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The pirate speaks,”Good Afternoon and welcome t’ another of Fish Breath Steve’s Sunday Selections. This Sunday I have Fall, Writin’ and aye, Pirates on me mind. Pirate’s: peg legged, eyepatched freebooters o’ t’ sea .  Why Pirates you ask? Well for one reason, why not? When aren’t good pirate stories interestin’.  But t’ main reason be that today, Sunday t’ 19th, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Here be a tale the Capt’n Justin Pegleg told about this day o’ pirates. If you widh t’ know yur Pirate name check out t’ pirate name generator. O’course stop by t’ Webpage o’ ITLAPD and find out all t’ bloody details.  Have some fun wit’ it.

Steves Sunday Selection Pirate
Arrrgggghhhh Matey

Have no fear; I have done enough Pirate speechifying for now.  Besides being a Day of Pirates, it is also a nice Fall day.  Depending where you live, this can be a very beautiful time of year.   The oppressive heat of summer disappears, the leaves change and winter slowly approaches with her cold embrace.  Enjoy the days and the beauty while you can!  One way to enjoy this time is to follow some of Marthe’s Tips for Fall.  Get away from your computer and go out and enjoy yourself.

Along with getting out could be the idea of taking a trip.  Trust me, the best way to really do well on a trip is to learn to pack efficiently.  Farnoosh, now on a trip of her own shows us some wonderful and efficient packing techniques.  It has awesome pictures too!

This past week SSS had a post that asked the question, “Can Money Buy you Happiness”.  Also this week Preeti told an absolutely wonderful story that reminded me a lot of that same question.  It is a wonderful story with a great morale.  A must read.

Tyler came up with a great idea.  Write your biography 40 years early.  By solidifying what you plan to achieve you can actual help to bring about this same success.  Along the topic of success, Mark brought us some great ideas on some of the keys to success.  Never underestimate the power of your subconscious mind to help you achieve success, as Ryan points out.

I usually try to have a theme for at least part of these Sunday selections.  I noticed that I have been doing my theme about a lot of “blogging” topics for the past few weeks.  Likely because I have been reading a lot of these blogs recently.  So for THIS week I made a “no blogging topic” promise to myself.  No worries, blogging will likely be a topic again next week if it interests you.

Anyhow, like any good Pirate, I had to cheat a little.  Since I wasn’t going to do blogging “per se” I decided to go with a “kissing cousin” and make my theme be “good writing”.

There is no way I could have a theme of writing and not have a mention from copyblogger.  It would be: Inconceivable!  Brain gives us a short post with many good links of its own.  He  lays out the reasons that it is important to provide proof for your statements rather than simply opinions.

One of the very first place I wanted to check for an quality article about writing was with Lesley.  She always has simply wonderfully written stuff about how to write.  She did not disappoint.  As a matter of fact I could not have picked a better topic and article if I had requested one far in advance.  She gives a wonderful article, with many links of its own, about grammar and punctuation.  These technical aspects are not always flashy or fun, but they are very important.

The mysterious and enigmatic “Agent X” brings us some important idea of how to relieve and avoid pain and suffering while we are all out there creating our works of genius.

Finally to round out our Sunday Gary (aka Lawmacs)  brings us an article on Content writing tips.

That is about it.  Get out and enjoy Fall.  Have some fun and talk like a Pirate.  Above all, have another wonderful Sunday.

Take Action. Get Results.

22 thoughts on “Steves Sunday Selection September 19 2010”

  1. Steve – thanks for the kind comments about my writing and for mentioning my post in your Sunday roundup.

    I was not pleased to find out it was International Speak Like a Pirate Day. Every year we find out just a little too late to enjoy the fun, and every year I promise myself that next year I will be prepared and spend the day with cutlass in hand, but once again I missed at least half it. This time however I’ve put a note in my calendar. Towel day is also going in there.

    I’m serious about business, but this year I’ve decided to be serious about having fun, as well.

    • Lesley,

      To bad you missed part of the fun of the Pirate day. At least you found out before it was all over though. I would have forgotten too if I hadn’t seen Justin’s post. Thanks for writing the great article. 🙂

  2. Ayyye Steve, I appreciate you sharing my subconscious mind post matteeeeyyyy!

    I hope that you enjoyed the beautiful weather today in between putting together this fine list of resources.

    Thanks again!


  3. I can’t believe I made another Sunday’s selection – thank you thank you!! I am so very glad the packing tips came in handy…..!!! Steve, you are far too kind – and so nice to see other ideas and posts here to explore. Thank you Steve!

  4. Steve,

    Thank you for including me on Sunday Round up section! I would change only one thing, my spelling ends with “i”. 🙂

    I had read Farnoosh’s post, and will check out other bloggers too, thanks for a great link love.

    • Gosh,

      Sorry I messed up your name. I am usually good at that, How embarrassing. Anyhow a little late but changed for posterity’s sake. Thaks for stopping by, your nice post and comment.

  5. Hi Steve:

    Though a little late for Sunday but still I made it here. In this post I see you as a writer. Your post has your style charming and interesting to read. You have mentioned your favorite bloggers and that is great too. You have touched the serious aspect of writing grammar and punctuations with a very light touch. Great for a Sunday read.

    Take care
    Fran Aslam

  6. Thanks for the leads to all these wonderful posts. I am off to write my 40 year biography.

    I think you meant “Brian” in the copyblogger paragraph. (He is a smart guy though, so perhaps not? :))

  7. Hi Steve, nice to see you shake it up a little with the links. 🙂 I had no idea there were so many posts about how to write out there. I’ve read a few of these posts, but I’m looking forward to the packing one (so stressful) and the biography one the most.

    • I always try to change it up a little. I do not want to get stuck in a rut with this stuff. But of course I also do not want to go too far afield…a delicate balance and all that.

  8. “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”, said Akismet, when I fished out the pinkback comment corresponding to this post just this morning from comment spam. Looks like Akismet has been drinking a bit too much along with the pirates 🙂

    But seriously, Steve, your comments are being sent to spam this month.

    Thank you once again for including my post in your Sunday Selection! I sure need to find a way to pay back.

    Success always,

    • Dunno why my comments sometimes go to spam. It kinda bugs me. There are a couple of sites I stopped commenting on because I haven not seen my comments posted after a few attempts. I assume they get spammed.

      I must have said something bad about Askimets mom or something

      • LOL! Akismet’s mom! I see… you got it’s name wrong, may be that’s why! 🙂

        Could be because, as you move through Europe, your Internet source keeps changing. Not sure though whether it actually keeps a track of that. It can’t be because you’ve started writing your name as “Steve@Lifestyle Design”, because that wouldn’t explain why it sent the pingback from this post into spam.

        • Could be the internet source. Could be that it counts how many times you get spam binned and since it still happens to me sometimes on some sites it increases it for me. I don’t know. I try to visit and comment on a few “new” sites evey week and it is frustrating because I am never sure if they “see ” it. I guess it is a lesson to at least run through your spam folder and look for gravatar images.

          It is funny. I found 2 people in my spam today that I have posted before and about 4 spams were waiting for approval. This has been nearly the first time “true” spam has gotten through. Likely simply a coincidence.

  9. ‘ello Steve!

    From the likes of me seein’, you’ve load yourself some gold here. Each week I look forward to seeing where you’ve been and what I’ve missed. Now like pirate I must be gone and reach for these links as you’ve given to steal! 🙂

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