Steve’s Sunday Selections – Jul 18th, 2010

Howdy!  It’s Sunday.  That means time for another edition of “Steve’s Sunday Selections.”  We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started…

I just discovered that Matthew has a series on how to write an eBook.  I think between these posts and the ones that I just started, you’ll be able to easily create a profitable information product.  Here is part 5 and I recommend you check out the others he has listed on his site.

You should definitely read Gail’s post about picking a niche idea for her online business.  I feel this is a great example of how to take your skills and passions and use them to come up with ideas that’ll sell.

Karen has a great list of inspiring thoughts and actions in her post about the 100 things that make her happy.  Some of these brought a smile to my face because I’ve felt the same way.

Want to develop a more *normal* sleep schedule?  If so, take a look at a challenge that Mark is doing about getting a proper amount of sleep.

I learned a lot in Sonia’s post about how to find thousands of more prospects for your business.  This one definitely flies in the face of traditional marketing methods that are commonly taught.

This one came in the nick of time.  Lately I’ve been feeling frustrated because I’m trying to squeeze in doing effective work, while traveling to a new place every couple of days.  That’s why I really like Darren’s post about how to get things done when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Chris has an excellent post that breaks down the process of personal branding and how you can use to improve your self-promotion.    Here he provides a lot of examples of folks who are masters at getting people to believe in their core message.

If you’re vegan or a vegetarian who likes to travel, then you’ll definitely get a lot out of Karol’s post about stress free vegan travel.

Ben has a quick read that will make you more valuable in the business world or if you run your own business.

Ali has a bunch of helpful tips in her article about how to focus when you work from home.  I’ve done all of these and I can say they definitely work!

Well that’s it for this week! I definitely recommend you check all these articles and support these sites through Tweets, blog comments, and submitting to sites like Digg.  They work hard to provide content…so show them some love!

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12 thoughts on “Steve’s Sunday Selections – Jul 18th, 2010”

  1. Hey Steve,

    Thanks so much for the mention of my 100 Things That Make Me Happy article. I had a lot of fun writing it and it’s certainly sparked some feelings of happiness in other people when they take a moment to write down their own Happiness items.

    There are some real gems mentioned in this post. I’ve only read a couple of them so thanks for pointing the others out. They sound very helpful.

    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Do You Recognize These Common Excuses =-.

    • Glad to give your articles to my readers. I definitely agree that you’ll have more long-term success by building up your core skills and focus on personal development. It definitely makes you more of value to companies and your own business.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out here Steve, really appreciate it.

    Looks like I’ve got a few articles to catch up on!

    .-= Matthew Needham´s last blog ..The Life you Should be Most Excited About =-.

    • Like I said, I think people reading both of our series can use this FREE content to create their own info products. Hopefully readers will take action!

  3. Steve,

    Thanks so much for mentioning my on-going challenge here. Really appreciate it! It’s been a special experience so far, and I’m looking forward to keeping up the rhythm. However, as you would have noticed, I’ve been visiting your blog a little less often lately. It’s the reduced amount of available time that’s been a concern, and I’m looking into ways in which I can work around that.

    Well, that’s a massive list once again, while I’m still wondering where I can fit the time to catch up on all the lovely posts you come out with in your Sunday Selections.

    .-= Mark of Success´s last blog ..Google awards Secrets of Success a Pagerank =-.

    • Mark,

      Simple. Focus on 80/20. Whatever brings you the most results, focus on that. Even if it means not visiting this site. 🙁 Or only read articles that directly relate to what you need and go on an “information diet” from the posts that provide real value. This is what I do when I scan through blogs…. With my Feed Reader, I can review and scan a week’s worth of posts from 50 blogs in about 2 hours. I stay up to date while not being bogged down in stuff that doesn’t add value to my life.

      Anyway, good luck with the sleep experiment. I’d be interested to see what happens.


  4. Thanks for the mention, Steve, and the usual list of things to read in those (rare) quiet moments.
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..Just a shoutout for the SteveScottSite =-.

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