Steves Sunday Selections 21 November 2010

Hello again everyone.  Welcome to another Steve Scott’s Sunday Selection.  I hope that you all have had a wonderful week.  The big topic of the coming week will be Thanksgiving.  At least for those in the US.  This is a popular holiday that has come to mean a time of togetherness, family and a big relaxing meal.  Oh and football lot and lots of American Football.


It's Thanksgiving, you TurkeyOne of the things I always enjoyed about Thanksgiving is that it seem to me to be the unofficial start of the Christmas Season.  Right after the Holiday man Christmas decorations popped up here and there.  Christmas spirit begins to get in the air since it is roughly one month away.

Well as Ralph, Justin and Bob point out many might have noticed Christmas sales promotion seems to come earlier each year.  You get Santa displays right next to Pumpkin and Pumpkins right next to “Back to school” specials.  At the rate they are going, Christmas advertising will soon begin on January 1st .

While on the topic of Thanksgiving check out this article by Fran where she discusses a little bit about the day of Thanksgiving.  To get a little more into the “Thanksgiving spirit” here is an article by, “Worker Bee” about how to try something a little different for Thanksgiving a nice roasted duck.

To finish out the Thanksgiving theme, let’s talk fitness.  Often fitness is ignored from Thanksgiving to New Year.  This is considered a time to “enjoy” ourselves after all.  While that is true if you take a little care now, it will make your New Year’s resolution of losing weight or exercising more that much easier if you lay some groundwork now.

To encourage a little fitness here are two really good articles to energize you “just a little bit”.  Evelyn goes over some very basic ideas on how to lightly exercise.  The truth is you do not need to work yourself to exhaustion to get some benefit.  Sometimes parking the car on the far side of the lot and walking can have some benefits.  Susan writes the second article and encourages you in what will be the first in a series of fitness challenges running through the New Year.  I am all for enjoying the holidays, but a “little” effort can help for the New Year.

Finally, football, eating and family may be what Thanksgiving means to many people, but it is not really in the true, “Spirit” of the Holiday.  Irving gives us some great reasons to give thanks that we all might take to heart during this holiday season.  If you haven’t already I would like you to also take a moment to think about helping others during this season.  Actually, think about it year round, but this season is a great place to start.

Info Products

Internet LifestyleI have been a busy beaver working on some of my forthcoming info products, along with all the personal stuff with getting back home.  I am not the only one out there working on an info product.  Kevin has challenged everyone to create some sort of info-product, free report, program, really create ANYTHING during the next 30 days.

Of course, Moon being the busy little bee she is completed her first eBook the same day the challenge started.  Check it out to get some great insight on Passive Income and Blogging.

Finally Murray really dedicates himself to the 30 day challenge in his usual, over the top manner.  Now I challenge the rest of you.  Work on that info product, white paper, lead magnet or free report.  If you have enough to say about your niche to blog on it with frequency you should have enough to say to make an info product of some sort that is worthwhile to people.


There is no better way to discuss some “random posts” than to talk about one that is not really random at all.  It has been a long while since I have done a guest post but I have one out there for the first time in months.  Affiliate Marketing for Smart People.  Please swing on by Brandon’s great site and check it out.

Glen discusses a great method of linking.  It is like a “link wheel” but sort of different.  If you have no idea what a link wheel is:  this is a MUST read.  If you do know what a link wheel is, it is still worth reading.

Since I have been back, I have gotten a fair bit accomplished.  Not as much as I would have “liked” to have done, though.  I have gone out and hung out with friends on more than one occasion when perhaps I “should” be working.  This post by Ali really addressed a question I asked myself a few times.  Is it a needed break, or laziness?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to direct you all to Ben.  Ben is having his blogs First Birthday party.  Swing on by, wish him well and check out many of his great historical articles.

Well, that is it for another Sunday.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great coming week.  Enjoy the holidays if you celebrate Thanksgiving.  Have a great week even if you don’t.

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29 thoughts on “Steves Sunday Selections 21 November 2010”

  1. Steve, I was expecting a special round up today because of the thanksgiving festivities and entering into Christmas celebrations. So, here it is a special round up. Thanks for mentioning my post. Ben’s blog got a great birthday greetings to be empowered for the next year. Evelyn is serving the blogging community very well by providing all the information for health and physical well being.

    And you have mentioned it all. The info product challenge is going on good. Jimi and Murray are doing it in 30 days, after you.

    Lots of network information.

    Now enjoy your Sunday

    fran A

  2. Lots of good stuff here to catch up on, Steve.
    Thanks for the resources.

    One of my goals is to create an ebook by December 15th, so I’s better get hopping. 🙂
    I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving, as always. It’s a great time for family, food and football. And let’s face the facts, there will be a few cold ones tossed in the mix as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of this site and particularly the author, who is always in the giving spirit which shows in his content.

