Steves Sunday Selection 3 Oct 2010

For the last two weeks I brought Pirates and Ninja’s to the Sunday selection.  I had been thinking of trying to go for a hat-trick if I could find something that was a suitable and interesting “subject” matter.  Maybe Vampires?

Then Jennifer mentioned exactly that.  Initial thought was “uh oh.” You see, I had thought of a vampire theme but if people were expecting it…my oddball way of keeping the Sunday posts fresh might be too predictable.

Pirates and Ninjas and Vampires…  Oh My!

Chocolatey Goodness of Lifestyle Design
Count Chocula: The Lifestyle Design Vampire

But I still liked the idea.  I had even decided right off the bat I wanted Count Chocula to by my graphic “vampire” representation.  After all who cannot love the Count and all his Chocolaty Goodness.  I even ran across a great vampire post by Christine without really looking.  Heck, I even had an old post where I mentioned Slaying Time Vampires .

I really thought I might be falling into a trap of being too predictable in my, “unpredictability”.  If I did Vampires this week, it would have to be Frankenstein’s monster running an out of control businesses next week.  Followed by a Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow; leading to Leprechauns, lucky stars, purple hearts, green clovers and blue diamonds.

Hmmmm  perhaps I need some cereal…

I was falling into a predictable pattern of unpredictability and getting away from the real purpose, which was finding and linking great posts and bloggers.

The Contest:

Then earlier in the week  I came across a post by Murray on Giving Back.  Since one of the guiding principles of the Sunday Selection is to try to give back to some people who read my site and whose sites I read and love; I decided to take a shot at something similar.

Without further ado, let me get to it.  Since Murray was the one whose idea jump started this post let me circle back to him really quickly.  Murray has been chosen as a finalist by Dan for, Rookie Blogger of the Year.  So get out there and vote for him.  Or vote for one of the other great bloggers.  He has some stiff competition.  I have also been a fan of Theresa , Samuel and Onibalusi who are also in the running.  With such stellar competition I have no doubt that all of the remaining finalists whom I have not yet read are also top notch.

So that is your “reading” assignment for the week; get out there check out some of those great writers in the contest and VOTE.

For the rest of this article I want to devote the time to thanking all of the people who have helped make Steve Scott Site reach whatever level of success it has reached.  It has a heck of a long way to go; all of the “questions” I have been asking and will continue to ask are for the goal of improving this site even more in the future.

Domo Arigato - Mr. Roboto

My Thanks: The Guest Commentators

If I am thanking bloggers who have helped with this site there is no better place to start than with some of the excellent writers who have done guest posts over the past few months.  Every single one of these bloggers would be in this article regardless because they all also happen to be great commentators and parts of the community.

Sean Lesley Gene James Melissa Noel David Jonathon Jered

My Thanks: Those Seasoned Readers

There is no way I could not thank those readers that have been around for a while.  People whos sites I have read, who have been here retweeting, commenting and generally supporting the site for a long time.  Thanks!:

Matthew Mark Dia Ralph Ben Karen Justin Jennifer PurpleB Maria Bobby Gines Marthe Neil Brandon Jazz Brandon Joe Soniya

My Thanks: The Newer Readers

Then there are all the readers who have come along in the past few months.  Leaving insightful comments, retweeting and generally supporting   Steve Scott Site into the future.  Thanks:

Lynn Fran Ryan Adam Joshua James Thu Alex William Mike Ana Joshua Raul El Gary Julius Marlon Preeti Farnoosh Mandeep Evelyn Peter Henway Nat Tammi Ileane Aaron John

My Thanks: To the Forgotten:

There are some I am sure I have forgotten.  I took some pains to try to avoid forgetting people, but I know I have.  There are also those who visit all the time and but rarely comment.  Thanks to you all too!

Your work!

Well, that should be about it for this Sunday.  Your Weekend Work is to Check out those contest nominees and vote there.  There are some really good sites you may enjoy.  Additionally go check out a few of the wonderful people linked here.  I do not expect anyone to get them ALL.  But check out a few of them.  They are some wonderful sites run by wonderful people.  And of course finally a task for all of you:  If YOU run a blog and haven’t thanked all of your readers, get out there and try it.  Without readers blogs are empty and barren places, what would be the fun in that?  Have a great weekend in the time remaining.

Take Action. Get Results.

24 thoughts on “Steves Sunday Selection 3 Oct 2010”

  1. Hey Steve,

    I didn’t know about Murray being in the running for Rookie Blogger of the Year. In fact, I didn’t even hear about the contest, so thanks for pointing that out. Go Muray! 🙂

    I really enjoyed the way you are giving back to your faithful readers and your new recuits. Very unique.

