The Drumbeat of the Internet and the Rebirth of the Mom-and-Pop Store

Drumbeat of the internet-Create Quality Content

Drumbeat of the internet-Create Quality ContentFollowing Google Panda there has been a continuous drumbeat heard ‘round the ‘net.

The drumbeat sounds like this:

Ba dum bum bum


ba ba bum bum bum


be ba bum bum bum


tiki tiki boom

Over and over you hear it.

Create Quality Content.  Create Quality Content. Content is King.  Content Matters. Create Quality Content!!!

Are you sick of it yet?

Well…  not me.  That drumbeat is like sweet music to my ears.

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Cleaning House and Creating the Perfect eBook

creating the perfect ebook

creating the perfect ebookWelcome to another Steve Scott Site Saturday link post.  Today’s post will be a quick discussion on some “housekeeping” items as well as a quick discussion on writing eBooks.

With Memorial Day just around the corner, Summer seems to be bearing down on us like an inexorable horde of zombies (Happy Zombie Awareness month!).  While Spring is still here, it is time to start our Saturday chat with a little bit of spring cleaning.


First of off is a little change of business.  Thanks to this nofollow/dofollow post by Ana, I decided to make a small change to my nofollow policy by using the nofollowfree plugin.  What does that mean to most of the comments on here?  Probably very little.

Right now I give away up to two links for each comment.  The “name” block, which has Keywordluv enabled and the commentluv block.  This new plug-in does nothing to change the commentluv block.  It is still dofollow and will be for the foreseeable future.

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Yelling into a vacuum- The importance of online promotion

“Without promotion something terrible happens… Nothing!”- PT Barnum

Importance of online promotionFor the past couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time on an important subject: productivity.

Productivity is all about getting things done.  In the past few weeks I have discussed:

Hopefully these articles have given you some inspirational ideas AND actionable tips on increasing productivity.  So now you have free time.  (Yeah, right!)  It is time to take all those free hours and turn an eye toward online promotion.

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Motivation: What it takes to succeed

Motivation: What it takes to succeed

Motivation has been on my mind a lot this week.  Why do we do the things we do.  What tools and tricks can we use to motivate ourselves to get things done.Motivation: What it takes to succeed

This week we had a great guest post by Danny about the topic of motivation and eliminating the mindset that holds us back.

-Check out some great articles Danny has about viral marketing this week:

Talking about motivation is nothing new here. I have written a  few articles about motivation and getting things done over the past year.  I think that understanding what motivates us is key.

Everyone should understand the things that drive them to succeed, or as Peter puts it, the things that get you motivated each day.

To be successful with the “Internet Lifestyle” there is a lot of work that has to be done.  Whether your approach to it is more from an affiliate marketer angle or as a blogger.

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Hey! Your Karma Hit my Dogma – A Steve Scott Weekly Roundup

Your Karma Hit my Dogma

Your Karma Hit my DogmaIt is time for yet another Steve Scott Site weekly roundup.  This week’s posts are on the subject or good Karmic and Dogmatic practices for getting ahead online.

It is where the esoteric “right things to do online” meet the well-known practices for success.

Yes! It is where the Karma hit the Dogma.

I will not belabor the bad pun with a long lead-in.  Let’s just get to this week’s links, where there are no weak links (I just can’t stop)…

This Saturday, we’ve got a lot of great links – Including a couple of great reads on Brand Linkbuilding.

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What you can learn about succeeding online from being a nerd.

What you can learn from being a nerd.

I have a secret.

I am a nerd.  I try to hide it sometimes, but it is a fact… so there it is.

What you can learn from being a nerd.
Steve Scott on The Iron Throne of Westeros

I took an hour plus train-ride into NYC yesterday.  Then, I walked from Penn. Station to Columbus circle.  Just so that I could get this picture you see with me sitting on the “Iron Throne”.

I am an avid reader of a lot genre of books.  One type that I particularly enjoy is fantasy.  Specifically the writing of George RR Martin, who wrote the series that the new HBO television series, “Game of Thrones” is based on.

Like any real nerdy fan-boy my love for this specific series of books may go beyond normal appreciation into a near obsession.  I had been thinking about making my next trip around July 10th, then realized the next book in the series (which, in my defense, I have been waiting nearly 5 years for) comes out on the 12th, so traveling before I read that would be an impossibility.

I simply wouldn’t enjoy it knowing I could be reading the book.

What you can learn from being a nerd.