    Be safe everyone and have a productive week. 🙂

    • I certainly do look forward to all the great eBooks/info products. It should be a lot of good reading over the holiday break.

      For sure can’t forget mixing in a few beers along the way. 😉 Never forget that!

      Thanks for the great Thanksgiving wishes, Jimi. I hope you also have a wonderful time!

  3. Maaan, I totally want to deep fry a turkey this year but I’ll be going up to New Orleans for a week instead 😛

    On a complete rant – I’m really annoyed that so much of the Christmas season is spilling over into other holidays; before Halloween was over, they had Christmas stuff up and Halloween stuff on discount. Ah well, my mission for the holiday’s = avoid Christmas music; other than that, I’ll be good.

    As for the links, taking a look through em now – got my coffee, it’s nice and chilly outside, time to kick back and read.

    • Not really a complete rant. That is exactly what one of the links is about. I only really brought it up because sunday is my grab bag, “bring up whatever” day. I THINK this year I am going to do some shopping on “cyber monday” but traditionally I am scrambling in the last week.

      How things got knocked back so far I do not know. Do they theink we will forget Christmas if there are not ads for it in September

  4. Steve, aloha. It is my good fortune to have recently discovered your blog. Your style of informative and fun, appeals to me. Clicking on the links in this e-mail alone gave me new ideas; can’t wait to explore the archives. Your blog is now added to my Thanksgiving “thank you” list. Aloha. Janet

  5. Steve, just read your guest post over at BC’s site. Great tips on affiliate marketing!

    Really looking forward to thanks giving; all that good food, american football and of course couple of cold ones :O)

    Deep fried turkey…man that sounds so good!

    • Thanks for the comment Adam. Gald you liked this on and the article ON BC’s site. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy all the fun and cold ones! 🙂

    • Steve,

      I love Thanksgiving. How can you not love a holiday that is only about food. There is no need to bring a present, just an appetite.

      It is a time of year to think about how blessed we are. It shouldn’t be only during this time of year, but we often get caught up and forget to be thankful.

  6. Hi Steve,

    This is another great selection that you have kindly shared with us.

    Thank you for the mention, I appreciate it greatly! 🙂

    I love your info product selections this week. I will get to work laying the groundwork for an info product. Even though I am not exactly sure of what I want to do yet, it is better to get things started sooner than later.

    Thanks for sharing this article!

  7. Hi Steve, some really useful site here.

    It made me smile when I went shopping with my wife the day after the kids broke up for the summer break – signs everywhere saying ‘back to school’. As if you need reminding!

    Anyway, love the comment about Murray – absolutely spot on, but we love him for it.

    Great round up, I look forward to checking them all out..

    • Thanks for comment Matthew.

      All the ads really are crazy. Doing some marketing I understand the need to get the word out there…maybe even the thought that you want to get your idea to people “first” but really…there should be limits. It has to strain ad budgets to push stuff SO far in advance.

  8. Hi Steve,

    We had Thanksgiving here in Canada a few weeks ago, so I’m all turkeyed out, but I couldn’t agree more that it’s a time for family and friends to spend quality time (and food!) together. Also, it amazes how fast Christmas is coming up and how quickly the stores start to capitalize on that. We have snow here now (tons of the white stuff), which is always the first sign that Christmas is right around the corner.

    You’ve gathered some great selections (quite a few that are new to me) here and I appreciate the theme you’e selected 🙂


    • Thanks Karen,

      Glad that I found a few new ones and some interesting stuff for ya. Snow might be the difference. Once I see that, I al a little more willing to accept the “christmas” stuff. I understand, “Black Friday” promotions and I guess it seems natural to advertise for Christmas from there on…but without snow…I realy do not want to here it…and as far as i know advertisers cannot control the weather (yet)

  9. Hey Steve,

    Great list there. And yeah Christmas is up with lots of food to eat! Can’t wait to cook my first turkey at home! Hope it won’t be a disaster. Hm, now to check out your guest post at Brandon Connell’s blog.

    Oh and btw, can’t wait to see your information product 😉

    • Thanks Bryan,

      Glad you liked it. Just be careful if you decide to “deep Fry” your turkey for your first one at home. My buddy almost set his house on first trying to do that one year when he didn;t know what he was doing.

      If you have never had deep fried turkey though…It is almost worth that risk…really good stuff.

  10. I cannot believe it is already holiday time….again. They do advertise it earlier every year, but it does seem to come earlier every year. I think someone is taking days out of months and not telling us.

    This is Thanksgiving week, and the insanity has already started in my family….which house is going to host? who is going to do most of the cooking? I think my family has to have drama to complete the feeling of the holidays. I don’t think we are the only ones with these issues, are we?

    There are many things for me to be Thankful for. It is a time to stop and realize what you have. I hope everyone remembers that.

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