How to Turn Each Blog Post into an Advertisement

Funny AdvertisementIn the last update of the Go Large Project, I described the importance of list segmentation.

Specifically I talked about why you should offer multiple lead magnets on your MWR Blog.

After I published this post, I had a few people ask how to promote these different free reports.

So today I thought we’d talk about the specific technique I use to turn each blog post into an advertisement for your lead magnet (If you want to know more about blogging, then check out this post on WordPress website basics.)

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GLP #3 – How to Optimize to Blog and Convert Search Engine Traffic

A lot is going on with the Go Large Project (GLP). It hasn’t made much money. But we’ve experienced a number of breakthroughs that’s pushing this project to the next level.

{Now if you’re having trouble with starting a blog; I recommend using these blog post ideas.}

The biggest result comes from what I call a “MWR Blog.”

This one concept has produced a number of great results. Specifically we’re getting over 20 subscribers a day from about 300 unique visitors. In my opinion, that’s not a bad starting point.

So today I’d like about the MWR Blog. We’ll discuss what it is and how it can help your affiliate marketing business.

While I can’t show the actual MWR Blog we’re using for this project; I will provide a mock-up of what it looks like.

Once again, there’s a lot to cover. So let’s get to it!

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Why Most “Internet Lifestyle” Gurus Suck

This post might rub a few people the wrong way.  But it is has to be said…

I’ve decided to stop reading most of the content that has to do with the “Internet Lifestyle” niche.  With a few exceptions (ie: relationships I’ve built through this blog), I’ve hit the ole unsubscribe button on everything that has to do with this niche.


Simply put – I find that most of the content is completely useless.

My Internet Marketing Rant on a SoapboxWhat you’ll usually find on an Internet lifestyle site are articles like the following:

Having an Internet business is GREAT – Go buy this product to learn how to do it!


How to be super-duper-really-awesome-and-spectacular in your life


7 secrets to minimizing your possessions to 113 items


21 perfect destinations to become location independent

I’ll admit I’ve published similar articles on this blog.  But I’ve learned this kind of content does NOTHING for anyone who wants more freedom in their life.

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Blog Traffic Blueprint Week 15

Bizarro Superman and Blog traffic Generation

We’ve now arrived at the 15th edition of our Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.  So far, we’ve covered a lot of ground in this series, but there’s still some ways to go.  I have burned through a lot of information on generating blog traffic so far in this series, and I still have some more coming. Bizarro Superman and Blog traffic Generation

But after this post I am going to put the series on a short hiatus and discuss a few other topics on for our Wednesday, “Chats.” I will ultimately work my way back to finishing up this series, have no fear.

If you haven’t implemented the blog traffic strategies from this series yet, take some time to go back to the older posts and work on integrating them into your daily routine.  Now,  on to the business at hand…

As a kid I enjoyed comic books.  As an adult I sometimes read science fiction books with “alternate universes,” – don’t worry, I am not going to go all “full nerd” on you with this post (though tempting), I just have one point to make.

In these comic book worlds and alternative reality stories there is one theme you can find fairly frequently: evil opposite twins.  Superman had an evil alternate from “Bizarro World” and many alternate universes stories also featured some sort of evil opposite.

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Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint Week 14

Social Media and Amplify

We have reached the 14th week of our Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint series.  This is a series where we talk about specific strategies you can use to skyrocket your traffic stats.Social Media and Amplify

For today’s post I am going to talk routine and automation.  These are tasks that are quick-quick-like-a-bunny.  They are perfect to either incorporate into a daily routine (taking only a few minutes a day) or to have as part of a package to hand off to an outsourcer.  The one I will speak about is not a  major tool for traffic, but it has an incredible, “bang for your buck” considering the small amount of time it adds to your routine measured against the potential benefit in traffic and links.

The main traffic method we shall discuss today is  “Amplify”.

Amplify is a great social network, that not everyone knows about.  If you are not yet a member of Amplify it is something that is worth joining even without the consideration of using it to “spread the word” about your information.  Like Twitter and Facebook the more you get involved with Amplify the better your results will be.  These social networks are the epitome of karmic balance the more you repost worthy links and connect with others the more of a positive benefit you gain from the system when you DO post your own links.

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I’ve Quit Blogging…

…For one day

I hope you’ll excuse my little trickery with the headline.  I wrote it to get your attention and talk about an important change on this site.

Today marks one whole year of a blogging streak.  February 15th, 2010 was the last time I missed a day of posting.  I don’t know how I managed to maintain this streak.  Especially since I lived out of a backpack for seven months.

Tomorrow marks another special occasion.  I’ll wake up, log into my computer, and for the first time in a year, I won’t read the responses to my latest post.

That’s because there won’t BE a post!

Yup, I’ve decided to take a day off.

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Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 12]

Welcome to the 12th edition of the Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.  This is a weekly series I’ve created specifically designed to help dramatically increase your web stats.

In the last few sessions we’ve covered a lot of social media tactics.  So let’s keep with that trend!  In week 11, we discussed how to create a “mini-commercial” for a YouTube video.  This is an advertisement that goes at the beginning and the end of your video.

The question is what type of content should you create?

Answering this isn’t that simple.  The content really depends on your market.  What works in one niche might not do well in another.  So it’s important to think of different videos you can create in your market.

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Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 10]

Welcome to the 10th part of the Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.  This series is specifically designed to help drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog.

In the last few weeks we’ve discussed different social media tactics.  Today we’re going to start our discussion of Facebook which is dominating the market right now.  What’s great about Facebook is you can use it to get a lot of targeted traffic.

To be honest, I’m still figuring out this site.  So my Facebook strategies are still a “work in progress.”

(For more on Facebook, I’d recommend checking out the history of Facebook article that Ann wrote.  This gives a great overview of how this social media powerhouse came to be.)

In this traffic tutorial, we’ll start with a few simple things.  Then in future installments, I’ll discuss any recent breakthroughs I discover with Facebook.

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