5 Levels of “Thank You” Page Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s been said that a “Thank You” page is the most important piece of real estate in your Internet business.  My own tests have proven that you can generate a sizable income from this single page – Even from freebie seekers.

I’ve earned (at least) $2000 each month (March to May) from my thank you page.  This is from people who download my free lead magnet and are taken to a simple page with a small advertisement.  There’s nothing special involved in this process; just quick instructions and an click-able image.  Yet it generates a nice income stream.

Now, there is a risk when trying to monetize a thank you page.  Some subscribers will instantly label you as a ‘marketer.’  Often this is the kiss-of-death if you want long-term income from your email list.

Through my experiences, I have found there are five levels of a thank-you page.  Each differs in their amount of “pushy” marketing tactics.  So I decided to map out these levels in this ultra-basic infographic (I’m still working my way through Tristan’s course…so it’s nothing fancy.)

Below you’ll see what’s possible with a “Thank You” page.  It can be used to establish a great relationship with subscribers.  Or you can turn it into a nice little profit-center.  So click on this image to see what’s possible:

5 Levels of the Thank You Page

Now I’ll turn it over to you.

Do you use a “Thank You” page?  Is so, how much pushiness do you believe should be used?

Please comment below…

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37 thoughts on “5 Levels of “Thank You” Page Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. Good morning Steve:

    Being pushy to me is not a good trait for selling, rather being impressive is, or may be it is one and the same thing as one is more polite than the other. So I will use the polite version. But, then again, knowing everything about Internet marketing I am worst in list building So, may be it is time for me to change if I need to move ahead.

    Your info-graphics is very simple or basic, compare to lots of advanced things you do. Seeing your kind of info-graphics, I feel I can do it too. Good Introduction.

    Make it a super profitable day for yourself

    • I agree. Pushiness has its limits. I personally hate seeing the 5 star level of this. Even within’ each level there are gradients for how pushy you will be. I do some of what I call 4 star pushiness here. But i try to keep my message low-key, because, like you i try to have some quality in the list itself and i DO hesitate to come off as too pushy early on.

      On the other hand…it is valuable “real estate” so in some ways it is similar to the “pop-over” debate.

      It works, it will make you more money, but what is …enough? I can certainly see validity in both the aggressive and passive arguments for this.

  2. After reading your excellent eBook Empire, Steve, I put an affiliate review plus image of Darren Rowse’s books on my Thank You page underneath the download of my free eBook button. I guess that gives me 4-stars of pushiness. We’ll see how it goes. But I totally get your point that after someone’s got something good for free they’re more ready to buy something else.

    • Rob,

      Nothing wrong with occasionally hitting the 4 star pushiness rating.

      I am personally not a fan of the 5 star pushiness and making a fake ‘scarcity’ in a product to boost sales, but imo there is nothing “wrong” with 4 star pushiness.

      I guess at least as long as you are not always that pushy. My thank you pages all fall in either 3-4 stars.
      The reason this tactic work even goes beyond people being primed to”buy something else” (though, of course, that is 100% true.)

      There is a release of endorphins when someone makes a “buying decision” this actually makes them feel good and psychologically more primed to make another.

      The uptick in sales here may be less than 1%. But given a large enough group sample size this can be considerable.

  3. HI Steve

    At the moment I haven’t used a Thankyou Page. What an excellent way to generate income. You seem to have all bases covered Steve.

    Maybe with my new site I will think about implementing this strategy. I do agree that if you build trust with free content people will be more ready to trust and buy. I know I will be buying your ebook when it’s available 🙂

    Have a great week Steve and thanks for more information to inspire us with. And so far the 30Day post is proving a motivator for me too.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Patricia,

      You definitely should have ‘some’ sort of thank you page. I can understand if you want to keep it “low key”. But (IMO) it is too effective to completely ignore.

      With just starting out (your new site) I probably would air on the side of caution and keep the ‘pushiness’ of the message to a minimum. But having -something- in place there is helpful. Even if it is low-key.

  4. Hi Steve,
    That is really a nice chart comparing the different type of effect different thank you pages have on readers. I have not yet started using a thank you page but I am thinking to do so. This will certainly be a lot helpful to me.


    • Thanks Shiva.

      You will definetely find a thank you page useful. Even if you use a low pushiness factor. The fact of the matter is it works. It can easily add sales and signups.

  5. The Thank You page is such a great opportunity to spur up additional actions which boggles my mind because so few people take advantage of this page. You don’t have to overload people on this page; hell, you can have it a very sincere thank you but the great things about the page, overall, is that people have already “voted” that they are interested in what you have to offer so if you show them something more than they will be very likely to invest time into something that will further improve their chances of success.

