The Basic Decision Workflow Diagram

For the last few months I’ve been using a tool that helps me make basic decisions. Created by Jed at The Newly Rich, this Workflow Diagram is great for those moments when an outside influence is trying to get more of your time.

I have this diagram printed out and tacked to my wall. Then whenever I have an idea for my affiliate marketing business, I refer to this chart. If it can’t be outsourced I’m not going to do it. My time is too important to me. So I use this diagram to remind me to NOT waste my life chasing after every little dollar.

I would definitely recommend using this workflow diagram whenever you’re presented with an activity. Remember your time is the most valuable commodity you possess. So don’t let others dictate how you should spend it.

Anyway, here’s a small snapshot of this workflow diagram. Click on it to see Jed’s original post and how he personally uses it. Then print it out and refer to it whenever someone is asking for more of your time.

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