Steves Sunday Selection 10 Oct 2010

Time for our weekly roundup of Steve’s Sunday Selections! Today we have a specific selection of posts. Let’s get started…

Happy Sunday morning to you all!  I have no Pirates, Ninja’s, or Vampires for you this week.  It is time to leave behind the fantasy….  Yes, yes  I know Vampires are real…  As I was saying, it is time to leave the fantasy behind and get back to just talking about real things.

I know, Booorrrrrrriiiiiinnnnngggggg.  When it comes to “real” things one thing I have always liked to read during my week are ways to improve my writing skills.  I know I have a ways to go and I like to read things that can improve my skills.  This week’s post may be shorter than some.  Though I read about 10-15 articles telling you why guest posting is a good idea (I know I have done it myself) it was actually a little bit hard finding articles geared toward specifically improving skills.  Time for some links…

Lifestyle Design Barbarian
Conan The Grammarian

Headlines and Openers and Prompts : Oh my!

They say always start at the beginning.  Where does writing begin but with the headline?  If you can grab the reader with a great headline and opener you may be able to keep them engaged.  That is pretty tough since most people “scan” these days.

More than just a “reasons why you need effective headlines article” Adam breaks down some ways to make a good headline.  Not only does he define what a good headline consists of but he gives a lot of ideas about ways to go about making them.

After a headline piques interest, people will read the opening paragraph.  Do it right and you set the hook and they are yours.  But do it wrong and they are gone faster than Lindsay Lohan gets out of prison.  Mavis gives us an awesome article on ways to open your article.

Ever sat staring at a computer screen wanting to write but not knowing how to go about it?  The more you try to think about it, the worse it gets.  Thu gives us some openers and prompts to overcome writers block and get the words flowing.

Blog Brilliantly, Blog Better

Many of my readers have blogs of their own.  I know I certainly like to learn ways to improve my blog.  A couple of posts on ways to improve blog writing and get blog ideas were quite excellent.  First up is Anabel, she lets us on the secret of brilliant blog writing.

Next up is Murray with a guide on creativity.  Not only does he discuss ways to get ideas on how to create captivating ideas, he lets us know how to do it in as easy a manner possible by creating a Lazy Man’s Guide.

Let’s get Tech- Ni- Cal, Tech- Ni- Cal, I wanna get Tech- Ni- Cal…

Big shout out to those that remember the 80’s song I was referencing in that sub-header…

Michael wrote great post about some of the technical aspects of writing.  Specifically the article is about the proper use of pronouns (Me, Myself, I).  I am far from being a grammar, spelling and punctuation Nazi, I know I make mistakes all the time, but there should at least be an attempt to keep them to a minimum.

Johnny gives us an article about ways to improve writing and marketing by telling a story that sells.  While Barry teaches us ways to write hype; the good type of hype though, not the bad.

Finally we come to the last link on our Sunday adventure into writing.  I would like to leave you with a lovely poem Lesley wrote about proof reading.  Let me admit something horrible.  I am normally not that into poetry.  I like some Kipling and maybe Robert Frost.  A few classic poems are really good but often poems give me a headache and leave me confused.  I guess I am a simple guy and not really that deep.  However, I really liked this poem that Lesley did, so check it out.

Well that’s it for this week! I definitely recommend you check all these articles and support these sites through Tweets, blog comments, and submitting to sites like Digg. They work hard to provide content…so show them some love!

Take Action. Get Results.

12 thoughts on “Steves Sunday Selection 10 Oct 2010”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for sharing the comprehensive list of blogging tips. Michael’s piece was an eye opener for me as I can use improvement in the grammar department myself.

    Major props for the Conan picture; even though removed from my bodybuilding days Ahhnold remains one of my idols.

    Thank again and have a fun Sunday 🙂


  2. Hey Steve

    Another awesome (I can’t escape alliteration, can I?) round up. These are brilliant pieces you have shared here.

    Thanks for including my post. I’m humbled and honoured to be amongst these quality pens.

    Talk soon


    • Alliterations always allowed. I am glad you liked the roundup and thank you for writing an article that I was glad to include in it 🙂

      Have a great week!

      – Steve

  3. Thank you for the round-up here Steve! Wonderful break-down of the writing stages and creativity juices and the references to go deeper. Of course Annabel’s blog is brilliant but I did not know about the others you mention here….But my one question for you is this: Did you say poetry gives you a headache? ;)! Incidentally, I get headaches from sports after 3 and a half minutes at the most…!! 🙂 (Just teasing….)!

  4. Hi Steve:

    Your Sunday Selection is awesome. It is a blog review of the week for me. I get to see a few awesome posts and know cool bloggers. This is a great service to blogging community.

    Your blog was mentioned in the Sunday blog post by Thu at

    Enjoy the rest of the day.

    Fran Aslam

  5. Another solid group of blog posts here. I spent some time reading through them, and Thu’s post really kickstarted me a bit in getting my guest post written up for the contest at

    The Conan picture made me laugh, and at the same time be disappointed that there were no pictures of Red Sonja to compliment it!

  6. Another smooth sunday afternoon Steve have a look at some great post here thanks for the heads by the way as you have mentioned i never mind the ninjas and wampires

  7. I always enjoy these roundups Steve,

    Hehe, no scary guys but a super hero! 🙂 Really like that you made it a post about writing from many different aspects towards blogging. Thanks for including my post on openers, saw the ones before that I missed.

    So what song is tech-ni-cal from? 🙂

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