Steve’s Sunday Selections – February 14th, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To get in the spirit of things I’ve scoured the internet for a couple of Valentine’s Day posts. Obviously most of these have to do with dating and relationships. But I managed to find a few that focus on personal growth & success.

Let’s get started…

David Wygant has a funny post about how Hallmark missed the biggest holiday for men. In case you can’t figure it out, the holiday he’s referring to is the Super Bowl. Now if you’re a single guy (like me), David also gives a few pointers about how to meet women during this unholiest of all days.

Speaking of which, here’s an article about picking up women on Valentine’s Day. Thought I don’t agree with a few things in this article it ‘s definitely a handy guide for you single men out there.

Okay maybe I have to update my feed reader, but I only found posts that deal with V-Day from a guy’s perspective. Oh well.

Moving on…

Many guys who are single (and in relationships) tend to make a number of mistakes during this holiday that drain them financially and emotionally. This post talks about these mistakes and gives you 10 pitfalls to avoid this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s an interesting article from Ask Dan and Jennifer. It’s about how to make up and not break up on V-Day. This is a must-read for anyone who finds themselves in a rocky relationship during this holiday.

In the sorta-related to Valentine’s Day category, I found an interesting post from Life Optimizer. Here you’ll learn the 9 ways you can make an instant bond with a person. These have some great tips for creating a friendship with someone you just met.

Finally for all you entrepreneurs out there, Copy Blogger has an article that asks the question “Is Your Business Getting Enough Love.” It talks about a very important idea that you need to put more emotional labor in your business.

Well, that’s it for this week.

For all you lovers out there, enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

For you singles, get out there and meet people. It doesn’t have to be romantic. Just step out the door and connect with others.

Take Action. Get Results.

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  1. Great list (I would say that as one of my articles is on it). Interesting to see everyone’s take on the ol’ V day. Thanks for posting.

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