Steve’s Sunday Selections for February 7th 2010

Today I’m starting a new section called “Steve’s Sunday Selections.” In this weekly column, I’ll be listing some of the better links and resources I’ve found during the week. Specifically I’m going to include content which focuses on personal growth and lifestyle design.

Anyway, here are just a few great links you should check out…

Over at Alex Shalman’s site he went through a 30 day trial for perfect class attendance. It was cool to see a post like this because the 30 day experiment is something that I’m personally using in my life. I highly recommend developing a new habit each month. It’s really helped me.

Steve Pavlina has created another great post. Here he talks about how people give their power away. This is an important lesson to learn because there are a lot of people who spend their time worrying about the desires of others instead of what they want.

Facing your fears is important if you want to improve your life. At this personal development blog, you’ll find an excellent article about the right way to face your fears.

Love this article about how to get celebrities to “Tweet” about you. I’m trying to get the hang of Twitter right now, and I’m kind of amazed at what I’ve seen so far.

I just discovered Chris Guillebeau’s site. In the next few weeks I’ll have to go through all his stuff…definitely some great content there. Anyway, here’s a recent post about his future travels for the early part of 2010. I’m currentlyplanning for my 3 month exodus to Europe in May. So I grabbed a few good pointers from this post.

Finally, I like this article about the success mindset. I’ve learned over the last couple of years that to achieve anything in life, you must have the belief that you can actually do it. This article discusses how certain things hold you back from success and what to do about them.

Well…that’s it for this Sunday. Next week, I’ll have some more links from around the Internet.

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  1. Here I check out your site for the first time (from Heather) and you give me homework. I am going to look for a less challenging post to get started.

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