    • I agree. I have done thank you pages from fairly “hard” sales. To the barest “whisper” of a sale. A lot of it depends upon “what” you are tanking them for getting.

      But NOT having one is a waste. Most people are still not going to be interested. But enough are that it is a shame to let that real estate go to waste.

      Not to mention of course that it is always nice to “thank” people. Even if you are including another offer. If that offer can really help them, even better. (actually the product “should” be able to really help them)

      Still waiting on you to kick off the cobwebs and start on your blog again! 😉

      • I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to start writing again just yet because I’d really like to do an overhaul again to the blog because I need to work on resource pages and get it aligned to some of my more minimal business ideas that I picked up while traveling.

        I see what you mean now man. Traveling made me realize that I do so much on my own that I wouldn’t be able to truly enjoy it if I had to sit down and did as much as I did prior to leaving. Now I’m trying to figure out how to make sure that everything is running at 100% with much less overall effort.

  6. Steve, so far I haven’t got a sign-up box or a freebie or anything on my new site, I hadn’t thought of using a thank you page, but I most definetly will, following this article,and once I get some traffic. I’l also need something for people to say thankyou for. I used to have an email course on article marketing, but it doesn’t seem to get many pulses racing, so I’m trying to think of something a bit more exciting. Your site continue to provide inspiration!

    • Lesley,
      Yes, you need to build some traffic first. It may be .5%-1% effective. With a low amount of traffic through a thank you page this is not that noticeable. But with a large amount of people… it is quite noticeable.

      You certainly do need a product for the people to say “thanks” for. It could be your email signup of course. But we know that those are very slow without some sort of an attractive ‘free offer’

      It is certainly a quandary. But since it is something that is a “intermediate level” tip it is something that is great to implement once you do get that small stream of people coming in. Even if the volume of additional sales is low at first. Any volume at all is “additional”

  7. Steve! Good job on the infographics. I got Tristan’s course too, but haven’t had time to dig in yet.

    I like how you broke the idea of monetizing the thank you page into levels. IMO, it DOES matter if it’s a thank you page for a free item or a paid item as to how “pushy” one can be.

    I like to be low-key, so for example, with my latest paid product, a PLR package, I just put a short blurb and pictures of 2 of my other PLR packages. My thought is that they might not know about them because they came in through my sales page on the Warrior Forum, not through the main site. They could go check out the links or not, no hard sell. I think people appreciated it because several bought the other products after the inital purchase. 🙂

    I also put an optin form on the thank you page and had sign ups from that as well.

    As a buyer, I think some marketers go too far and are incredibly pushy. That’s no way to gain someone’s trust. As you said, the customers don’t know you yet.

    Thanks, Steve.

    • Peggy,

      “they might not know about them because they came in through my sales page on the Warrior Forum”

      -That is part of the reason to do it EXACTLY. You can never assume even your most avid fans know EVERYTHING you have done (if you choose to use your own stuff on the thank you page.

      This is certainly (IMO) not the area to burn them with a shlock product. It is the area to give your BEST (or most apropos to what you are thanking them for getting) affiliate offer -OR- simply MORE free content to deepen the trust.

      The important part is that you do not waste that real estate..because it is one of the strongest times to get something in front of their eyes.

    • Mark,

      Definitely something you want to change. It is far to valuable real estate not to put up “something” there. The people who see it are already in a “buying” mindset and slightly more naturally inclined to purchase or download whatever you are offering or giving away.

  8. Hi steve,
    I visit first time on your blog.Recently I read Patricia blog post and She write about your blog.As she told I found best motivation blog.Thanks Steve and Patrica For give me opportunity for finding such a motivational blog.

  9. Steve,

    I am just on level 1. I have not thought about optimizing it any more for income. Even with that, when my Thank You email arrives a coupled of minutes late, I get emails from people asking “where is my ebook?”. Well, so may be I will get a little pushy and go to step 2 but not more.

    Your infographic is pretty nice by the way, does sound that you are learning fast!


    • Jane,

      There is certainly a push-and-pull for the pushiness scale. I can see many reasons why different people would want different levels of pushiness. I even vary my levels greatly depending on the product, the message and the people I expect to be seeing it.

      Thanks for the compliment on the infographic. It is VERY basic and I have a long way to go, but I have come a long way in a short time too.

      I had just about zero skill in any sort of graphics before starting it.

  10. Steve

    I think the effectiveness of this depends on what market you’re in. Personally the stuff I subscribe to (mailing lists etc) is based around the Make Money Online space.

    Just as I loathe pop ups – I also loathe monetization schemes on the Thank You page! (But you guessed that already, didn’t you?)

