The “My First REAL Guinness” Contest

I’m currently in Dublin, Ireland where I just had my first *real* Guinness beer.  To commemorate the occasion, I’ve decided to hold a contest.

Watch the video below which explains everything:

If you noticed, I accidentally provided a “special effect” to the video.  At first I’m not there, then I pop in… like a ninja.

Anyway, like I promised in this clip, the winner of the contest will receive one “Internet Marketing” critique from me.  It can be for your blog, affiliate marketing site, or information product.

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me “your story.”  Is there a special event in your life that made you want an online business?  Or did you just get tired of the “9 to 5 rat-race?”  Of course, the more details you provide, the better your chances will be.

The deadline will be July 31st.

Get started by leaving a comment right now..

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11 thoughts on “The “My First REAL Guinness” Contest”

  1. Hi Steve,
    I’ll kick you off with this one: I walked out on my life.
    For reasons I won’t go into, I was in a ten year relationship that was dead in the water. I’d just closed my florist shop and was looking around for my next career move, but instead ended up moving 100 miles away, and moving in with my first boyfriend from when I was 12.
    Living in a city I had no knowledge of, with most of the florists in the area either closing down or laying off, finding work was impossible, unless I wanted to go back to telesales or go door to door. So I turned to writing instead, drawing on my previous experience ghost writing for web site in my ex-partner’s web hosting and design business.
    After writing for a few months and just about making a part time wage from full time work, as you know I found your site about a month ago and used it to create a blueprint I’m currently working through to make the switch from online writer to info product publisher.

    As an aside, I don’t really want you to consider me for this prize, not because I don’t value your opinion, you know I do, but because I won your last competition and just feel like it wouldn’t be fair.
    If you’re coming over to the UK, let me know if you’re in the Birmingham area and I’ll buy you lunch.
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..Making sense of the Google Benchmarking figures =-.

    • BTW your video brings back memories of my first real Guiness from the Guiness factory in Dublin, way back in 1991. I was travelling around Ireland with my American room mate from Uni and she’d been nagging for weeks about how we had to have Guiness from the factory. We missed the tour because we got lost, but found the pub and ordered our drinks, only for her to spray hers all over the bar with the comment, “that’s disgusting.”
      Didn’t go down too well with the trio of 80 something Irish blokes we’d been talking to, but kept me laughing all day.
      .-= Gail´s last blog ..Making sense of the Google Benchmarking figures =-.

      • Haha…that’s classic. I’ve actually found that most ‘real’ Irish don’t really drink Guinness. It seems to be more of a English/American thing.

  2. BOOM! I made a mental note to come and post before the 31st. 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to make money “online” for as long as I knew it was possible, but I only dabbled in it for the longest time. Then, in December of 2007, something happened that has seriously impacted how I looked at making money online. YouTube opened up their “partnership” program to everyone, I applied and three days later I was excepted.

    I didn’t make a big deal out of being accepted, thinking it would only be a few bucks a month. It ended up being “slightly” more than that and after about 5 months I had around $600 in my adsense account! I quickly figured out what I had to do to transfer the money into my bank and BOOM. My first paycheck from the internet!

    I have a 50% chance of winning! Yay! Wish me luck! 😉 I’ll tweet this too. Maybe we’ll get some more entries.

    Since then I’ve tried a few different things (selling shirts online, etc.) but what I really want to do is create information products and monthly programs based on things I’m passionate about.

    Getting first payment really blew my mind though. It wasn’t thousands of dollars BUT it was REAL money that… I got from the internet! 😀 You here people talk about it, but… When it happens it’s game changing.
    .-= miltownkid´s last blog ..The Pwning Life Movement Begins! =-.

    • Yeah,

      it looks like It might be down to you two, slipping in right before the final wire 🙂

      The first money making from the internet is a pretty heady thing. I think everyone remembers the first money they made online as something , “special” 600$ from something you really were not expecting it to is pretty big too and can certainly lead to it becoming addicting. Sort of like getting a “21” on your first hand in Blackjack. It makes it seem deceptively easy.

      The real secret to success (at least LONG TERM success) is doing what you are planning to do, creating products and programs on things that you are passionate about.

      Two more days… a 33.3333333333333% chance sounds more fun to me than 50%..come’on people

  3. Honestly, I’d join, but what I would have critiqued (I wonder what your definition on that) is my blog, which is a free wordpress account. I’m still developing my ideas, so you couldn’t really critique that, I would guess. I have a story to tell, although not fascinating, but I’m not really sure what I would need to do to qualify. Or if it would be worth it since my ideas aren’t really developed yet, and my blog is an upstart. Honestly, I’d love to join, but thank you for the opportunity.

    .-= Tyler´s last blog ..S1-Part 3-Mastery is In the Basics =-.

    • I’d still want to hear the “special event in your life that made you want an online business.” Even if you’re not worried about winning the prize, it’d be interesting to hear what if anything has motivated you.

      As a side note to my story above I was motivated WAY before 2007. I was in my mom’s basement yesterday and found 2 three-ring-binders with hundreds of pages about setting up a business online. I bought it, but I don’t think I ever fully read it or tried implementing anything.
      .-= miltownkid´s last blog ..The Pwning Life Movement Begins! =-.

