Steves Sunday Selections 24 Oct 2010

Most of the future plans for the Steve Scott Site revolve around actions:  driving traffic, escaping from the rat race as well as a few other ideas I have on things to do. To balance some of that action I wanted to link to some articles today that are all about the inside.  They all have to do with getting your head straight.  A little review of a few ideas to prepare you for action.

Before I get started on this Sundays round of Steve’s Selections, I want to do one blatant promotion.  But it could put money in your pocket.  Dinero.  Greenbacks. Dough.  Moolah. Cabbage.  Bread.  A Fitty!

Anyhow…   I am running a contest to decide the title for my next product.  I want you all to help me name the product.  Winner gets a 50$ gift certificate.  There…   promotion endeth.

Psychology of Blogging

A big part of blogging is about getting your head straight.  You can pump out a good deal of posts without it, but the right mindset is important for long term success.  Ben discusses the psychology of blogging.

Lifestyle Design X-man
Power of the Mind

Overcoming Fear

Thu also discusses oncoming actions and the ways that it is possible to be afraid of making actions and changes.   Check out what she has to say about Overcoming Fear.

I am not a huge science fiction guy.  My Father and brother are -big time- though.  I did read Dune once though.  The Vizier talks to us a little about that book.  In the story there is a group called the Bene Gesserit.  They are an all female, quasi-religious group that train their minds to the point where they have what almost seem to be superhuman powers.  The Vizier discusses a litany that is mentioned in the book as a way to overcome fear.  You do not need to know –or care- anything about science fiction to appreciate the concepts of this litany.

Be Creative

Most people would like to be creative.  At least I know I do.  Dia gives us a great list of characteristics creative people have.  Some of these you are born with –to a degree- but all of them can be at least nurtured and improved.

Karen’s post comes dangerously close to being actual action and therefore not making the list. It is a topic I feel passionate about and I think is really important to getting the most out of creativity. She talks to us about the importance of an idea book.


Quotes are always inspiring.  They can take a concept you understand and really put it into perspective.  Mr.  Self Development gives us an awesome list of 25 great quotes.  They are all sure to inspire you.


Failure can be inevitable.   There is nothing wrong with trying and failing.  It is a great way to learn.  Bu if you attempt things with a completely back asswards attitude you are SURE to fail.  There is no shortcut.  If you fall into these categories Steven gives us you are almost assured of failure.  If you try to avoid these six negative attitudes you have a decent shot at success.  Pretty simple really.

Like I mentioned, though, if you are giving it your all failure is not always a bad thing.  It can give people the best chance to learn and grow.  Here is an article written by a really cool guy about learning from mistakes.

Improve Concentration

Focus is important.  Concentration can give you focus.  In this day and age it is easy to get distracted.  Every single piece of technology seems to be about multitasking and spreading your concentration thinner and thinner.  Sean gives us a few ways to fight against this and improve concentration.

Behavioral Congruency

Let me just give a quote to explain the idea of behavioral congruency.  The Concept is to “find the people who have achieved the exact level of success you wish to achieve, and you model your business after their own. You research and begin to understand their methods, thinking, attitude, actions and the reasons behind their decisions.”

It is my belief that this can be powerful, as long as you only use it as a guidepost.  You still need to have your own ideas and originality.  Agree or disagree, Alex has a very interesting and well written article about behavioral congruency that is certainly worth checking out.


That is it for this Sunday’s Selections.  I do have some work for you this week.  There have been a couple of good ideas for my next product title.  As I mentioned before I would like you all to help me name my next product.  See even on Sunday’s there can be some work for you all!

Take Action. Get Results.

22 thoughts on “Steves Sunday Selections 24 Oct 2010”

  1. Hey Scott – great roundup. I really appreciate you featuring my latest blog post. It is an honor coming from a wonderful site like yours. I hope our paths continue to cross in the future.

    • Steven,

      I am glad you liked the roundup and also very glad to have linked your great article. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      I hope you have had a wonderful weekend

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for linking to my article. I appreciate it. 🙂

    These carefully selected suggestions and links on how to get your head straight, as you put it, are indeed very helpful. On the one hand I get exposed to more ideas which I can use. On the other hand, I become aware of more interesting blogs to follow.

    I am intrigued by behavioral congruency and share your take on it. The path of another can only be a guide and not a step by step blueprint. At the end of the day, we still have to forge our own paths and do things our own way. But in the process, we can try as far as possible to build upon the experiences of others.

