Steve’s Sunday Selections – June 6th, 2010

During the last week or so, I’ve written a bunch of posts about Internet Marketing.  Specifically, I started what’s looking to be a pretty long series on blogging success.  So with this mind, I’ve found a bunch of Internet Marketing-specific posts for this week’s edition of Steve’s Sunday Selections.  Here we go…

Glen has a top-notch article about how to increase the number of re-tweets and comments on your posts.  To be honest, this is a problem I’m currently experiencing.  So I’ll be implementing a number of the techniques that he discusses in this post.

I’m really passionate about the idea of the “Internet Lifestyle.”  This is something I’m currently experiencing as I travel throughout Europe.  For more on this, I recommend you check out Rob’s post about what it means to live the Internet lifestyle.

Chris has a really useful guest post about a simple way to create content for your site. Personally this isn’t something that I thought of.  But I’ll be implementing this technique as I develop this blog.

Matteo has a great bunch of tips about implement basic SEO strategies if you’re using a WordPress blog.  This is a must-read!

Darren has a great article about how to stay focused and avoid distractions as a blogger. I found this to be an interesting read/watch because these are tips that come from a six-figure blogger as he overcomes distractions while trying to put the finishing touches on an eBook.

I definitely recommend that you read Nathan’s article about how to dominate your niche…without apology.  This post resonated with me because it talks about having the courage to lead when you talk about what’s happening in your niche.  In other words, if you think you’re right, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion- With conviction.

Maren has an excellent audio interview with Ruben Gamez about what it’s like to start an Internet business while working full-time.  I know this is an obstacle that many people, so be sure to listen to this audio and implement the many techniques that they discuss.

On a personal note, I like David’s article about the oversaturation of product launches.  I agree with a number of points that he has.  What’s especially useful is the tips he gives about how to stand apart from the crowd during your own product launch.

Normally, I don’t directly link to opt-in/squeeze pages, but I’m extremely impressed by Jonny’s 15 week WorkSmart course.  I know personal productivity is a main concern to a lot of budding Internet Marketers.  If this sounds like you, then I recommend you subscribe to this free course.

Well that’s it for this week! I definitely recommend you check all these articles and support these sites through Tweets, blog comments, and submitting to sites like Digg.  They work hard to provide content…so show them some love!

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