11 Article Marketing Lessons YOU can Learn from an Account with 2,338,985 Views

Do you use ezine-articles a major part of your article marketing strategies?  If so, you’ll want to pay close attention to this po

Today, I’m going to reveal 11 lessons from an article marketing account that has over 2,338,985 Views.  I learned these the hard way – By making LOTS of mistakes!

So read on to see how to take your ezine articles to the next level.  (Also keep an eye out for the free article template hidden somewhere in this post.)


POST PANDA NOTE:  Since this article was written the Google “Panda” and “Scrapper” have come and gone.  6 months have nearly come and gone since these updates.  This has been enough time to prove that these article marketing strategies do, in fact, still work.

Let’s be honest.  The days of writing a single ezine-article and having it rank #1 for competitive keywords are long gone.  This is as much due to increased competition as the Google updates.  But article marketing is far from dead.

The Article Marketing Strategies in this post have been changed (where needed) to better match the Post-Panda article marketing world.

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GLP #1 – How to Outsource Ezine Article Creation

On Tuesday I wrote an article that introduced my “Go Large Project” (GLP). This is a case study where I take a successful affiliate promotion and maximize the results.  Today, I’d like to give a quick update on this project and talk about the right way to outsource ezine articles.

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