Can Money Buy Happiness? The $75,000 Question…

We’ve all wondered about the question “Can Money Buy Happiness.”  Today, my brother Gene has a guest post that answers this question.  So read below and chime in with your own thoughts…

We live in a world where money matters.  Money gets you what you want and most people desire it.   Some even lust after it.  Yet if you take a random sampling of people and ask them if money can give them happiness most will say that it cannot.

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How to Plan Your Life and Get What You REALLY Want

(This is a quick introduction to the concept of how to create a life plan. If you’re interested in this topic, then you can read more in the free report called “Life Plan Mastery” which is available on the top right part of this page.)

Have you ever noticed that most of us go through our lives wanting? It almost seems like we care more about the things we want to happen in the future than we care about the present.

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Work Anywhere By Being Location Independent

Growing up, I had an uncle who the whole family thought was a bit of a whack job.

Whenever they spoke about Uncle Rick, some of my relatives would roll their eyes and nod their heads in unison with sympathetic glances and sighs. “Oh, Uncle Rick is in the Everglades or Uncle Rick is mountain climbing in South America” were the typical responses that I heard when I asked if he would be joining us for Christmas.

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Make Money Now By Doing What You Love

The internet is definitely my favorite resource for research and learning, but I’ve been reading something that I’ve started recommending to anyone who will listen. The book I’ve discovered– Crush It: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk– offers some pretty simple, straightforward advice about how to get what you really want out of life.

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Embark on Your Hero’s Journey

Have you ever noticed that a lot of movies are so predictable that you know what’s going to happen before it does?

You know what I’m talking about – the poor guy (or girl) has to struggle his whole life but somehow he rises to the top, manages to get the girl of his dreams, fight off all the bad guys, and lives happily ever after.

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Achieve Success By Focusing On Your Core Genius

I’ve got a confession to make…

I absolutely, positively love creating systems.I get a charge by planning out something in my head and seeing this vision come to reality.Perhaps I get this from my dad who is the same way.

You might think it’s kinda weird or geeky, but I have a different viewpoint. I consider this quirk to be my core genius.

Yes, my core genius.

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What is Lifestyle Design?

One of the main topics I’ll be covering on this site is Lifestyle Design. So what is it? In his book The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss describes lifestyle design as a way to structure your life so you enjoy it right now instead of waiting till retirement.

Tim discussed how there’s a lot of misinformation about wealth. His ideas challenge the premise that you need millions in the bank before you get to fulfill your dreams. The idea behind lifestyle design is to stop putting off your goals. With a little bit of creativity and planning you can create ANY reality… starting today


Now I’ll admit that lifestyle design is a crazy concept for some. It seemed like a wacky idea to me at first. So in this post I’m going to cover the basics of lifestyle design and hopefully show that it’s something that most people can do in their lives.

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