The Apprentice – Steve Scott Style

While writing last week’s edition of “Get More Blog Traffic,” I made a passing comment about doing a case study of a blog.  To be honest, the comment was buried in the middle of the content, so I didn’t expect anyone to respond to it.

Boy, was I wrong!

In the comments section, I had a couple of folks volunteer their blog.  Plus I also received a few personal emails from people practically begging me to help them out.

Now I can’t pick everyone – My time is already really limited.  However I’ve decided to open this up to all of readers of this site.

So here’s what I’m offering…

Steve Scott’s Apprentice Program

I will personally teach one person how to increase their blog traffic.  Most of what you’ll learn will come from the regular blog traffic series.  The difference is I’ll be there to give help and make a few suggestions.  Plus I’ll hand you a few blueprints to use as a step-by-step system for increasing traffic.

Now I’m not saying I’m some sort of “blog traffic guru.”  But I’ve had some moderate success up to this point.  And since I’m no longer living out of backpack, I’m dedicating almost all of my time to skyrocketing traffic to this site.  When I learn something you’ll learn something.

How to Qualify as an Apprentice

I want to be clear here – I’m going to pick a dedicated individual.  I’m not looking for a hobby blogger or somebody who only posts “when they feel like it.”  I want to work with a person who is willing to bust their butt and make their blog a success!

To get started, leave a comment below and tell me FIVE things:

1)      That you’re willing to dedicate at least 20 hours a week on blogging.  (In my opinion, that’s the bare minimum for building a successful blog.)

2) That you’re willing to create at least THREE posts a week, with ONE that’s of high value. (Like what I do with my Monday posts.)

3)      The URL of your blog.

4)      One line that describes the theme of your blog.

5)      Anything else I should know about your blog

Well, I look forward to hearing from you guys!  Even if you’re not selected, you’ll at least get a nice backlink.  So take a few minutes and submit your blog!

Take Action. Get Results.

15 thoughts on “The Apprentice – Steve Scott Style”

  1. Hey Steve!

    1) Yep, can do that. In fact I could probably manage double that without any strain. I’m a full-time stay at home Dad and the kids are at school all day. 🙂

    2) Yep, that’s exactly my posting schedule now.

    3) You’ve already got it on this comment in your dashboard, but for completeness:

    4) All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough!

    5) It’s owner wants to know if you’d agree to writing a guest post sometime.

    I will get there even without your help, Steve, (might take a bit longer), but I have to say that the prospect of working closely with you on a project is exciting. It’s definitely not an opportunity I wish to pass up.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Hi Steve

    What a great opportunity

    1. I work on the internet full time. Much of my time is spent writing for other people. I’d be happy to reduce that time and concentrate on building my own blog.

    2. My timetable was derailed recently, but generally I blog every day, if I include blogging for other people, often several times!

    3. My personal blog is

    4. My blog is all about providing practical writing help for e-business owners.

    5. The blog has an associated live writing workshop which takes place one a month via webinar. This is something I’d love to see expand as blog traffic grows.

    Please consider taking me on as your apprentice.


  3. Steve, I intend to follow your blog traffic series, and although I previously asked to be a case study, I will withdraw as you have had such high demand.

    I think I would prefer to be an ‘Associate Apprentice’ anyway, following your advice, and then leaving comments querying anything I’m not sure about.

    I can’t resist the backlink offer though ;-), so here’s my blog:

    After your first article I am now posting every 2 days, which gives 3 or 4 a week. I am also spending at least 20 hours a week on my blog, and I appreciated you quoting this figure, as many other Marketers imply that it’s much easier.

    I’m really looking forward to this series, and getting on with it. Traffic is my number one focus at the moment.


  4. Very cool, Steve! I don’t entirely want to be apprentice because I think there are other people who could benefit more from your help, but I guess it depends on what you’re looking for!

    1) As I’ve stated before, yes, I work on my blog much more than 20 hours a week.

    2) Yup. Already doing that.


    4) Blogging tips for smart people.

    5) Nope.

    Keep it up, Steve!

  5. Steve, what a wonderful opportunity!

    It would be a great privilege to get help from a prominent blogger like you.

    I already dedicate all the time I can devote in my blog. Publishing 3 posts a week – I am really going to kick my rear in doing so!

    Url –

    My blog is all about sharing what I learn everyday from my online journey.

    I bet you already know a lot about me (O:

    Thanks Steve.

    You have a wonderful day.

  6. What a wonderful opportunity for someone wanting to learn power blogging!
    Like Tristan, methinks I’m not the perfect candidate for your goodness this time, but I’d love to answer your questions.

