Steve’s Sunday Selections – May 30th, 2010

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the United States.  That means for many people it’s time to hit the beaches and enjoy a few barbeques.  To celebrate this day, I’ve worked extra hard to find some really useful links in this edition of Steve’s Sunday Selections.  So let’s get crackin’…

On Darren’s site, he includes a link to a site where you can learn how to turn your blog into a product launch.  While you have to submit your email to receive this information, I think it’s chock full of stuff that can help better monetize your blogging efforts.

Pat has a great article on a new revenue sharing site that you can use to earn passive income.  While I’ve never tried this technique myself, I’ve heard it’s a great way to build a nice little side-business.  Also take a look at his article about 13 revenue sharing sites you can use.

I thoroughly enjoyed Glen’s post about a few lessons you can learn from Technorati about building a super-blog.  If you incorporate just a few ideas from this article, you can dramatically improve your success with your blogging efforts.

Eric has a nice post about how everything starts with an idea.  We all have great ideas.  The key is to be able to take our thoughts and turn them into action.

I highly recommend that you read Dean’s video post about outsourcing your business.  Like he said, it’s a cool feeling to be drinking Mojitos while someone else is building your business.

Check out Leo’s post about the #1 habit of highly creative people.  Here he has some great ideas from a number of different people about how they get their inspiration.

Want to live a better life?  Then read David’s guest article about the 7 steps to being a better you in 7 days. Don’t just read this article…start putting it into practice today!

David has a great little story about one of his failures.  I think you can learn a lot by incorporating some of the things that he discovered during this process.

Well that’s it for this week! I definitely recommend you check all these articles and support these sites through Tweets, blog comments, and submitting to sites like Digg.  They work hard to provide content…so show them some love!

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