How to “Test” Your Way to Online Success

On Tuesday, I discussed my concept of doing a “human split-test” when it comes to hiring an outsource worker.  While I covered the technique I use for finding a quality worker, I didn’t discuss why split-testing should be a vital part of your business.

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Finding Profitable Niches in Clickbank and Commission Junction [Video]

Today we’re going to continue our video series that teaches different Internet Marketing techniques. In last week’s clip, I showed a video about how to do keyword research with Google Adwords. The idea here is you can use this free tool to find phrases people are using to find information. And once you have a collection of quality keywords, you can start look into potential niches.

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Internet Marketing Hacking Explained

For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to come up with a general theme for this site. If you’ve read some of my posts then you’ve seen that I talk about a wide variety of subjects. Like personal growth, lifestyle design, and online business success.

The problem I’m having is this… In my head, these are all related to one another. But to the outside observer, I feel like these general topics might seem unrelated. In fact, some of them could appear to be completely contradictory.

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Successful Info Product Creation [Part 4]

Okay, we’ve come to the conclusion of our discussion of how to create an information product and then market it. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

  1. The creation process of an info product
  2. The presentation of what you’re selling
  3. The importance of creating systems to maximize efficiency and sales

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Successful Info Product Creation and Marketing [Part 3]

Hello again! Today we’re going to review the 3rd part in our series about how to create an information product and market it. Up till now we’re covered a few important principles: The creation process and presentation.

So what are we covering in this section? In a word, Systems.

As I mentioned in a post about affiliate marketing, I’m a firm believer in systems thinking. But this also applies to how I structure my information product.

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Successful Info Product Creation and Marketing [Part 2]

Okay, here’s the 2nd part of my mini-course about how to create and market a successful information product. In the last post, I covered a few points about the creation process. Specifically I recommended that you define your own level of success, be ultra-specific with your niche topic, and focus on solving your customer’s problems.

Today I want to continue the next phase of this process. Here we’re going to discuss what I like to call the “Presentation” aspect of an info product.

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Successful Info Product Creation and Marketing [Part 1]

Today, I want to follow-up on Thursday’s post about information products. Like I mentioned, I just finished with the 2nd edition of my ebook and was pretty excited that I had one less thing on my “to-do list” to worry about.

The problem is I’ve recently come up with 100+ different product ideas for this blog. So I have that sinking feeling like I’m about to go through this whole process again (and again, and again, and…)

Anyway, I got to thinking over the weekend about how I’ve haven’t written a thing on this blog about information products. And since my eBook is almost half of my income, I feel it’s important to talk about a few things I’ve learned during the first year of marketing this product.

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Getting the Information Product “Monkey” Off My Back

I’m really happy today. Why’s that? Well because I finally finished the 2nd edition of my information product. To be honest, this is a project that’s been hanging over my head for 6 months. Unfortunately I’ve been hemming and hawing about working on it.

But since I recently decided to go on a lengthy trip, I knew this was something that had to be completed.

You know the interesting thing? Once I started working on it, the project only took a month to complete. That’s right. It only took four weeks to edit and write a 67,000 word information product.

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