I will just give you a line from his article that particularly struck me.  “Success comes to those who are able to make the necessary adjustments, and still see the goal.”

Jered turns our topic to the study of leadership.  He gives us a great list of the quality traits leaders should possess.  For success they are all traits we should ALL possess, but they are particularly important in leaders.  This is really a good, “print out and post” list.

Now we move onto our final topic of blogging.  I found the next article to be extremely important to bloggers.  I attempted to spread the word via Twitter and Facebook as soon as I saw this.  Hopefully, anyone effected got the message from me or one of the other sites that, “spread the word”.  In a nutshell, if you have been commenting on commentluv sites and you use feedburner in its default setup, you have been getting some of your “link juice” stolen.

By the by, see the two links above too Twitter and Facebook.  That is what I like to call a SUBTLE HINT.  If I do not have you as a friend/follower I would like too, please add me.  Well, so much for subtlety, it is overrated anyhow.

While we are still close to the subject of link building Mike gives us a list of “black hat” link building techniques that we should avoid, and the reasons why we should avoid them.

The personal tidbits are often what make a blog interesting.  Let’s face it ,the information is great, but most of it you could likely find everything elsewhere if you looked hard enough.  A reason to keep reading is often because the blogger consistently posts on topics that interest you AND simply because you like them (from their writings).  Thus it can be very interesting then when a writer peels back the curtain a little bit and lets you see behind the scenes.  There were two of these revealing blogs this week Karen got personal and let us know things that we did not know about her.  Murray gave us a view of the things all his different aspirations and things he has going on.

Evelyn reminds us an important fact of life:  Numbers don’t matter, people do.  While Ryan give us information on how we can hit a homerun with the next blog post.

Perhaps you heard of the 100 comment challenge that just ended up.  Jacinta had a brilliant idea to network and get people to comment on each other’s blog post until each posts comments reached 100.  Replies didn’t count.  It was a great idea, and like any great idea there were some who did a wonderful job and others who did not so wonderful jobs.  Alex, a simply wonderful writer, took a stab at some of the people who didn’t approach the challenge with real zeal.  Some of the challenge participants took some offense to his words and a great war seemed to erupt in HIS comment section (oh sweet irony).   Anyway, break out the popcorn for reading the comments, as great as the post is, the drama going down in the comments is wonderful.  As a counterpoint to the drama, Thu wrote some articles about many of the great posts that came out of the 100 post challenge.  There were indeed many very good ones!

Summer is over now.  It is time to stop going to the beach and buckle down and work again.  Hopefully you have all enjoyed your weekend and can hit your work or school week with renewed vim and vigor.

Take Action. Get Results.

32 thoughts on “Steve’s Sunday Selection September 12, 2010”

  1. Fantastic selection Steve, you’re always so busy with work and life that it’s amazing to see how you find the time to choose so many great posts – tabbing a ton of them now, get to find a lot of new and wonderful people 🙂

    Hope your Sunday is good!

  2. I’m really beginning to like these Sunday Selections Scott as not because I’ve been featured;) but because I get to catch up on the blog hopping I’ve missed. For that, I’m going to have to put these on my permanent blog roll. Now to catch up with the archives! Thanks so much for the great work you’ve done but also in educating us with something new each week with great thoughts from bloggers to follow.


  3. Thanks for the mention, Steve.

    I think Alex’s 100 comment challenge post is worth checking out, and I thank you for including it in the list..

    It’s interesting to note that some people were deeply offended by Alex’s criticisms and calling them “dumb bloggers” or “idiot participants.”

    Others agreed with him, and found his analysis of the challenge wildly entertaining.

    Whatever the case may be, the article is an interesting case study in criticism, for sure.

    • Yeah I liked Alex’s article, as I like most of the article. My thought was there was no reason for anyone to be offended unless they felt bad about their own submisson. He said pretty plainly that many were good and the idea was great. I guess it really is a lesson on how powerful people reacted when the words “dumb” and “idiot” are throw in their general direction.

      Even though most of the people that got angered seemed to have great articles.

  4. Hi Steve,

    It is always nice to see you gather many informative articles from everybody. Also, thanks for your articles as they really help us grow our blogs and businesses.

  5. Hey Steve, thanks for the mention here much appreciated! How can you write so much awesome stuff into one post!

    I have a review of Fiverr tomorrow, concidence to see you mention it.

    Great work, have a great week.

    • Matthew, too funny.
      I hope it didn’t ‘steal your thunder’ by the fiverr mention for Jameses site.

      I actually didn’t realize I had quite so much until after I posted it. I am for 10ish links and think I had 20 this week. It must have been a better week for reading than I thought!

