The Secrets to Long-Term Blogging Success [Part 13]

Welcome to lucky number 13 of our series on profitable, long-term blogging success.  In case you’ve missed any of this part of this course you can find the rest here.

In the last couple of articles we’ve talked about web traffic.  Specifically I gave my eight core principles behind a winning promotional strategy.  Today, we’re break down actual traffic tactics you can use to drive thousands of people to your site…Each and every day.

But before we begin, I highly recommend you check out this free report on blog web traffic.  This is the same information that took a brand new blog in late 2009 and turned it into a site that gets TONS of visitors every day.

Okay with that said, let me discuss one thing before we move on to the specifics…

Lead Magnet vs. Direct Linking

Simply put, different types of traffic require different techniques.  To make it easy I’m going to break down traffic into two major categories:

1)      Traffic you send to a lead magnet page

2)      Traffic you send to your blog.

Why would you separate them like this?  Well, with certain types of traffic it’s important to present your content first before asking people to join your newsletter.  The idea here is you use a steady diet of quality articles that’ll ultimately make the reader want to hear from you more.

On the other hand, with certain types of traffic you only have a few seconds to ‘sell’ your brand.  So it’s better to offer them something of value (this is called a lead magnet) and get them to subscribe.  Then in your email messages you’ll send your readers to blog posts and content that’ll help solve their problems.

(For more on this, I urge you to read part 1 and part 2 of the posts where I talk about how to create a lead magnet that people will want.  Also if you want an example of a page that promotes a free offer, take a look at a lead magnet page I just created. )

Now that you understand why I emphasize two different categories, let’s talk about different ways you can drive traffic to a lead magnet page:

Article Marketing

This is one of my favorite ways for creating traffic.  The problem is it’s also favored by every other Internet Marketer out there.  That’s why it’s important to get the most ‘bang for your buck.’

Currently, I’m working with my brother to drive traffic to a lead magnet page, which will ultimately provide traffic back to the blog.  The system we’re putting together follows a simple formula:

1)      Target specific high-traffic keywords that deal with ‘changing lives’ or ‘being more happy’

2)      Write articles that are 300 words in length in the body and 100 words byline.  The trick here is to blend the body and byline so it the links look like an extension of the article instead of a promotion.  Usually this produces a 20% to 30% click-thru rate.

3)      Sending all traffic to my lead magnet page.

4)      Converting subscribers into regular readers of my blog.

With article marketing (and the other methods listed below) you can quickly build up a list of people who will check out your content.  It works because you’re giving article readers two basic choices: A) Join your list or B) Go away.  With a quality lead magnet you’ll build a list faster than you would with traditional blog marketing techniques.

In my opinion, the reason people give up on article marketing is because they don’t see much of a return on investment from the time spent creating content.  My advice is to use your articles as short teasers of your site, get them into your email list, and THEN start pitching content to your site.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an incredible way to drive traffic to a blog.  Unfortunately it’s not used by many people because it requires some effort.

Awhile back, I wrote a plan for using video marketing to drive traffic back to my site.  Because of my travels, I haven’t had time to implement them.  But here are a few ideas from this list that you should try:

1)      Create a separate URL for your blog so you can track your traffic.

2)      Repurpose some of your old blog posts, specifically ones that emphasize a keyword or give quality, “how-to” information.

3)      Either film yourself going through this article.  Or create an audio then add some slides.  Both are good ways to give information that people will use.

4)      Put a watermark of your URL in the video, and also put it in the description box.  In addition, make sure you read off the URL while you record the clip.

5)      Use the same principles like you would with article marketing.  Get them on a list and recycle traffic back to your blog.

Forum Marketing

This is one of those grey areas.  You can either opt to send forum readers to an opt-in page or to your blog.

My vote would be to send them to your lead magnet page.  Why?  Because with a forum you’re hopefully answering a lot of questions and adding value.  These actions already presell what you have to offer.  Sending visitors to an opt-in page is the logical next step in the process.

Forum marketing is an excellent way to target people who are specifically interested in a niche.  The trick here is to become one of the leaders of the forum.  If you regular help other members with their problems, then it’s only natural they’ll want to check out the free content link that’s posted at the bottom of your messages.

What’s Next???

These are a few ways you can use a lead magnet page to create traffic for your blog.  I highly recommend carefully analyzing the way you do promotion.  You’ll do better in the long-run if you send some visitors to an opt-in page and others directly to your blog.

In the next post in this series, I’ll be discussing the types of traffic that should go to your blog.  Here we’re going to talk about how to use your content as a way to presell what you have to offer.  Then when you’ve done a good job of showing your stuff, people will naturally want to join your list… we’ll be covering a LOT of stuff next week.  Be sure to check it out!

Take Action. Get Results.

2 thoughts on “The Secrets to Long-Term Blogging Success [Part 13]”

  1. Great article Steve. The tip you mentioned in the article marketing section about making your byline or signature a extension of the article is a great one. I know when I started implementing that in my articles my click-through rate went from about 4-5% to 25%. I just wish I had known about it sooner.

    My question for you is this though…. So you send people to a “lead magnet” or “capture page” and not your blog? Doesn’t that get rid of the potential benefit of the backlinks to your blog from the articles? Do you have a example you could share with us of a high converting “lead magnet” page you send people to?


    .-= Chris | Work From Home Blog´s last blog ..Starting An Internet Business — Part 5 =-.

    • Chris… Yeah, the byline extension of an article makes a huge difference. I wish I knew it years ago, because I have one EZA account that has almost 2,000,000 article views, but only an average of 7% CTR. I always think what coulda been!

      You’re definitely right about the fact that you lose the backlink potential. My opinion is you should make a decision on articles. Either go for backlinks or go for building traffic. To me, both require separate strategies.

      Unfortunately, I don’t give out URLs for my online businesses not related to this site. I’ll probably do it when I release my first info product. For now the only example of a lead magnet page is the one I quickly created the other day. It definitely needs work, but I’ve also found that simplicity tends to work best:

      Also, I’m putting together another report which should have a much more sophisticated example of lead magnet. And I’ll definitely be talking about this on the blog in a few weeks.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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