Steve’s Sunday Selections – February 28th, 2010

Time for another edition of Steve’s Sunday Selections! Like always, it’s a little hard to pick which ones to put on here. There’s been a ton of great information across the blogosphere. And here some of the best ones I’ve found:

Paul has a really profound article on forgiveness. This really helped me sort through some feelings that I have towards a particular person. To be honest, if you want to really grow as an individual you have to sometimes let go of your anger—even if you think you’re right about something. Paul’s article reminded me of that.

Over at TheInfoPrenuer, James twisted David Risley’s arm to write about what he does during a typical day. Since David is a six-figure blogger, I found it really interesting to hear him talk about his ‘success secrets.’ In this post he gives a few nuggets of wisdom—especially his idea of spending time each day working on products that generate an income.

Heather has a nice little post about the pros and cons of YouTube and Vimeo. I never heard of Vimeo before but this is a site that I’m definitely going to check out once I start really cranking out videos.

Ralph has a great article about how the unconscious mind works with goal-setting. Here he talks about one of my favorite books and has a great point about avoiding what’s called ‘negative goal setting.’

Once again I feel like I’ve been beaten to the punch. For this upcoming week, I was planning on writing a post about fears. But Lee was quicker. In this post, he has a great article that talks about not fearing success. I definitely agree 100% with what he discusses, specifically his idea about taking risks and action in your life.

Maria has some great info about how to write Tweets that clicked on. Twitter is a traffic source that I’m still trying to figure out. And this post has some great content about how to make sure your linkable posts get noticed in the hundreds of messages which pop up.

Well, there are a lot more I wish I could include here. But I have to pack for a skiing trip, so I’m going to keep it short this week.

I definitely recommend you check all these articles and support these sites through Tweets, blog comments, and submitting to sites like Digg. They work hard to provide content…so show them some love!

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