GLP #5 – Taking a Profitable Site to the Next Level

How to Grow a Profitable Niche SiteIt’s time for another update of the Go Large Project (GLP).

If this is the first time you’ve read about this case study, then it’s important to read these articles.

The goal of this project is to create a full-time income through a website my brother and I started back in late March (2011).  There is a lot of information to absorb.  So be sure to check out the other articles before reading this post.

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Yelling into a vacuum- The importance of online promotion

“Without promotion something terrible happens… Nothing!”- PT Barnum

Importance of online promotionFor the past couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time on an important subject: productivity.

Productivity is all about getting things done.  In the past few weeks I have discussed:

Hopefully these articles have given you some inspirational ideas AND actionable tips on increasing productivity.  So now you have free time.  (Yeah, right!)  It is time to take all those free hours and turn an eye toward online promotion.

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GLP #4 – How to Convert Email Subscribers into Affiliate Sales

Thought I give another update on the Go Large Project.  This time we’ll talk about a concept that’s been converting a lot of traffic into subscribers and turning these subscribers into affiliate sales.  It’s a simple technique in theory, but it requires a bit of hard work.  So let’s get to it!

In the last update, we talked about how to create a MWR Blog.  It’s a site that’s specifically designed around one goal – Get people to subscribe to an email list. 

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GLP #2 – How to Create a Massive Traffic-Pulling Affiliate Site

It’s been a month and a half since I’ve posted an update on the Go Large Project (GLP). So in a typical Monday post fashion, I’d like to detail a number of strategies that are working for my Internet business.

Specifically I’m going to detail how to build a large scale affiliate site that generates a LOT of traffic.

If you have any interest in building a profitable affiliate niche site then you’ll want to read this entire article.  I’m going to discuss a lot of concepts you can immediately apply to your business.  (Also, you might want to learn about Google places optimization to get additional traffic.)

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23 A/B Split Tests that Get More Subscribers for Your Email List

A squeeze page is the foundation of any online business.  It’s the place where you offer a free report or “lead magnet” to get people to join your email list.  And it’s through these subscribers that you generate a large portion of your Internet income.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to optimize a squeeze page and make sure you’re maximizing the number of people who subscribe.

How do you do this?

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How to Build an Affiliate Autoresponder Sequence without “Burning” a List

What’s the secret to earning a full-time affiliate income with email marketing?

It starts with the perfect email autoresponder sequence.

With an autoresponder, you get to contact subscribers multiple times about an affiliate offer.   The best part is it’s a “set it and forget it” solution.  All you have to is to create a sequence one time and it’ll make money for years to come.

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My $3,911.32 Affiliate Income Day: 8 Lessons YOU Can Learn

At first, it was a pretty typical weekend.  I spent all of Saturday skiing and took a day off from “work”…never turning on my computer.  Then on Sunday I woke up and drove over to my friend’s house for a few hours of Texas Hold Em.

While my buddies got the table ready, I remembered the email promotion I sent that morning to my affiliate marketing list.  So I decided to quickly log into my account and see how it did.

My Best Affiliate Marketing Day...EverWhen I saw the results, I thought somebody in Clickbank made a HUGE mistake.  My earnings were at $1,300…more than I’ve ever made in a single day….and this was at 12 in the afternoon.

Seriously, I felt one of those people who check their ATM balance and discover the bank has accidentally deposited $55,000 into their account.  For a few seconds I thought I was on a bad episode of Punk’d.

But all this money really did come from a promotion I did for a new product.  It wasn’t a trick.  I was actually making a lot of money from an email that took me five minutes to write.

It kept getting better throughout the day.  Every half hour I would check my iPhone and see how much I earned…giggling like a little schoolgirl every time I looked at Clickbank.  By the end of the day, I earned a total of $3,911.32!

Okay, I didn’t tell this story to brag.  And I’m not trying to *sell* you on any particular program or website.  All I want you to do is watch this video where I detail eight lessons I learned from my best day as an affiliate marketer.

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Lead Magnet: THE Secret Ingredient to Email List Building

What’s the secret to building a massive email list?

You offer what’s known as a “lead magnet.”

A lead magnet is a small report that a person downloads in exchange for entering their email address.

In this post, I’ll list my proven formula for creating a lead magnet.  Pay close attention because this is the exact system I’ve successfully used since I started my affiliate business back in 2006…

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6 Affiliate Marketing Emails that MAKE You Money

Affiliate Marketing Email Templates

Affiliate Marketing Email TemplatesUp till now, I’ve been pretty hush-hush about my affiliate marketing strategies.

So today, I’ve decide to pull back the curtain and break down SIX email prototypes I regularly send to my affiliate marketing list.

This is going to be a very detailed post – Filled with important lessons I’ve learned in the last four years.

So I urge you to stop what you’re doing right now and pay close attention to this post.  If implemented on a targeted niche list, these affiliate emails will make you money.

(If you want to know more about this topic, then I recommend you check out my special report which covers 45 email marketing tips.)

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Successful Info Product Creation and Marketing [Part 3]

Hello again! Today we’re going to review the 3rd part in our series about how to create an information product and market it. Up till now we’re covered a few important principles: The creation process and presentation.

So what are we covering in this section? In a word, Systems.

As I mentioned in a post about affiliate marketing, I’m a firm believer in systems thinking. But this also applies to how I structure my information product.

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