  6. Hi Steve,

    Some great resources you have, love these posts, that share such amazing content from other places. Going to read them all right now.

    Anyways nice to connect with you Steve. I’m Ben from EpicLaunch 🙂

  7. Hi Steve
    your Sunday post is special and proves that you are an avid reader. I liked your post and the fact it provides so much choices for those who want to enjoy reading great writers.

    Also, I see the blog hoppers that comment on your site are always blog hopping and therefore, know a good blog when they see it. Yours is one of those blogs that everyone likes because of its consistency expression and choice of topic

    Keep up the good work.

    Make it a great writing week for yourself

    Fran Aslam

    • Fran,

      Thanks, I appreciate your kind words. I am glad that people really do seem to be taking to the Sunday Selections. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful and motivational comment.

  8. Scott, What a nice surprise! Thank you so much for mentioning Alexander Dumas and the Count of Monte Cristo. If I have been able to bring a masterpiece to the surface, then all the better – I think the message is all I wanted to get out and that is the LOVE of true literature and true genius – and how much we can learn about life and self-improvement simply by reading a classic…..And of course I enjoyed learning about all the other links and great posts out there, thanks to your fabulous summary!!

  9. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for including me in your Sunday Selection!

    You write about the your selections in such a way that will make the reader to run over and check out your selections. I love it! 😉

    I’ll be checking out these sites.

    Thanks for sharing,


  10. Hey Steve!

    Hahahah, Yes the post was quite the show wasn’t it!
    I received over 500 pageviews on that FYI…
    Just reading your comments in relation to it, and I think you hit it on the head with your explanation. The only people that should have taken the post as a lesson were the only ones to get all fired up about it LOL.
    The funnies thing about the entire escapade is that I only used the word ‘dumb blogger’ because I did my keyword research and it was the most searched term relating to, well a dumb blogger 🙂 THAT was the most riotous thing for me.

    Thanks for the mention, and for providing a great array of posts for me to check out, now that the Jerry Springer blog has started to die down anyway.


    • I actually may have to remember it as a tactic. Calling people dumb in an indirect manner gives all sorts of traffic. I had allready decided that the occasional, “controversial” post was a great idea (as long as it doesn’t go as far as to alienate)

      I will just have to remember to take on a few “dumb”s and I will be guaranteed some rocking traffic.

  11. Having spent yesterday devouring Chris Guillebeau’s two manifestos, it’s funny he should then show up here in this selection. Where have I been all this time?! I really enjoyed Alex’s post too. It did make me chuckle to see all the fury.

    Thanks for including Michelangelo in your line up. His story always makes me smile so it was lovely to see it includes here.

    I hope you are enjoying Eastern Europe. Have a great week,

    • El,

      Chris is really great. Something of a personal hero with his successes, his travel and the way he still really seems to remain a down to earth and nice guy.

      I also love that story and really enjoyed your post!

  12. Two surprises for me in one day:
    1) I checked in on my blog to discover a comment from Matthew Needham on my Fiverr post, and I thought, “Strange. How did one of my favourite authors come across this post?”
    and then,
    2) I see that you included the Fiverr post here.

    Certainly wasn’t expecting that post to get passed around, but thank you for including me again. Fiverr is quickly becoming a great service for me in a lot of ways.

    • Haha,

      Glad you enjoyed the “surprise”. I have only minimally played with it but it seems to be a pretty interesting service. Glad you are also trucking along on those 70 articles, not too shabby at 5$ per if you can get em’ done fast.

      • I have a form to quickly fill in, so each review takes me about 20 minutes to do, and I do them while my daughter naps or a break between shows, etc. I figure if I can’t earn passive income through a info product or advertising, might as well earn something during my breaks at home.

  13. Hi Steve,

    I really like reading SSS and Matt’s WW. I don’t comment a lot (and write) these days but I make it a point that I read them every Wednesday and Sunday or the day after. I don’t have much time but I’ve read a couple on today’s post.

    By the way, thanks for including James’ post. Luckily, I caught your backtrack in the spam folder.

    Have a good one.

  14. You’ve put together some awesome posts here – my favorite and the one i found most useful is how feedburner steals the links of comment luv. Was a great help, and so has your article been 😀
    Thanks again!

  15. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for sharing the awesome list of resources. This might take a while to digest 😉

    Also thanks for including my homerun post.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Ryan Biddulph

  16. Gee Scott, I think you found the secret to getting more comments 🙂 Just kidding.

    Thanks for the mention and I’m glad that you enjoyed reading a little more personal tidbits about me. There’s a ton of articles here that I’ve already read, but even more that I hadn’t had a chance to check out yet, so thanks for picking out the best 🙂

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