The *Right Way* to Launch an Information Product

Rocket LaunchFor the last few weeks, I’ve talked about my information product ad nauseam.

Well, I’ve finally set a date for its launch – July 4th.  (Independence Day for my fellow U.S. citizens)

Now…this post isn’t about my eBook.  Instead, I’d like to discuss what I like about another blogger’s product launch.

Today Tristan of Blogging Bookshelf is unveiling his course which teaches people how to create infographics.  What I like about how this *launch* is how he demonstrates his expertise by referring to the infographics he’s created in the past:

I haven’t seen his sales page.  Yet these posts have convinced me that Tristan knows his stuff.  And I know I’ll buy his product.

What’s my point?

I think product launches have gotten a little out of control.  Nowadays it seems like Internet marketers are trying to outdo one another with their multi-video, multi-email, over-priced offers.  In my opinion, these launches fail on very small (but important) area – Proof.

Tristan is launching his infographic course in a straightforward manner.  He’s created lots of eye-catching graphics in his blog posts.  I also want to create images like this.  So I’m sold because he’s shown proof of his expertise.

Think of this the next time you see another mega-product launch.  Does “Joe Guru” actually possess the knowledge to teach an important skill?  Or is he using a slick presentation to mask an inferior product?

Finally, I recommend picking up a copy of Tristan’s product.  That’s not an affiliate link or anything.  In fact, I’ll pay money for it like everyone else.

To me, Tristan has proven he knows his stuff about creating graphics.  So I’m willing to invest in my blogging education. I suggest you do the same!

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26 thoughts on “The *Right Way* to Launch an Information Product”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I saw your name at the Sales Lions’ place and came over here. I really enjoyed reading your site. Unlike many ‘internet lifestyle’ gurus out there you don’t BS about the whole business and really tell it like it is, in one word work.

    Tristan was pretty quiet these past few weeks and now I understand why. He just shipped and in a great way, like you explain. I’ will be getting it because its ridiculously cheap for the value he is offering.

    • Thanks John,

      I have certainly been getting disillusioned with the way -some- internet marketers are headed.

      I understand the need to create “buzz” and anticipation. I am not even against a “little bit” of that.

      But there are so many products being launched these days that are all sizzle and no steak. Some of these guys and gals are nothing but pure hype and I think it gives a bad rep. to those who really try to create worthwhile products.

      -steps off soapbox-

      Thanks for the great comment. I am sure Tristan’s product will be pure “awesome” he has already shown the results. Now we all just need to see the steps.


      • You are so right Steve. If I see an Internet marketer only showing me the sizzle and never providing evidence of the steak, I run.

        I hope a new generation of Internet marketers reads this post and learns from it. Offer proof and deliver value.

        • Fred,

          Me too. There is nothing “wrong” with making a commission off of offering things people want. Sales has been around forever.

          But there is a difference between the sleazy car salesman pitching lemons and the guy trying to sell quality cars…if ya know what I mean.

    • JF, glad you noticed Steve. What you said is exactly why I’m such a fan. The guy doesn’t spew a bunch of location independant bull– he gives the good, the bad, and the ugly– which, as you know, is what I’m all about.

      There aren’t enough Steve Scotts online teaching the full scope of making a living online.

  2. Product launches are very important, but you are so right, there is something about them lately which is just out of control. First we are bombarded from all sides by what is, in many cases, exactly the same email with a couple of name changes, second the prices seem to be going up and up.
    I recently heard what was said to be a taped conversation between two famous gurus where they discussed launching a product at way over its value, and they way they talked about the customers was, shall we say, worrying. The video isn’t available any more (it was on the saltydroid site) as it has been taken down due to copyright issues, but it certainly made me think twice about the future big launches.
    Like you, I like to see proof, and there is, as you say, no greater proof than actually seeing something work!
    Thanks for a useful post Steve, and good luck Tristan with your product launch.

    • I actually wish I had seen that.

      Troubling is a good word for that. Price is a thorny issue. It is a hard thing to place a price value on some of this stuff.

      After all it is the information and what it teaches you. Tristans class could bring “person A” who buys it nearly incalcuable value. If they really utilize the training, work the steps and truly learn something that they turn around, use and make money from it would be worth far more than he asks.

      On the other hand the guy who just glances at the pages a few times and moves on may find the pricetag very steep.

      So much depends upon the customers.

      That is what I like about Tristan’s delivery method. he doesn’t over hype. In fact I would hype it -just a little bit more- If I were him.

      He just shows the results and those that are interested will come.

      He is the polar opposite of those guys you mentioned. They would probably try to sell his course to a “limited number” of “selected Clientele” for some outrageous sum.

      Guess I jumped right back on the soapbox after the last comment.. lol.

  3. Hi, Steve:

    I am aware of Tristan and his Blogging Bookshelf site, and that is one un-toppable SOB. He pours out a blog post like he’s pouring a cup of coffee – smooth, creamy and oh! so rich.

    Am a big fan of Tristan’s.

    So glad you pointed out his launch as I was out of town for a few days and haven’t made the rounds yet. Am off to check out his offering, a course on infographics is indeed original and very Tristan like.


