YOUR Free Copy of “Affiliate Marketing without the B.S.”

I Love Free Copies of Affiliate Marketing without the B.S.

I Love Free Copies of Affiliate Marketing without the B.S.Here’s another goodie for the holiday season…

It’s been month since I’ve done a giveaway on this blog.  So it’s time to offer a freebie to one lucky person!

This month I’m offering a free copy of the platinum version of my course: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t to one blog commentator.

Before we get to the details, let me discuss what’s coming soon to this blog…

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The Clock is Ticking…

Happy Saturday!

Today is going to be an uber-short post.

This week I finally released Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t product.  As part of this launch, I’m offering a deep discount to all blog readers and email subscribers.

On Monday the 11th (at 12:00 PM – Eastern Standard), I’ll increase this price by at least 30%.

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How to Turn $1091.95 into Lifelong Passive Income

Passive Income - Information ProductsWell… my first Internet Lifestyle product is finally finished.  It’s been a long six months putting this course together.

The end result is I now have something that can produce lifelong passive income.

With that in mind, I want to break down the “financials” of info product creation.  Specifically I’ll give a real world example of what it’s like to invest in an eBook course.   (Maybe this post will give you that extra *nudge* to create your own.)

Audio Version of Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t – $590

Upsells are a great way to create additional product revenue.  The trick is to add extras without filling a sales page with high pressure one-time-offers.

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ANNOUNCING: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**tWell it’s finally here!

I’ve been writing and editing for six (very long) months.

Now I’m pleased to formally announce my first Internet Lifestyle course:

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Okay…this post isn’t designed to ‘sell’ you on this product.

Instead I’ll answer a question I’ve received a few times: “How much will it cost?”

Right now, this course is being offered at a price that’s pretty low considering what’s included.

I’m only doing this for one week.    This isn’t some sort of scarcity tactic.  Come back on Tuesday the 12th and you’ll see I’ve raised the price by at least 30%.

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THE Affiliate Research Formula [Free PDF]

THE Affiliate Research FormulaThis post will be a brief one.

That’s because you’ll need the time to read the free PDF I’m offering today.

As I mentioned last week, I’m going to release my first information product on Monday, July 4th.

It’s called: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t.

The goal of this course is simple – To detail a successful affiliate strategy without the lies and hype you often get from ‘Internet Gurus.’

Now, the major obstacle with selling a make money online course is I have to answer the question that many people have: “Can I make money from what I’ll learn?”

I really can’t guarantee my product will be the magic pill for everyone who reads it.  I think some people will find it useful.  Others won’t.  That’s a fact of life that I can’t change.

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Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t [Final Update]

I’ve had a number of people email me about my product:  “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t”

So today I’ll give the final update on this course and talk about when it’ll be released.

What’s Included in Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

To start, here is a screenshot of the eight modules that’s included:

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