Steve’s Sunday Selections – February 21st, 2010

Welcome to another edition of Steve’s Sunday Selections. There has been a lot of great content written this week, so it was pretty hard to decide which ones to select. With that said, here are a few of the many quality posts that I’ve found on my favorite blogs:

It was hard to pick the post I like best from James at TheInfoPreneur. He churns out an average of 20+ articles a week, so it’s always hard to decide. In the post Who Wants a Race? James talks about the different goals he has for his site. I picked this one because he basically calls out other bloggers to list what they want to accomplish for the upcoming year.

The article Lifestyle Design vs. Personal Development actually pisses me off (in a good way.) This was an article I planned to write this week, but they beat me to it…Oh well. In truth, I found that this post makes you think a little about the differences between both concepts. Highly recommend this one.

I really liked Maren’s post about how to increase your Alexa ranking. Here she details a mini-plan about how to get more traffic to your blog. I especially liked her concept of giving away a high-value piece of content for free. This is definitely something I’m going to do on this site.

Chris has a bunch of great tips for stress-free travel. I’ve bookmarked this page because I’m currently planning a major trip (starting in May) to a bunch of countries in Europe. This post has a bunch of useful pointers that will help make my transition easier.

Zen Habits has a nice quick post about completing tasks and projects. This is definitely worth a read if you find that you have difficulty with finishing what you start.

Ian has a really interesting article about how to capture ideas. If you’re like me then you’ve had those moments where you get a million dollar idea but you don’t have a mechanism for writing it down. This post talks about creating a system for capturing your ideas.

Well that’s it for this week. Like I said, there was a lot more I could have included here. Hopefully next week I’ll include the sites that I missed.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Steve. Just discovered your site and am enjoying it so far!

    Some really good topics, authors and writing here. 🙂

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