The whole point of this article is not to tell you how much of a nerd I can be.

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Steve Scott’s Saturday Selections – April 2- 2011

Next Week's Goals

Being an Affiliate Marketer requires a few important things.  One of these items, I have noticed, is a photo of yourself on the beach next to a beautiful woman, sipping a Pina Colada with a laptop in front sitting in front of you.  This is essential because you MUST show how little effort the Internet Lifestyle requires, right.

Next Week's Goals
My Goals for the next 10 days

Now for anyone who has read this site before knows I wrote the preceding paragraph with just a little bit of sarcasm.  I have always stated that to make a success online takes one heck of a lot of work.

The myths of instant and easy success are just that: myths.

It is just another way for the “sharps” to separate the fool and his money.

I mention this because as you read this I am flying to Belize with my girlfriend, and you can bet your butt I plan on taking said picture, with said Pina Colada and said laptop.  I just hope you all are clued into the irony of the whole thing.

The main reason to mention this is to let you know what difference it makes for the next ten days.  The short answer is not much.  I have my next 3 posts done.  The next two Monday posts are done.  They are huge and I hope you will think they are jam packed with great info.  I have a guest post done by Paul ready to go for next week, and my brother will be doing next Saturdays post.

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With you Bloggers the Force Will be- This Weeks Best Blog Posts -by Yoda, Jedi Master

Yoda and the Internet Lifestyle

My Saturday posts are a chance to have fun and also give back by providing some links to great content.  Sometimes I go off on some pretty strange and esoteric topics.  It is all about having fun, giving out some good information and sometimes trying something new.  I have been swamped with work recently, and I am starting to make some preparations for a short trip to Belize so I asked the wisest person I know help me with today’s post.

Yoda and the Internet Lifestyle
Do or Do Not! There is no try in the internet lifestyle


Blogger’s Using The Force this Week -by Yoda of Dagobah

Yoda is a Jedi-knight who is over 9000 years old, he is has been around a long long time and comes from a galaxy far far away.  He is a wise creature who has seen a lot and deals with technology on a daily basis. (see: Lightsabers) The reports of Yoda’s untimely death have been greatly exaggerated; nothing can keep the irrepressible little green guy down for long.  Without further ado, here is Yoda’s list of blog posts that use the Force, take it away Master Yoda:

Yoda speaks blogging:

“Thanks, Steve, glad to be here, am I.  One thing, clear up, I must, before into this week’s blog posts, I dig.  Midcholorians.  Herh herh herh.

The deal, here is!  Joke, it was.  Real pain-in-the butt, Mace Windu was, when a student he was.  The other Masters and I called him “Mace Windbag,” we did.  Tired of his preaching, we were, so we invented this crazy overly elaborate story about Midicholorians, we did.   Powering the force, we said.  Laugh at that foolishness, we did.  But then into the movies, that story went.  On us, the final joke was.

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Steve Scotts Saturday Selection- A Nice Spring Day

Beautiful Spring Day

Update: Are you looking for more free graphics?  Besides downloading the spring image; there are additional places to find low-cost, even free images.  Just check out my blog post which discusses 6 eye-catching graphics that ALL people need

Once again, here we are.  Mid-day on another Saturday.  Half the weekend is gone already.  I am not sure what it is like where you are at, but for the last few days in New Jersey;  Spring has arrived!

The sun is out and birds are chirping as I type this post. Beautiful Spring Day

I would never encourage anyone to NOT read my post.

But once you are done reading, if the weather where you are at is nice, it may be time put away the computer and go outside and enjoy the weather.

Ummm.  Yeah.  Outside… Errrr..  it’s this thing that is “away from the computer.” 

I know.  I know.  It may have been a while.

Let’s not dawdle, let’s get done with the list and get you out to the sunshine.

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Steve Scotts Saturday Sheen Roundup- The Best of Blogging with a Healhy Dose of Charlie Sheen

Rockstar and Internet Lifestyle

Chances are you have heard of Charlie Sheen and his slew of recent troubles and tribulations.  Hopefully this is something that my international followers are clued in about.    I will not bore you with a recap of details.  If you are not up to date you may want to check out this this video.  It is only a snippet of the stuff he has done over the past few weeks.

I have been endlessly captivated by his antics and trying to decide whether they constitute flashes of brilliance or insane ramblings of a madman.  Is Charlie Sheen crazy or crazy like a Fox?

***All of the section headers are direct Charlie Sheen quotes for your reading pleasure.

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