Steves Sunday Selections December 12 2010

Christmas is fast approaching.

As many of you might know the December holidays, Tis’ the season…  to be stressed out.  Seriously, the holidays are a great tome for family, fun and joy; but to be honest it is also one of the most stressful times of the year.  Fortunately Karen gives us a few tips on ways you can relax, Right Now!   To further reduce some stress going into the holiday season Irving gives us some lessons on the importance of staying calm.   As a final mention to the coming holidays, Mark urges us to begin to think about New Year’s resolutions right now!Avoid Stress-Get the Internet Lifestyle

I am often talking about the importance of building an email list.  I will not stop.  When the bury me six feet in the ground I want my tombstone to simply state: Build Your List.  Here is Murray to show some particulars on how to exactly build that list.  Once you get your list built, here are some ideas of how to effectively use your list.

Massive Value Posts

This week I discussed Massive Value Posts as a way to drive traffic, give incredible value to your readers and build a name for yourself.  First of all thanks to Ryan for using the acronym “MVP” in comment.  I loved that shortening because I do believe that Massive Value Posts are also your Most Valuable Posts and are the “MVP” posts .  Wonderful synchronicity.  Now fly, my children, and make an Internet Meme out of this!

Let me point out a few articles that filled this role of MVP on a few blogs this week.  Length is a factor, but only one.  Not only will an MVP post need to be of a decent size but chocked full of really good information.

Tristan:  Guide to all of Google’s Tools and Services

Rick:  Create and Market your Own Product

These two articles really speak for themselves.  Though they are long and involved posts they are literally chocked full of good information and simply could not be shorter and have all the information that is contained within the post.


Sooner or later a Facebook Fan page is something everyone with a blog should get.  I am perhaps a little late, but I just go my own Fanpage.  C’mon and join up all are welcome (and appreciated).  Along those lines here are a few tips from Anil with some quick, down and dirty tips on promoting your Facebook fan page.

Niche Marketing

Mark had a post this week that you should all check out.  Actually you should all check out ALL his posts this week, but I am just linking one.  The topic of this post was niche ideas.  He interviewed Murray, Lynn and me about niche ideas.  Hopefully these are a few different views on some different methods to get some great niche ideas.

Alexa is a decent tool for measuring website traffic.  It is not perfect, but there is no better metric that rates website traffic from one page to the next with an easy ranking.  Having a view of sites website ranking is not the only reason to install an Alexa toolbar, though.  Thu points out some great ways to us the Alexa toolbar as a research tool.

People always talk about the importance of SEO.  No doubt it is important but Bryan points out some uses of social signals in web ranking.  No doubt Twitter and Facebook are important to a sites success, but perhaps they are important in more ways that many people have thought of.

To round out our Sunday, Preeti has published her first eBook.  It is free and discusses simple ways to be happy without spending money.  Swing by and check it out.

Preeti isn’t the only one to come out with an eBook this week.  Barbara has new eBook for sale.  Swing by to check out how to maximize holiday sales.

Take Action. Get Results.

22 thoughts on “Steves Sunday Selections December 12 2010”

  1. Hi Steve

    You won’t be surprised when I tell you I have visited nearly all these sites and read the latest posts lol The few I haven’t I will now go visit. They are all great posts to read and learn from. I love Rick’s posts as they are not only well written but written from his experience in marketing; as yours are. There are some quality blogs out there and it’s great you are showcasing some of them. Way to go Steve and thanks.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for including in this listing! I really appreciated your taking the time to be interviewed for the post you linked to.

    Now I have to run so I can read a few of these. It looks like it was a great week!

    By the way, I have only been back for two weeks, but I can already tell you that Patricia is not lying when she says that she has visited all of these links – she is a blog reading machine!

    Have a great day 🙂

    • haha,

      I was glad to be interviewed. It was a real honor. Thanks for having me.

      No doubt about Patricia. Evwry time I think I discover a “new” site, I go there and almost always find a comment by her. I have been a little “bad” getting out and commenting recently (sort of a slump) but still I comment a fair bit…and still no where near as many as her I am sure.

      she is n inspiration!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Steve!

    Just as a testimonial of how much MVPs (I like it!) do for your blog, that post is now my single most popular post in terms of retweets, and if I get one more comment on it, it’ll have tied for the most popular in terms of comments. They work!!!

    I just downloaded that free ebook that mentioned in the post, so thanks for that. And now I’m off to check out a couple of the other posts you mentioned.

    • Damn… I might have to run over there and add another comment just to push it over the top.

      Actually I am sure I do not need to …bet you will score more comments over time without that “cheat”

      I certainly notice the same comment/tweet thing. That “top post” add on i have to the run aggragates posts on those metrics mainly (i think) and it pops up a lot of what I would consider MVP articles.

  4. Getting all kinds of link love in this post Steve 😛 – thanks!

    I caught most of the posts here; even though you know I’m not the biggest fan of round-up posts – I always enjoy reading your sunday selection posts since you theme it and integrate the posts in what you’re talking about – it’s always a relaxing post to end the week 🙂

    Cheers to next week – let’s make some uber shit!

    • Thanks Murray,

      I do try to do more than just grab random links off of feed demon for the sunday posts.

      Of course some are better than others, but hopefully they are all at least decent.

  5. Hi Steve:

    Nice, Sunday post for round ups. Good thing is I almost know all the people you have mentioned along with their blogs. Christmas is here and this year is about to go.
    Lots to do and it is so cold here, snow winds and traffic jams.

    Talk again
    fran A

    • It got a bit warmer so it was just rain in NJ when the “weather” rolled in. But a lot of the nation is quite white (and nasty i assume)

      White Christmases are nice until you have to deal with all the traffic and mess.

  6. Stressful time of the year.. ha ha, no doubt about it Steve.

    Always enjoy your Sunday roundups man. You make it so interesting. Great to see a lot of familiar bloggers and quite a few new ones as well. Time to check them out !!!


  7. Thanks for the mention, Steve. I hope your readers learn some new de-stressing techniques to cope with this crazy holiday season.

    I think all of your selections each weeks should qualify for the MVP award 🙂

    I, too, like how you have a good selection of recommended articles – there’s something for everyone 🙂


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