    I was beginning to think that you sounded hungry, too (or maybe you just needed some chocolate?) 🙂

    Btw, I quite like your unpredictability so I wouldn’t change that! 🙂

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful post idea and thanks for the mention 🙂

    That was one of the coolest pictures I’ve seen on a blog. CC was my fave cereal growing up. I can taste the chocolate marshmallows now……heading to the store.

    Have a great week!


  3. Hi Steve:

    I was overwhelmed and surprised with the “Count Chocula” here. But it is seasonal and appropriate. It is that time of the year already. And This makes me feel awesome how nicely you have thanked your readers, everyone of them.

    Thanks, Steve for providing me a hangout blog where I get few minutes of reading every day and I get to comment whatever I feel instantly.

    Fran Aslam

  4. I agree with Karen, unpredictability is good, but maybe you need to be more random?!

    It’s great that you give back to your readers (thanks for the mention!)

    One of the best things I’ve seen on a blog was Darren Rowse’s Problogger Christmas party. Basically he just sat in front of a camera wearing a Christmas hat and drinking tinnies answering readers questions.


    • Yeah I like to be sort of “generally” predictable. IE certain type of posts on certain days: sunday selection, monday big “marque” type of content post, fridays something fun or a question. But I do not want to fall into a rut of doing the same type of stuff over and over. I guess the term would be structured unpredictability

  5. A great number of thanks. Well, respecting your community and giving something back is wonderful, keep at it, as this is one of the ways to give back what you received 🙂

  6. I’m really enjoying these ‘Sunday Selections’ Steve (forgive the alliteration -sometimes I still thinking I’m writing poetry).

    I dig how you have made a special mention here to all your awesome followers and fans – kudos to you for that!

    Talk soon.


  7. Thank you for the mention Steve. Really appreciate it.

    You know I really enjoy reading your posts because they are packed with value and very informative. And your style of constructing blog posts is simple yet very effective.

    Since giving back is in the air this week, I want to use this opportunity to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to make myself better and participate in the insightful discussion that follows wherever you go.

    Thank you Steve.

    • Glad to mention you Adam. Thanks for becoming such a good commenter. YOu always have something good to say.

      Glad you joined the “giving back” bus too. IT does certainly seem that something is “in the water”

  8. Steve,

    Murray contest is awesome! I did not know he was chosen to be the last candidate for rookie of the year either. I checked a few out over the weekend, you are right on about finding some great sites from wonderful people everywhere.

  9. Dawww, Steve, that’s such a wonderful shout out 🙂

    You know what’s really funny? I actually have a post that’s been sitting on my HDD called like, How to slay the vampire expense killers – about how to stop spending money on little things that suck away at your money haha.

    This was a good thank you Steve, really nice and too the point – cheers.

    • Yeah, the vampire Idea actually makes a great way to illustrate so many things. It is a popular enough subject too.

      Glad you liked the shoult out and hope you get a nice little bump in the contest. Good luck!

  10. Thanks Steve for mentioning me here i am honoured to be on the list and i do find the time to visit your blog as often as posible because your post are Post like these are great steve to highlight of supporters that is the reason why i started web round up.

  11. Hi Steve, I can’t believe you did vampires! LOL I admit your theme is making me crave cereal now …

    Despite your fears, Google did not explode from all the links thanking everyone. If this is the new internet meme I think it’s a good thing. 🙂 Last Wednesday I thanked the owners of the top 10 referring websites to my blog – and you were #5!

    I voted for Murray but I should try to “meet” the rest of the outstanding rookie crop.

  12. Yeah I voted for Murray too, no question there. But there were some other very worthy ones. In a way that makes it more of an honor because if competition is good it really means that it is an honor.

    Glad I sent some traffic your way too 🙂

  13. Oh Oh, I see a thanks for me in the newbie section. But really, I have to thank you Steve. I think without finding out your Sunday Selections, I wouldn’t have been inspired to do my own roundup. Furthermore, there’s always something I might have missed so I look forward to what you have each week and it’s fun too!

    Hehe, remembering back to what you said about the Google vomit or something like that from Murray’s thoughts last week on a ‘thank you’ post, hey it didn’t turn out too bad Steve. Looks fine to me and you weaved all the links together well too. Must have taken a lot of time I bet. 🙂

    Talk soon!

  14. Vampires are truly amazing creatures. Lots of people are unaware of that Vampires are in fact mythological creatures from before Egyptian days. Within the Greek invasions, the Greeks took Vampires for the own mythology. It wasn’t until the forties that individuals in western culture really began to get behind vampires. Dracula was one of the first vampires people saw inside a public setting… i.e the flicks.

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