Steve’s Sunday Selections – March 28th, 2010

Here’s your weekly edition of Steve’s Sunday Selections! Once again, we’re focus on mostly Internet Marketing principles and personal development. Let’s get started…

Let’s start by talking about outsourcing. During the next few weeks, I’m going to spending a lot of time outsourcing the small tasks that I do on a regular basis. That’s why I absolutely love Chris’s video series about his top 10 virtual assistant tips. Watch these videos and be sure to download his free eBook.

Again, I want to link to Patrick’s site because he’s issuing a challenge to build a minisite that makes at least $1000 a month. As you know, I use information products to fund a lot of my lifestyle, so it’ll be cool to watch someone go through this process. Stop by his site and wish him luck!

Speaking of a challenge… James has offered to lend his expertise in traffic building for two whole week. All you have to do is submit your name/email and tell him why you feel you should be picked. I’ve already entered, and you should do the same.

There must be something in the air about competition…

Lee has a great post about how you learn a lot about competition from famous basketball players and bloggers. Specifically you can increase the success of your blog by trying to compete with the big boys in your niche.

Alex has a pretty funny post called how to survive a scary movie, entrepreneur style. Here relates a lot of the dumb things people do in horror movies to the common mistakes that business owners make. It’s definitely a funny, educational article.

Maren has an excellent video about finding profitable niches. I honestly believe that success with an online business starts with good research. So watch this video and learn how to find the ‘hidden gems’ on the Internet.

Switching topics…

Optimism is one of those key ingredients to a happier life. And in Donald’s article, he provides 45 benefits you’ll receive from having a more optimistic attitude

I liked Ralph’s discussion about the problems with Kaizen. Since this is related to a topic I wrote recently, I read this article with interest. He has a lot of excellent points.

Well that’s it for this week! I definitely recommend you check all these articles and support these sites through Tweets, blog comments, and submitting to sites like Digg. They work hard to provide content…so show them some love!

Take Action. Get Results.

4 thoughts on “Steve’s Sunday Selections – March 28th, 2010”

  1. Thanks for the mention Steve, I am definitely keeping up with you and your follies, (or lack thereof) I’m in it to win it. Anything I can learn from you, whether you realize or not I’m watching…….. go for it..

    Excellent links to some sites you provided… I just got to focus on Mine! Doing it my way and making it work, has given me the most success. Too much effort focusing on what others who are just faking it till they make it, I’m leaving behind..

    .-= Lees Shizzle´s last blog ..How I Plan to Keep From Getting Bored with Blogging Basics =-.

    • Thanks dude! I try my best to include other sites, but it’s actually getting harder each week. I agree with your idea of just focusing on what you have to do. In the long run, if you’re providing stuff that people want to hear, it doesn’t really matter if you’re following the masses.
      .-= Steve Scott´s last blog ..How Can I Help YOU? =-.

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