    The reason why is that the whole subscription process is about taking your relationship with potential subscribers to the next level. Jumping in with a monetization message is a jump too soon as far as I’m concerned.

    What I do in my bass guitar website is when people subscribe, they get an autoresponder sequence of 4 free (and highly valuable) lessons. Then the 5th email in the sequence takes them to a soft sell sales video for my flagship product. This way, they get to experience valuable posts first before they hit a sales message.

    (So we’re clear – I don’t have a problem with selling, I just think successful selling is massively boosted by building a relationship first).



    PS you on track for 4th July?

    • Just had another thought.

      Where a Thank You page COULD be successfully monetized is when someone HAS just purchased from you. If you have an upsell product, then you could pitch that upsell on the Thank You page for the purchase.

      OR: if there is a complimentary product/service that you affiliate for, that might make a good place to pitch that.

      Taking that to its extreme and logical form – if there’s a complimentary service or product to YOUR product or service, see if you can get the seller of that complimentary service/product to put an affiliate link to your product/service on THEIR thank you page.

      That might be cool.

      • I didn’t mention it much. But yes.. thank you pages really work BEST when you are thanking someone for making a purchase rather than just a free offer.

        That is when they really shine. For the reasons you stated. You can give them access to complimentary/products services they might not know about.

        Of course I would argue you would do the same thing (complimentary services/products) for your free product too.

    • Paul,

      Yes, the effectiveness does vary by market, by product, by niche and all sort of other variables. Like pop-up messages (which I know you loathe) it is VERY effective.

      I also think it is less obtrusive and annoying than pop-ups, even with a “level 4 pushiness” but that is something we can just agree to disagree on. 😉

      (you did notice I got rid of pop-overs…right)

      • Yep I noticed the lack of pop-ups! (Not that it would stop me visiting – but it’s less of an annoyance! Especially as I’m already signed up (Twice!))

        I’m happy to agree to disagree on this one – one of the biggest learnings for me in the Online Business game is that each and every one of us is responsible for finding their own way. What works for Steve Scott may not work for Paul Wolfe and vice versa.

        But that doesn’t stop us seeing what other people are doing and adapting to suit our own mindsets/businesses/markets etc.

        So whilst I’m not saying what you’re doing is wrong – it’s not something that’s high on my list of stuff to try out!

        Catch you l8r!

  11. Steve,

    Love the summary in your infographics. I’ve greatly underutilized this thank you page. I really should be doing it more. I don’t think I can earn $2000 like you do every month 😀 But I think it should make a lot of difference… I mean, even a few sales from a thank-you page would be great

    • For sure.

      I have been building the lists for 2000K mo. from thank you pages for YEARS. That is nothing that is going to be instant. It will probably be (at best) 1-2% extra sales at first.

      But that is the key. “extra”

      If you can find a particular affiliate item that really “talks” to people, has a great sales funnel and sells well, you can of course do better than that, and also link associated products when you sell “other products”

      Thank you pages work even BETTER when people are coming FROM a purchase. It works on the same theory as upsells. Of course you need to have “quality” offers that people will find useful. But hopefully that is not to hard to do.

  12. I use them al, depending on the situation. I have several thank you pages for any sales process. And if I don’t have enough I make a thank you page and then email it to my list, giving them yet another reason to visit my site. Mark Joyner calls this kind of marketing “Integration marketing” Interesting book and I highly recommend it for any serious marketer and person looking to do JVs in IM.

    • Trudy,

      They really are great. I use them all too.

      Well, I am not to into OTO’s. But besides that, like you, I use them all…sort of based on what I am thanking people for and the niche.

      Thanks for the comment!


  13. I am only using one thank you page, and that’s for signing up to my newsletter. The thank you page is just an instant download, and not anything pushy at all… so I guess it’s level 1. I have thought about adding one time offers, but I have always thought that one time offers, especially after I sign up for something free is a waste of time and too pushy. I would expect a lot of “spam” if I signed up for a newsletter and the first thing I saw was a one time offer 🙂

    Great infographic, and I’m really enjoying your course.


  14. I have been considering to redirect commentator to thank you page and ask them to subscribe.. Though not sure if it’s going to be effective…!!
    Another thing which I can do is, I can set up custom code and redirect user to popular posts under the category they have posted..How about this one??

    • Harsh,

      As a “thank you page” for someone getting an ebook or product, I like it a lot.

      For commenting, I would see if you could throttle it to maybe 1st time commentators (or once a month or something). I wouldn’t do a hard sell but “thanks for commenting” if you liked this article you might like

      and why don’t you check out XXX product while you are at it it will help you _______

      at least something like that, if not too pushy…could be effective

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