Steves Sunday Selection September 26

Welcome to Another of Steve’s Sunday Selection.   There are some exciting topics up for this week.  No, all the Pirate’s are safely back out at sea, but it seems that the Blogoshere has been invaded by Ninja’s.  Yes those stealthy guys in their funky back outfits seem to be all around this week and constantly bombarding us with their tips and techniques.

What do Ninja’s have to do with a blog about “Lifestyle Design”?  Absolutely Nothing.  But they are still cool.

I first discovered the Ninja conspiracy in a wonderful article by James.   It seems that Ninjas, those stealthy masters of martial arts have even devised tricks for backlinks.  Devious.

Lifestyle Design Ninja Vs. Pirate
Lifestyle Design Ninja

Next up is a blueprint that must have been smuggled out of the Ninja’s Deadly Den of Death.   At great risk to her life (Ninjas are vengeful) Thu gives us the Ninja Blog Writing Blueprint.

If you ever had any doubt that a Ninja could be an Affiliate Marketer Murray quickly dispels that notion with his Ninja Tricks for Affiliate Commissions.

I actually do not view many video blogs, unless they are embedded into existing sites.  But the Ninja menace has long been of interest to me and one of the two video blogs I have regularly checked out over the last few years is “Ask a Ninja”.   Here is an omnibus question answering session my favorite Ninja

Returning to more serious Ninja Invasions, Joshua has a Ninja Trick to getting direct mail opened.  He is off doing the “getting married” thing for a bit, so act like a Ninja, stealthily approach his site and leave lots of comments for him to deal with when he returns.  Very Ninja-like.

Finally I steer you to a whole site, dedicated to two of my favorite topics, Time Management and Ninjas.  Craig has created Time Management Ninja.  OK, so he is really not talking about actual ninja’s, but read between the lines…Ninjas are stealthy; they often hide between those lines.

Now we leave the world of the Ninja and move on to safer stories.  But watch out you never know when a Ninja might rear his ugly head.

Adam lets us in on an experiment he has been doing building Niche websites with Niche keywords.  He doesn’t let us in on specifics (tease) but it is pretty interesting.  It reminded me of a site about Internet Marketing Niches run by some guy named Steve.  Did you see it?  Some Ninja came by and inserted a self serving link… I had nothing to do with that.

Feed subscribers are great.  (Ninja Tip #2:  If you haven’t yet subscribed to my feed, do so now; for guaranteed Awesomeness and Bagels… you supply the Bagels)  We all want more subscribers; they are a life-blood of a Blog.  James gives us a few ways to get more feed subscribers.

Ben gives us a great article on ways to business success.  An additional way to success might be to take advantage of contests that offer nice little prizes for what you would do anyway.  I was in the process of writing a guest post to Brandon’s site when I saw his guest posting contest.  Yeah!  Now I need you to get out there and comment on my post, if I ever get my butt in gear and get it done.  Even better would be to throw down with your own guest posts.  The gauntlet is laid down, who will take up the fight?  It can be a lot of fun.

Next off something dear to my heart.   Akismet.  I often get my comments spam binned,  Maybe because of traveling around, who knows.  For some reason I know they often suddenly go astray.  Though I have found Akismet to be great, I have even had to fish regular commentator’s posts out of the Spam bin on occasion too.  Tia gives us some reasons why this may happen and some possible solutions to Spam Purgatory.

Finally I present two great articles on ways to increase both readers and comments.  Both of these people have been leaving great comments here for a bit.  Think that could have anything to do with an awesome plan to increase their traffic?  Genius.  First up is Fran with 20 strategies for increasing comments and readers.  Ryan fires back by giving a specific example of how his blog comments skyrocketed in one week.

On this fine Sunday I leave you (hopefully laughing) with some Ninja thoughts on something that I actually think is pretty important. Net Neutrality.

Take Action. Get Results.

21 thoughts on “Steves Sunday Selection September 26”

  1. Hi Steve,

    A stealth post release, around 7:00 on a Sunday morning. Ninja-style all the way 🙂

    Thanks for including my post and the super list of resources. I’ve read Tia’s spot and a few others, time to get my reading glasses on. Have a good one.


  2. Steve – Love your Sunday post!

    And thanks for mentioning, “Time Management Ninja.”

    (Didn’t think our ninjas would notice your post? Of course, they did!)

    Thanks and best wishes,


  3. Good Morning Steve:

    I came to read your post first thing, was reading how you have added a new trend in your blog post and was reading every action with due pleasure and then here I come to the end of the post, surprised to see my name here. Thank you for thinking of my post while you were busy writing your post. I appreciate that very much. I will check Ryan’s blog too that will get me one more place to comment.

    Steve that is what networking is all about. Blog community and its support is great. And community is great when it has outstanding people like you have greatness of taking people with them and move up.

    So, have a great Sunday
    Fran Aslam

    • Glad you liked it. I was happy that you had a great article that fit well. I have been greatly enjoying your comments here. They are always fresh and add something to the conversation.

      Wonderful examples of what great comments should be! 🙂

  4. The Ninja theme was a very creative approach to a post, which is a lesson in and of itself. Thanks for all the interesting links. I’ve enjoyed Ryan and Fran’s articles for a start. All the best to you!

  5. Steve, I see you’ve learned a lot from waxing on and waxing off – ohhh, see what I did thar!

    Liked the theme on this one, seems the web is quite into ninjamode this week haha. Thanks, as always, for keeping me on the heads up!

  6. Steve, Awesome Ninja based Sunday selection.

    Thanks a lot for mentioning my experiment on niche websites.

    Great to be back here networking in your site. Love the video. You make your post so interesting…Always enjoy visiting your site.

    Thanks Steve.

  7. What a great way to do a write-up. I thought I was having some fun and being original with the Backlink Ninja post, but apparently not. I’m looking forward to reading all of these links now that I’m done my consulting work and have time to get back into my groove of reading/writing again.

    Thanks for the mention!

  8. Perhaps you should rename the blog Steve Scott the Karate Kid?

    Thanks for the mention of Ben’s post – as always you feature some really great stuff which I really need to get out and read – thanks for the tips!

  9. Nice write and awesome posts you have linked to here….I’ve read most of them time to check out the rest..once I stop peeing myself laughing from Alex’s comment 🙂


  10. oh man you crack me up!

    That’s an awesome list of links you provide – but you do it with such flair! Well, I have to assume you do it with flair, because this particular post was done with such ninja stealth that I was not even sure you were there at all.

    I even brought bagels!!!

  11. Hi Steve I love Ask A Ninja, and his “wall made out of the shredded 1st Amendment.” After pirates and ninjas, what’s next? Vampires? Maybe you can tell us how to suck the traffic out of the internet and into our blogs. 🙂

    I’ve suddenly had problems with ending up in spam filters too, and I’m always using the same computer. I’m not sure what the problem is.

    I’ve read a few of these, now to catch up on the rest!

  12. This ninja crawled in a bit late, but wait, what is that there?

    While you were looking, I took a moment and wrote this:

    ‘Thank you Steve. You’ve added more training to my regiment.’

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