How to Complete your eBook Masterpiece – Even if you HATE Writing

In the last month I’ve talked a lot about affiliate marketing.  So let’s shift focus and discuss the other way I make an online income – Selling eBooks.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent business model.  But I’ve found that offering an information product is how you make the real money. Currently I only have a single eBook offer.   Yet this product nets me an average of $3,000 to $4,000 of income each month. The best part is I only work an hour each week on this site. So this money is almost 100% passive income.

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The 8 Step Guide to Creating & Launching Your First Ebook the Successful Way

Today we have a guest post by Moon Hussain.   I like it because it talks about one of my favorite subjects – Writing an eBook.  As you know, I’m always harping on about the importance of offering a free lead magnet.  I recommend reading Moon’s post because goes into a step-by-step action plan for completing an eBook and offering it to your audience.  Enjoy!

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Short Term Income vs. Information Product Income

As you know, I’m putting together a report on how to earn income from the Internet.  I’ve already finished the rough draft and the final version is almost completed.

What I found interesting is there’s a lot more ways to earn short-term income (within one month) than I originally thought.  Actually when I talked to my brother, he and I figured out at least 10 different ways to make money within a few weeks of starting.  This got me thinking…

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It’s Too Late…

As mentioned in last week’s announcement, I’ve decided to remove all seventeen lessons from my “Info Income Coaching Class” and turn them into the first full-blown product offered through this blog.  True to my word, I deleted everything this morning.   No longer do you have access to the step-by-step blueprint that I’ve personally used to fund my travels through Europe.

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Info Income Coaching Class [Graduation]

Today is graduation day. After completing the assignments for the last sixteen weeks you now have an information product that’s ready to make money for years to come. Don’t think it’s possible? Well, I released my first eBook almost two years ago and it still earns a consistent income of $3K to $4K each month with minimal supervision.

Info Income Coaching Class [Week 15]

I’m really excited about today’s lesson. Why is that? Because we’re going to discuss the “meat and potatoes” of how to really make money with an eBook. If you remember in a previous lesson I told you to offer a 75% sales commission to affiliates. You do this because money is made with the back-end income stream you’ll create in this lesson. So let’s talk about how to do this…

Info Income Coaching Class [Week 14]

Okay class, we’ve reached the 14th week of our course on how to create a profitable information product. It’s been a long road. There’s been a lot of information covered in the last 3+ months. Fortunately we’re near the end of our time together. After today, there are a few more classes to go. So if you missed anything, now is the time to review the previous lessons.

What are we talking about today? In this lesson we’re going to finish our discussion of how to promote an information product. Before we get to that, I’d like to…

Info Income Coaching Class [Week 13]

Today I’m going to cover the third – How to actively recruit a large number of affiliates
At the end of this lesson you’ll have an affiliate program that can sustain itself for years to come. We’re going to take the tools you created last time and use them to entice people to promote your eBook. The best way to do this is to follow what I call the “4 Phases of Affiliate Recruitment:”

Info Income Coaching Class [Week 12]

It’s that time again! We’ve reached the 12th week of our course on creating a passive, long-term income with an eBook. If you haven’t completed the lessons then here’s a great place to get started.
If you remember from last week I said there are three major steps for creating a successful affiliate program. They are:
1) Offer a great product that affiliates want to promote
2) Build an affiliate program full of useful sales tools
3) Actively recruit a large number of affiliates
Last week I discussed how to offer a product that affiliates want to promote. This week we’re going to discuss how to build a program that’s full of useful sales tools. So let’s get started!
The “Wow” Factor of an Affiliate Program
Without fail, every week I receive an email from somebody complementing my affiliate program. This isn’t accidental. Over two years ago, I made the commitment to build a top-notch program that makes people go “wow” when they see how much support that’s offered. And while it took a long time to set up, I’m pretty proud of the fact that my affiliate center is helpful to the folks promoting my eBook.
Like I said last week, running an affiliate program for an information product is a competition. To stand out from the crowd, you need to offer tools and support that others aren’t willing to take the time to create. Once put into place, these tools will help make it easy for affiliates to make sales.
Sales = A happy affiliate.
And a happy affiliate is a loyal affiliate.
What to Include in an Affiliate Program
Let me be straight with you… It’s not easy to build a successful affiliate program. Honestly, it took me almost two months to put mine together. I outsourced some stuff and also spent a lot of time writing. This process wasn’t easy but the end result was an affiliate program I feel is better than almost any in my niche.
So what it does it take to put together a great affiliate program? Well you have to include a number of tools. They include:
1) eBook Cover Images- These are the graphical images of your product. I recommend offering the image in three different 3-D sizes and one image in a flat format.