      • Alright. It’s more about the environment leading up to the event, but here we go.

        Growing up, my parents having divorced when I was at the age of 4, I was sort of split between my parents during the week. At first I might see my dad on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and then on the weekends. But I soon had to go to school. So, my dad living in an entirely different city, would have me see him only during the weekends. But, it’s no big deal.

        What really culminated there, was only seeing my mother for most of my life (even up till now), but it wasn’t like I was really seeing her. This is where it started.

        I’m sure, as both of you have read “The 4-Hour Work Week”, know that it is a common work ethic to w4w, or work for work’s sake. Well, quite simply that describe my mom. If she wasn’t working, she wasn’t doing anything valuable. There was never any “downtime”, never really any board games, and we never really spent time together except for the occasional weekend going to Forest Park. It’s no big deal, really. I love and respect my mom for all the hard work she put into raising me into a good environment. Trying to raise me to be a good kid and all. This, is just a base to really explain how I became me.

        See, what happened when my mom worked all the time, was that I was alone a lot. It’s no big deal; I have a lot to thank for it. Anyways, you can imagine a little kid getting all wrapped up into toys and video games (that was my go-to, and that’s eventually how I made friends in 3rd grade 🙂 ). So here I was growing up, alone most of the time…and it gave me a lot of time to really think and reason my way through the world. Seeing from the perspective of this kid, you can see it though, it was kind of odd to see your mother go off to work, come back to make dinner, then leave you with a babysitter till you slept, day in and day out. It might make you wonder a bit.

        Anyways, from that background, you can see that a curious little kid might question why his world was the way it was. Why, even now, does my mother work a normal 9 or 10 hour day, and then come back and work into the wee hours of the night? Was it perhaps she was a single mother? Perhaps. But a good portion of our free time involved making a list The Flash wouldn’t even touch, and then a stressed-out, no-holds-barred clean-up of an entire house with more space than we needed.

        Then, I read “The 4-Hour Work Week”, by Tim Ferriss. I had already read a good portion of his site (I was a reader, alright. Managed to seek out every blog and give it a death-stare until each and every little secret in every post would reveal itself.), but I had never really understood it all. Until a couple months ago, I couldn’t put the pieces together. After reading the book, and as I still reread it over and make notes today, I realized that there is whole world out to be lived and explored; not to be “lived” in a 9 to 5 work environment, doing something you don’t like working/hoping/saving for the big goal retirement the rest of your life.

        I congratulate you if you’ve made it this far, I do apologize for the big wall/mess of words. Although the end of it seems sort of shallow, I decided to simplify it so as not to keep prolonging it. Again, I am deeply thankful for how my life happened about. I couldn’t be where I am without where I’ve been. And I thank you, for a patient ear and open heart.

        .-= Tyler´s last blog ..S1-Part 3-Mastery is In the Basics =-.

        • Tyler,

          Thanks for sharing. I can “sort of” get where you are coming from both of my parents were pretty hard workers and would often work late hours. Not to the point of your mother with two jobs but a certain degree of “work hard and succeed” has always been an undertone of everything in my family growing up. I love “The 4 hour work week” and really do model it around the way I live. I did work pretty hard to get where I am but am reaping some benefits now. The only reason I work a lot more than that now is because of all the time and effort I put into THIS site , which at them moment is much more passion than any sort of monetary gain.

          I have always had nothing but respect and admiration for people like your mom who bust their ass day in day out trying to make ends meet. I did it for a bit and it was a soul sucking experience. To be honest in a way that is what defines a hero to me, a person that can get up day in and day out to go to a job that is a grind and not a passion.

          I always thought that there had to be a better way and yes I think I have one and that is part of the reason I do really enjoy this blog and trying to help people, because I want to make a difference in peoples lives and give an option for a lifestyle where you can succeed and not have to work two jobs for 16 hours a day to keep your family safe and warm.

          As for being a reader, if you hang around this blog for any length of time that is one thing that you may quickly figure is that I love reading. Likely because my father, brother and I have all been avid, perhaps even voracious readers. It has always been one thing that was highly regarded by my own family and It is something that I hold dear. If you always quest for knowledge wisdom will find its way into your heart and soul.

          Keep trying and striving and I am sure you will have success. I look forward to hearing more from you.


          Thanks for sharing


          PS a little off point, but I decided to share anyhow. Since I mentioned books, my 2nd favorite writer (of fiction) is Chuck Palahniuk and of course one of his best (and most famous characters) was Tyler Durden. I don’t know why I shared that except possibly to say “cool name” …now that I type that out though, it seems lame. LOL anyhow, hope to hear from you soon.

    • I totally agree with miltownkid. I would love to hear you ideas, even if they are only half formed. and even if they come after the deadline. Perhaps I can’t help by going over your site and saying things like “get commentluv” since you have to work under the confines of a free blog but I would love to help where I can, you never know, maybe just an idea to get something started in your imagination.

      Regardless, good luck to you and developing your idea’s. I hope to hear more from you soon.

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