    • Missy,

      Glad you found out about Tristan’s launch! I am sure you would have found your way over there, of course, but it is nice to know people really dig all the crazy-good effort ole’ Tristan provides.

      Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you here commenting again! 🙂


  4. Steve, I’m actually really excited for your product, and watching it all happen. I haven’t started talking about it yet, but I’m co-authoring an ebook right now that I’m quite excited about, and observing people like you and Tristan will make a big difference to my success I’m sure.

    Here’s wishing huge success to the both of you. 🙂

    Thanks for all you do brother.


    • Marcus,

      Nice to hear you are working on an ebook too! What is it about and who with? or is it too soon to reveal that?

      As always I appreciate your support, man!

      Thanks for all the positive energy for both Tristan -and- myslef! 🙂

  5. Hey Steve,

    I am waiting for you ebook, and I have been looking at what Tristan’s been doing for a long time now. He’s just amazing. I did know that he was launching sometime soon, as he has been updating his blog and some tweets about the launch, but when he finally launched I especially like the fact that he didn’t add an affiliate program and a very long sales page. It’s great that he is referring to the infographics that he has already created, and they were all a big success. So, we know that he has the experience and that he has the knowledge. He has built trust. Great way to sell.

    I’ll be buying it as well, although I haven’t really thought about making any infographics 🙂


    • Jens,

      I would probably buy “whatever” he came out with too. Even if just to see his thoughts on the subject. However I -am- jazzed at the idea of inforgraphics.

      They are something I do think look really cool and are really good link bait.

      I will just need to find the time to actually go through the lessons. LOL.

      I certainly think it is great when people really -prove- the quality of what they are releasing rather than simply throw a ton of adjectives and tell you that without “infoproduct A” success is patently impossible.

    • Thanks Barbara!

      Nice to see you here again. It has been a while!

      I see you have a new site! Good luck with that!

      I certainly will be keeping everyone posted. While I am not about fake hype and setting up “massive launches” I am not above a little bit of pre-sell and building anticipation.

      I will certainly keep people informed. 😉

  6. Hey Steve,

    Glad that you mentioned Tristan’s product as I’ve been waiting for it to come out too having seen his infographics before.

    If a site owner has been working on building a community around their site or business then I think the need for a traditional “product launch” is unnecessary. Or perhaps I’m just biased as I think a big IM launch is just too much damn work.

    • Robert,

      Almost lost your comments to the spam bin. I go through Spam bin fairly religiously before ai empty it. But I normally only pause on Gravatars.

      -You need to get one for the new site!-

      I am about to head out to lunch but I will be checking our your new site when I get back. (as long as i remember!)

      Anyhow, I agree!

      I am all for building a little anticipation but I do not think you need to co-ordinate a massive campaign to make it a success. It seems that is much more hype than substance.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Thank you for the resurrection sir. I noticed that the URL it put into the box went straight to a post – not expected but not bad at all 🙂

        I too am looking forward to the upcoming release of your book. I’m getting even more itchy now that you’ve set a date.

  7. Hi Steve!

    Sometimes it is so difficult now-a-days to actually know who is the real deal. But you pointed out a really great way to know if they’re legit or not; by reading their blog posts. These are a great indication of whether or not they know what they’re talking about. Chances are, you’ll be able to tell real quick if they’re just spewing B.S. just to make it look legit or if they actually care about your success.

    Great post! Looking forward to your launch. 😉

    • Morgan,

      For sure! A infty sales page that gets you amped and excited is great. But it really only means that they are -or they hired- an excellent copywriter.

      Someone who puts out quality info on their blog -could- lay a goose-egg with an infoproduct.

      But it is far more likely that quality will beget quality.

      There are at least 15 bloggers i can think of that i would buy whatever they release sight unseen, because I am sure it would have -something- in it that I do not know.

  8. Hey Steve,

    What you are saying is sooo true. Lots of products coming out of Internet Marketers this days have slick presentations with a very inferior product masked behind. Got to check out Tristan’s product. If you are recommending it, it surely must be good!

  9. Steve

    Sounds like you could presell some of YOUR ebooks! There are some folks lining up to vote with their wallets (me included!).

    I personally think that the ‘Product Launch’ sequence is sound – the thing that’s not sound is the way the BIIIIGGGGG launches are hyped and you get bombarded with emails. Especially if you’re subscribed to any of the Syndicate – as they have to promote each others stuff.

    I think Tristan could have launched with more of a splash – the only reason I can think of to launch in this low key fashion is if he still considers the course in ‘beta’ and he’s waiting until the components that he’s visualized can be created and THEN he’ll launch a bit louder and with more noise.

    I also think the current value is insanely low and anyone thinking about it should stop thinking and get on board.


  10. Hi Steve, I think the first step to success with selling your product is to know your product well and as you said prove that you are an expert. Tristan proved many times that he knows his staff and he knows how to make an eye-catchy and original infographics. There is no sales pitch but only the proofs of his expertise. Therefore he will be successful with his product/s.

    Wish him good luck!

  11. For me, the most important thing before launching an information product is gaining the product knowledge. I often find a marketer who promote some product but he/she cannot give me the answer when I ask the more detail information regarding the product.

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