Steve’s Sunday Selection 28 November 2010

Social Media Guides

One of my goals now that I am back in the United States is to improve the quality (as well as continuing to grow quantity) of my social networking.  At the moment I am still “fairly” automated, which has definite good points, as I pointed out in this Twitter Article.   But I am also desiring to make more person to person interactions and connections with Twitter/ Facebook followers.

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Steves Sunday Selections 21 November 2010

Thanksgiving for the Affiliate marketer

Hello again everyone.  Welcome to another Steve Scott’s Sunday Selection.  I hope that you all have had a wonderful week.  The big topic of the coming week will be Thanksgiving.  At least for those in the US.  This is a popular holiday that has come to mean a time of togetherness, family and a big relaxing meal.  Oh and football lot and lots of American Football.

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Steves Sunday Selection 14 November 2010

The Snooki

Another Sunday, another list.  I get that feeling of Déjà vu all over again.  Except now it IS different.  I am not waking up next to Slaad and Vieter (the techno twins) in a Hostel.  I am back in New Jersey;  the land of Milk and Honey and the home of the Jersey Devil.  No, I am not talking tall red cloven-hooved monster that stalks the Pine Barrens.  I am talking about the short red cloven-hooved monster who stalks closer to the area I live:  The Jersey ShoreEeeek!

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Steves Sunday Selection 7 November 2010

Social Media Secrets for Lifestyle Design

Happy Sunday morning to you all.  I hope you are all doing well.  I know I am.  I am now getting ready to head back home to the United States after my 7 month tour of Europe.  It has been a blast but I am ready for some time back home.  I have some big plans for things coming up I want to really get into.  Let’s jump right in with some picks.

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Steves Sunday Selections 24 Oct 2010

Lifestyle Design X-man

Most of the future plans for the Steve Scott Site revolve around actions:  driving traffic, escaping from the rat race as well as a few other ideas I have on things to do. To balance some of that action I wanted to link to some articles today that are all about the inside.  They all have to do with getting your head straight.  A little review of a few ideas to prepare you for action.

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Steves Sunday Selection 10 Oct 2010

Lifestyle Design Barbarian

Time for our weekly roundup of Steve’s Sunday Selections! Today we have a specific selection of posts. Let’s get started…

Happy Sunday morning to you all!  I have no Pirates, Ninja’s, or Vampires for you this week.  It is time to leave behind the fantasy….  Yes, yes  I know Vampires are real…  As I was saying, it is time to leave the fantasy behind and get back to just talking about real things.

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Steves Sunday Selection 3 Oct 2010

Chocolatey Goodness of Lifestyle Design

For the last two weeks I brought Pirates and Ninja’s to the Sunday selection.  I had been thinking of trying to go for a hat-trick if I could find something that was a suitable and interesting “subject” matter.  Maybe Vampires?

Then Jennifer mentioned exactly that.  Initial thought was “uh oh.” You see, I had thought of a vampire theme but if people were expecting it…my oddball way of keeping the Sunday posts fresh might be too predictable.

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Steves Sunday Selection September 19 2010

Steves Sunday Selection Pirate

The pirate speaks,”Good Afternoon and welcome t’ another of Fish Breath Steve’s Sunday Selections. This Sunday I have Fall, Writin’ and aye, Pirates on me mind. Pirate’s: peg legged, eyepatched freebooters o’ t’ sea .  Why Pirates you ask? Well for one reason, why not? When aren’t good pirate stories interestin’.  But t’ main reason be that today, Sunday t’ 19th, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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Steve’s Sunday Selection Sept. 5, 2010

Here we are once again, time for this week’s Steve Sunday Selections. This week there is a definite theme. I have been thinking a lot on ways to improve my blog. When collecting my list I noticed a preponderance of articles on the subject of blogging. Rather than fight the inevitable I succumbed to it; this week’s selections are all about blogging in one way or another. (Some of them only loosely related, though.)

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Steve’s Sunday Selection August 29, 2010

Once again it is another Sunday.  End of the month too.  September:  time for the kiddies to go back to school and just about the end of the idyllic days of summer.   It has been a pain in butt week; having to deal with a computer virus on top of everything else.  Anyhow,that is all last week.  It is now time to look forward to the week to come and review the good things to learn from last week.

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