    1.) 20 hours? Ummm (she checked as she realized she’s been up since 4am)….check.

    2.) Already doing that too.


    4.) Online Profits, Made Fresh Daily.

    5.) It makes coffee taste fresher, compels children and loved ones to worship the ground upon which you walk, and reduces property taxes.

    6.) Really. 🙂

  7. Hi Steve:

    Today I missed my daily routine due to a different day than regular. So, I am a knowledge seeker and a learner. Traffic is the backbone of my blog. The more I know the better it is. So, I am ready to know more. Here are the details you asked.

    1. I am spending 20 hours on my blog now, including comments reading and search.
    2. I do write 2-3 post now weekly. Now I can make sure to write three post every week.
    4. Online writing by Fran Aslam ( Freelance writer specializing in technical writing)
    5. Recently started a new page for publishing articles, And in very near future, I will be starting a new sub-domain for affiliate marketing reviews.

    There you go. Let me know who got selected.

    Have a fun day

    fran A

  8. Hi Steve,

    Wonderful service here! You are registering serious brownie points in the karma department.

    Good idea as well in prequalifying your apprentice: separates the contenders from the pretenders.

    Have a powerful day!


  9. Yo steve what uuuup bru?

    Hope your Killin’ it today?

    1/ 20 hours, SURE!

    2/ Yeh dude, 3 posts a week. Im writing one every day so I can have a 3month backlog to dip into as and when I need it. Also crafting some highly awesome pillar posts (1 a month) so I can way over deliver on value.


    4/ Blaze Your Trail – The Case Study In Lifestyle Design – Rock bottom to sky high!

    5/ You’ll have to come on over to and see whats going down for yourself.

    Steve, you rock!!!!!!

    Blaze Your Trail,

  10. Awesome Steve – my intent is to make 2011 MY YEAR, and I can’t think of a better way to kick it off then to have you take me under your wing.

    1) Done, I ALREADY work full-time on my blog.

    2) I just told myself I was going to focus on less quantity and more quality. But maybe I can take your advice and do one pillar post and two mini posts a week. Sure, I’m in.


    4) Habitual change-making, from Mind → World → Beyond.

    5) If I have to use an umbrella term I would call it a “self improvement blog.” But really it’s a lot more than that. It’s part psychology, mental health, entrepreneurship, creativity, productivity (and how those are all related).

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Warning: I can be a very stubborn and independent-minded person, but I’ve long been considering finding a mentor to set me straight. 🙂

  11. Cool biz!

    I’m all for the traffic deal and fully committed to getting my site into the heavier traffic lanes. I’ll be around here learning one way or the other so I’m not overly concerned about the selection process. We can all learn and grow stronger together.

    1. I dedicate more than 45 hours weekly to blog related activities. Lots to do since shifting topics.

    2. Posting 4 or 5 times weekly, which is my normal schedule.


    4. Personal Development with a focus on productivity and self improvement.

    5. After many months of blogging about blogging and branding techniques, I settled into the Personal Development niche, where I have a ton of ideas for product development and services. Currently building a library of post tightly associated with the niche my direction.

    Top 2 objectives: Develop a traffic strategy and build my first niche site. Both of these require me to finally dive a bit deeper into some SEO strategies as well.

    So, I’ll be very busy for quite some time but I’m down for what needs to be done to get where I plan to be.

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say that we ALL appreciate what you’re doing here, Steve.


  12. Hey Guys and Gals… Thanks everyone who submitted their site. To be honest, it’s going to be extremely hard to pick a person – There are a LOT of great sites/bloggers here. I’ll review these and get back to you in a few days.

  13. Reading this post, I thought.. ‘of course you share what you know, that’s just what you do!’

    Having never met you in the flesh, I’d say that my re-action speaks to your ability to relate & connect in such a way as to share who you are & what’s important. It’s valuable.

    That being said, here goes..

    1. I will glady spend 20 hours a week on blogging.

    2. Currently, I am only blogging 1 post (my newspaper column) each week but it has been suggested by others to post simple notes of encouragement & wisdom, mantras, etc. I can easily post 3 x a week.


    4. Well Being ~ wellness in action (mind-body-spirit-emotion)

    5. I know so very little about the intrawebs. There, I admitted it. *gulps* But I know my business for health & wellbeing oh so very well!

    p.s. The tree lighting was awesome. I watched it from a warm spot on my sofa but it was cool knowing you were out there in the sea of celebrators!

  14. I love the name of your offer. Stand aside freaky hair, Steve Scott is taking over. You have to have better hair, anyway. (Ha/ha)

    I just am wishing everyone good luck.

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