2) Banner Ads- While I personally don’t believe that banner ads work, I make sure they’re offered to my affiliates. You should create banners that fit the standard sizes – Skyscraper (160*600), Square Box (250*250), Mini Square Box (125*125), Full Size Horizontal (468*60), and Half Size Horizontal (234*30).

3) Autoresponder Course- Include a series of at least 7 emails that presell your eBook. These should be a linear series which mix content with a bit of aggressive marketing. Also be sure to include information for affiliates on how to customize these autoresponders.

4) Lead Magnet- Offer a free report to your affiliates they can rebrand with their link. This can either be used to give away or to build their list. For more on lead magnets read part 1 and part 2 of my posts that discuss this concept.

5) Squeeze Page Template- A squeeze (or landing) page is a mechanism for building a list. Most affiliates don’t know how to do this. But if you give them a lead magnet, a squeeze page, and an autoresponder series you’ll help them pick up a lot of sales.

6) Sample Presell Page- Presell pages is a way to discuss the product and tell prospects why your product will help their life. Offering a presell page is a great alternative for affiliates who aren’t interested in building a list.

7) Talking Points List- This is a list of blurbs/information of your product that affiliates use to create their own personalized review. It can include bullet points from your salespage, testimonial from customers, the table of contents and a general overview of your offer.

8) Text Links- Offer your affiliates a list of 7+ different text links they can insert into an ezine, forum, email or a blog. These are similar to banner ads where the prospect isn’t given much information about your product…just a quick teaser to get them to click the link.

9) Email Recommendations- These are different from the autoresponders because they go to the “big gurus” who already have established lists. I like to offer three different recommendations-A short version, a long version and one that promotes my free offer.

10) PPC Keyword List- This is a large list of words people enter into search engines in order to find information related to the topic of your eBook. Instead of making affiliates the good phrases in your niche, give them a list you’ve already researched.

11) Sample PPC Ad- While I’m definitely not an expert on pay per click, I do offer a few sample ads affiliates can use to promote my product.

12) PLR Articles- Instead of offering generic articles that can’t be edited, I recommend creating at least 7 to 10 articles affiliates can rewrite and use to promote your site. This will help them bypass that initial marketing hurdle that many experience when getting started.

13) A Step-by-Step Plan- Don’t just offer tools to your affiliates. Give them a blueprint for how they can make money with your site.

14) Squeeze Page to Recruit Affiliates- Most eBook owners have an affiliate page that’s filled with basic information and tools. Instead of doing that, I recommend turning your first page where you get them to enter their name and email. You can get them to do this by offering the free step-by-step guide I just mentioned.

Of course, you want to provide a link to your affiliate area at the end of this squeeze page. This is for the people who don’t want to subscribe.

15) Consistent Email Follow Up- Once somebody is on your affiliate email list, you want to regularly contact them. Use these messages to teach a marketing trick or to hold contests. You’d be surprised at how many sales you can pick up by contacting affiliates on a consistent basis.
Like I said, this is going to take a lot of hard work. But once this is completed you’ll have one of the best affiliate programs in your niche. The payoff is you’ll make a lot of money for years to come!
This Week’s Assignment
I promised you last time that this wasn’t going to be an easy week. Obviously you’re not going to finish everything in seven days. But I do want you to do your best to put together as much as you can. Just go through the first couple of affiliate tools and methodically work your way down the list.
Ring, ring, ring
Well, that sound means our time here is done. I’ve gave you a bunch of ideas. Now it’s time for you to put them into action. It’s going to be a lot of hard work but I know you can do it!

Info Income Coaching Class [Week 11]

From my experience, the only way to succeed with an eBook is to implement a sound marketing plan. And that’s the remainder of this course is about – How to successfully market your eBook. Today we’re going to cover the most important ingredient for promoting your creative work…