Steves Sunday Selection 17 Oct 2010

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“Water, Water Everywhere and not a Drop to Drink”

Before I jump into all the hijinks and shenanigans that is the Sunday Selection I have a couple of really important posts to discuss.  Once a Year there is a Blog Action Day.  This is a day when normal bloggers get together and do their part to try to raise the profile of an important issue.  I came late to this great cause and missed my chance to join in with a post.  Just because Blog Action Day has passed does not mean that the opportunity to give to this wonderful cause (or any cause) has passed.

This year’s theme was the need for water in developing nations.  Here are two different takes on the subject from friends of the Steve Scott Site:  Karen and Jennifer.  I read a couple other articles on this topic that were also wonderful and I want to thank everyone who took the time to make a blog post for Blog Action Day.  Furthermore I want to encourage every one of my readers to do the second part of “Blog Action” day.  Read these posts and take some form of Action.  If you cannot afford a monetary donation, read some of the great conservation tips and do your part that way.

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