THE Fast Way to Make Money (The 30-Day Plan for Making $1000)

I Need $1000

I Need $1000I have a simple philosophy when it comes to Internet income – Build a long-term business.

In other words, don’t fall for the get rich quick mentality that prevents success from happening.

Unfortunately some people don’t have the time to create future income.

They need money. And they need it now.

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Short Term Income vs. Information Product Income

As you know, I’m putting together a report on how to earn income from the Internet.  I’ve already finished the rough draft and the final version is almost completed.

What I found interesting is there’s a lot more ways to earn short-term income (within one month) than I originally thought.  Actually when I talked to my brother, he and I figured out at least 10 different ways to make money within a few weeks of starting.  This got me thinking…

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