The #1 Metric for a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

#1 Metric for a Successful Affiliate BusinessWhat’s the key to building a successful affiliate marketing business?

You need many different things to “make it” as an affiliate.

This includes: A good niche, quality content, the right products, and targeted list building.

Above them all, there is a single metric that’s critical to the success of  your affiliate marketing business.

It’s called the “Subscriber Value.”

On my new YouTube Channel, I explain Subscriber Value and why it’s an important factor in the success of your website:

As you probably know, building a list is how you make it in the affiliate game.  Unfortunately, most marketers don’t take the time to calculate how much each subscriber is worth.

Like I said in the video, determining subscriber value is important for both free traffic and paid traffic.  Determining this number is how you scale a successful business – Taking it to the next level.

Your thoughts?

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Before You Go: This is the first of MANY videos I’m creating about building a thriving authority affiliate marketing business.

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22 thoughts on “The #1 Metric for a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business”

  1. Hi Steve,
    Good stuff as always…just one question on subscriber value. Is that based on a previous periods income like last full year or are you keeping track of that in real time as you send out offers etc?
    Thanks, Tim

    • Honestly, I’ve always kept track of things on a per email basis. But I never sat down and tracked the entirety of an autoresponder sequence. I’ve now funneled all my subscribers into a new list where I’m keeping careful track of how much I’m earning. That way, in a few months I’ll have a really specific monetary number that I hope can be used to go after paid traffic.

  2. Two things I don’t think are accounted for in the above video:
    1. YouTube videos (like the one above) don’t just generate 20 subscribers and disappear. For most people, I’d say the odds are that YouTube will outlast their lifetime. Thus YouTube videos (like the one above) will continue to generate new subscribers FAR into the future. Especially if their content is good enough that viewers recommend them to others.
    2. While PPC and other advertising methods have a direct cost per ad as mentioned in the video, they ALSO have a time cost to set up and monitor.

    I think both those factors need to be accounted for and that there’s a lot of advantages to leveraging the ability for a YouTube video to be seen for years and years at no cost to the creator.
    – Eric

    • Of course. I was using them more as general examples. But honestly some “free traffic” sources never go anywhere. No matter what, it is important to see how much time you’re investing in any activity – Whether it’s working on a paid traffic source OR creating content for a free traffic source.

  3. Hi Steve

    Yours is one of the few blogs I now make the time to visit. Too busy building my niche sites and not enough hours in the day for socialising LOL

    Right on topic for me. I have known for some time that videos are the next thing I need to dive into. However, as I am dealing with physical products, fronting the camera while I extol the value of the products isn’t my idea of fun 😉

    However, needs must and at some point I will be looking at videos for my niche sites. I know it is an effective marketing tool and so it really is a no-brainer if I want to keep up with all the other marketers out there!

    I like how you lay everything out clearly and look forward to what else you have on offer with your next video. Well done Steve. As always, learn something every visit.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Thanks Patricia…glad to see the content is keeping you come back for more.

      Creating videos can definitely be a scary proposition. It’s hard to put yourself in front of a camera and be able to eloquently talk about a topic – Making sure you’re providing excellent content. I’m still learning lots…so hopefully each video will have an improved production value.

  4. Thanks Steve, this is a very interesting concept.
    Once you know this metric you can use money to scale up your reach and this make it very interesting.

    Glad to see the birth of your YouTube channel!

    • Definitely Mauro. Getting hard numbers about your affiliate business is one of the fastest ways to scale up your operations. The trick of course is to take the time to sit down and determine this number.

  5. Hi Steve,

    good to see that you’re expanding your blog.

    You mentioned that videos and articles bring you most traffic for your main authority site. I wonder why you don’t make even more videos & articles to increase your traffic if it works? It’s not that effective anymore or you just want something less time consuming & easier to scale (paid advertising)?

    Take care!

    • Marcin,

      You’re absolutely right! I need to do more videos…I used to be able to bang them out like crazy, now I’ve gotten out of the habit. With that said, I’m now making it a point to create one or two a week.

      I’m not sure about articles. I’ve tried to “repeat my success” with this platform in the past and haven’t gotten any real results. I might try it again in the future, but I’ll probably experiment with other things first.

  6. Scott,

    I’m hoping you’ll be sharing with us your experiences buying traffic to generate leads. Are you doing this for your authority sites only or also for your SteveScottSite?

    The presentation in the video was very clear…great work.

    • Thanks Mike! I would primarily do this with my authority site. That’s where I’ve had an established sequence and know what creatives are working. But…if I get results with paid traffic then I might try it with IM-related products and stuff through

      How are things going with you? Still killing it with niche sites? Sorry I haven’t dropped by your site lately…been sidetracked with my latest Kindle project.

  7. Very interesting YouTube video, enjoyed watching it. Interesting to read that you said your videos and articles bring you most traffic. Vidoes are getting more and more popular by the moment. I like them when I need to absorb info but my eyes are too tired to read stuff.

  8. I’m still against (well not against I just dont focus on it LOL) the whole build a list thing. I have lists that I build on some of my niche sites and one list has around 3000 people on it – but tbh I just dont focus enough efforts on the email side of it . Perhaps I should learn from you and stop fighting it LOL

    Good to be back – been a while, and yes this time i am OFFICIALLY back 🙂
    Im starting up the fan club too – tell your brother! hahahaha

    • Hey Alex,

      Sorry for the delay. Been immersed in this Kindle thing.

      Yes, definitely email marketing is the way to go. Like you’ve heard me say (countless times) it’s the best way to build a long-term asset.

      Great to hear you’re back btw. I’ll have to come check out your site in the next day or so. Talk to you soon!

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