    • Thanks, glad you liked the links. There are a lot of great Bloggers out there I try to link to. Come back again, there were some great ones I did not link this week that will surely be linking in the next couple weeks.

      I am also intrigued by behavioral congruency, as I can see definite positive points, but also some negatives. It is a very interesting topic though, and Alex did a very good job of presenting it.

  3. Hey Steve

    Great round – as always very humbling to be mentioned here, especially as it was a guest post somewhere else online. 🙂

  4. Good Sunday Steve:

    I have to admit we have some very smart brainy and self developed people in this net working group. I love that.

    Steve you yourself are not only self developed but Internet marketing savvy personality, so you have an awesome selection of topics and their writers.

    Collect all these blog posts that you have created and make an ebook on self development.

    Steven Imagine the value of your post for the search engines. Great job. keep on moving in the right directions and everyone will follow you.

    Great example.


    • Thanks Fran!

      Awesome idea for an eBook. Leveraging all of these guys work to my profit…lol

      Seriously though, I am always happy at the quality of stuff I am able to find, sometimes on relatively narrow topics for these Sunday Selections. It is humbling, there are a lot of really good writers out there.

  5. Steve,

    Great roundups.

    I really enjoyed Thu’s post on overcoming fear. Her analysis on using fear to motivate oneself is very intriguing.

    I also enjoyed the post on learning from mistakes by that really cool guy..:-)

    Thanks for the share..

  6. Steve,

    I think that this is by far the best roundup of your Sunday Selections that I have read, in that it gels up so well with the one theme that you chose for this post.

    I wanted to make a nice mention about the really cool guy who wrote that post on learning from your mistakes, but I see that Adam already had a take on it 🙂


  7. Thanks Mark.

    This one was more focused than some. Of course a lot of them I do not even focus at all. But I do like it when I can st least sort of come up with a theme. It makes it more than just pulling 10 articles off an RSS feeder. I have to dig for them all week and hopefully that makes the content a little bit better.

  8. hey Steve, what do you think about going to an impacted school? Which means that I would have trouble getting classes and probably graduate in 5 years. Vs an expensive school where I may incur $10,000 loans but graduate in 4 years. Or go out of state for potentially more expensive schools but less likely chance of impacted programs so 4 year graduation.

    Basically Id like to know what kind of college environment you think would be good for doing Internet Marketing and having an online business? I have a great friend who told me that for him it was that his school was really big so he could skip some classes and still graduate on time because the classes weren’t all mandatory. Although I am wondering what factors you think a college should have to be conducive to doing IM? Small classes? Big classes? Easy Classes? Safe campus? Large or small school? LOL idk just throwing things out there Id love your opinion.

    And how was the college you went to?

    • I do not think anything you learn in school has a particular bearing on IM. You might catch a class here or there that motivates you and teaches you something important that becomes useful later, but that is a hard thing to PLAN for.

      If the school isn’t the tippy-top of the ivy league (princeton, yale harvard) my personal opinion -take this with a grain of salt- is that the sheer amount school costs for private schools may be too insane.

      There are a lot of the “state” schools that have lower entry costs…at least relatively that will give you just as good of an education.

      Ultimately all you need for IM is time to get out there and do it. There is no better teacher than action. If the school is really difficult it may be hard to find the time to do that. But just about every college I know has ample time for people to party and socialize. If there is time for that there is time for IM.

      As for all the factors, I do not think they matter. $ is a huge factor and them maybe reputation of the school next.

      I went to Montclair State College. Not a fancy school, it was inexpensive and I got a partial scholarship for athletics (cross country). The venue doesn’t matter. I think learning is a process and one of the biggest positive things college can do is teach you that process

  9. Hey there Steve, glad to see you transcending over to Thesis! I just got the ping from this post and that let’s you know that the SEO is totally working. We’re now practically twins in a sense haha. Just joking. Well, let me know if you need any help as I am still learning myself. If you have tips as well, don’t hesitate to share.

    In fact, why don’t you write a post about your experience with Thesis. I have one yet unpublished. Not a blatant promotion but more as why and what you think, an honest review more so. Overall, I like what you’ve done here.

    I’ve been slacking off on my Sunday Selections and this mailing list course is just about done so I’ll be able to get back on the posting track soon. You’re an inspiration Steve, great to see you still rocking it. Thanks for the mentioning my post, you kick ass! 🙂

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