[Free Kindle Book] How I Made an Extra $1,187.66 From a 4-Minute YouTube Video

How to Make Money with YouTube Kindle Book

It’s time to launch another Kindle eBook!

This one is titled:

Make Money with YouTube – How I Made an Extra $1,187.66 From a 4 Minute YouTube Video

Once again, I’m offering the book for free through KDP Select for the next five days.

Starting today (November 14th) all the way to the end of Sunday (November 18th); you can grab a free copy directly from Amazon.

Here’s more information about this freebie…

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7 Questions for Finding a Profitable Niche Market

Find a Profitable NicheOne question I’m often asked is:

“How do I know if I’ve found a profitable niche market?”

This is an important question – Especially if you’re about to build a large scale authority affiliate site.

There are a lot of tricks to determining if a niche is profitable.  The best way to get started is to answer seven simple questions…

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Niche Income Report #1 (Jan to March 2012)

Niche Affiliate IncomeCan you make money with small niche sites?

This is a question I want to answer in 2012.

You see, I’ve built a successful authority affiliate marketing business.  But I’ve never tried my hand at creating multiple small-scale websites.

So my goal for 2012 is to figure out this whole niche site thing.  I even created a special series that talks about how I’m doing it.

In today’s post, I’ll provide my first income report from these experiments.  I’ll show what has made money.  Plus I’ll detail a major setback that’s a negative impact on these sites.  And finally I’ll give my opinion on the future of niche sites.

Let’s get to it…

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How to Make Money on YouTube (with 5 Case Studies)

How to Make Money on YouTubeRecently, I’ve decided to change the scope of my niche affiliate income series.

One of my new tests is to create and post videos on YouTube.

Specifically, these videos make money from affiliate marketing by promoting brand new products.  (This is called “Launch Jacking.”)


I get the occasional email which asks about my specific YouTube strategy.

So I thought it’d be interesting to provide a step-by-step description of how I use this website.

Let’s get to it…

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8 Ways to Make Money with Niche Sites [Niche Affiliate Income #5]

Niche Income Series[dropcap color=”grey-vibrant” font=”brawler” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-3em”]I[/dropcap]t’s time for another update of the Niche Affiliate Income Series.

I’ve completely shifted focus with this project.

I’m still spending a lot of time experimenting and perfecting different strategies for making money with niche sites.

The goods news is I’m getting results with many of my web properties.

For instance, there are eight major strategies that people are using with niche sites.

And that’s what we’ll talk about today…

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How to Make a Simple Video for Affiliate Marketing on YouTube.com

How to Make a Simple Video for Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

One of the emerging trends with affiliate marketing is to promote products through video.

How to Make a Simple Video for Affiliate Marketing on YouTubeUnfortunately many people shy away from this technique because they think it’s too hard to do.

The reality is anyone can make a simple video!

In fact,there are a wide-range of tools that make it super easy to create a stylish looking YouTube video.

For instance, I’ll often use the Animoto program to make videos.  This software makes it very easy to create a multimedia presentation in less than ten minutes.

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Niche Affiliate Income Results [Update #1]

Niche Affiliate Income

Niche Affiliate IncomeIt’s been over a month since I’ve talked about my niche affiliate income sites.

A lot has happened with this project even though I haven’t really mentioned it lately.

So I thought I’d give a quick update and let you know how it’s coming along.

(Click here to get an overview of how I build niche affiliate websites.)

The main reason I’ve kept quiet about this project is I’m testing a lot of things.  So I didn’t want to recommend any specific technique till I was sure it actually works.

With that said, here are the preliminary results from the first site…

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9 Places to Find Best Selling Amazon Product Ideas

Best Selling Products Shopping Cart

Best Selling Products Shopping CartThis Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the United States.

After that is the dreadedBlack Friday,” which marks the beginning of the hectic holiday shopping season.

This is the perfect  opportunity for anyone with a killer physical product site

Right now, millions of people are ready to pull out their wallets and buy gifts for their loved ones.

This looming holiday season provides a reminder that promoting physical products can be extremely profitable.

In a recent article, I discussed six strategies for making passive income.

One of things I recommended is to diversify your revenue streams.

And a great way to do this is to create small niche websites that promote Amazon physical products. {affiliate link}

Now, one of the big problems with creating a niche Amazon site is knowing what to promote.  That’s why I’ve listed nine sites that can help you find top selling physical products…

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How to Make Passive Income Online: 6 Strategies for Making Money on the Internet

Make Streams of Online Passive Income

Make Streams of Online Passive IncomeMany people wonder: What’s the secret to making passive income online?

Most of the time I’m not a fan of using the words “passive income” because I’ve never found a business that runs 100% on autopilot.

With that said, I think it is important to create multiple streams of income.  This diversification prevents any “single point of failure” from ruining your Internet business.

{Click here to learn the technique I use to make over 90% of my online passive income.}

So today I’m going to talk about how to build passive online income.  Specifically I’ll detail the six revenue streams I’m currently using…

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How to Monetize an Affiliate Niche Site [Niche Affiliate Income #3]

Niche Affiliate Income Series

Niche Affiliate Income SeriesWelcome to the 3rd part of the series on creating niche affiliate income.  Missed anything?  Then go check out this page and get caught up on the last two lessons.

Up to this point we’ve answered some questions and gone over fifteen strategies that will “Google-Proof” your website.

Now let’s that first step towards building a successful niche website!

Everything starts with your topic.  Most people recommend starting with keyword selection.  I disagree.  My plan is to target specific affiliate marketing niches and products.  I’ve found you can make a lot of money by picking the right product in the right market.

Here’s how to do this…

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15 “Google-Proof” Ways to Create a Quality Niche Site [Niche Affiliate Income #2]

Niche Affiliate Income

Niche Affiliate IncomeWelcome to the 2nd part of the Niche Affiliate Income Series.

Last time I answered seven questions about building niche sites.  This post will help you learn How to Stop Pandas from Playing in Your Sandbox.

As we discussed, this income model relies heavily on search engine optimization (SEO). Specifically we’re going to target Google.

Unfortunately Google constantly changes what they like and don’t like about websites. They even do frequent updates to their algorithm that weed out what they consider to be low-quality web properties.

They have updates and penalties with cutesy names like:

  • Google Slap
  • Florida Update
  • Panda Update
  • The Sandbox

I won’t go into detail about what each means.  Suffice to say, Google works hard to ensure they give the best search experience to the end user.

What does that mean to you?

You need to build websites that Google loves!

It’s important to know what they want.  That way you can prevent any sort of penalty to your niche sites.

I’ve done an exhaustive amount of research into the Google Panda update.  Plus I’ve even looked at how Google Adwords comes up with their quality score.  (In my opinion, I think these two are related.)

Bottom line is you need an “authority blogger” mentality with niche sites.  Your first concern is to create a quality web experience for the end user.  Only then should you worry about monetizing a niche site.

During my research I found fifteen ways to make Google like your site:

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